Living atonement

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Chapter One: Despair

Yuko let the tears fall down her already tear stained cheeks as she tried her hardest to stop crying but was failing miserably. The events of the day had been nothing trouble to her and the poor girl was weeping her eyes out over its events.


The whole day was crummy to begin with, for starters a bizzard was raging outside. Yuko had always hated the snow it always brought bad events with pain, disease, bad memories you name it and it happened to her on snowy day. But that didn't bring her down no day was never her day, but it did bring small bits of comfort. Yuko slowly crept out of bed; looked at her clock it was almost time for school. She collected that what she was going to wear that day old glory jeans and white deer long sleeved shirt that's color faded a little with small holes at the end of the sleeve, and black mocks that was slightly worn and falling apart. She began to brush her hair placing it into a ponytail like she had every morning and then she quickly made her bed, then went to get some breakfast which consisted of ramen and milk. Yuko went about her daily routine like she had ever since high school: wake up, make bed, get dressed, brush hair, get something to eat, let the dog out, make dog happy by visiting her sister, and get backpack then leave. Once she reached school she put up the mental mask she always wore at school never really showing how she truly felt. The day had gone by and it was soon the end school and there wasn't too much trouble until…

"Well hello Yuko."

Yuko braced for harsh cold voice that talked to her every day. She was really hoping that he wouldn't pester her. Slowly she turned around to face him. He had rich blond hair, and bright blue eyes, he wore a jocks clothing like that popular guy sort of outfit. And no matter what he always made Yuko always feel like trash, but he not only had looks but brains as well, while Yuko was barely able to keep a C in her classes. His name was Brad Stocker.

"How's it going wench," asked Brad, thick with sarcasm.

"Okay… I suppose," replied Yuko nervously.

"You know what I just remembered," said Brad as he began to push Yuko into an isolated area, a smirk glinting on his face.

"What?" inquired Yuko starting to get nervous but still holding her ground bravely, knowing what was going to happened.

"You haven't received your daily beatings today," replied Brad just as his fist made contact with Yuko's stomach.

Yuko bent down, grasping her stomach to subside the pain. Brad put both his fist together and slammed them down onto Yuko's back while she was still down. Yuko's face rammed into the pavement as he began stepping on her face repeatedly, he then grabbed Yuko's brown hair lifting her up by it while he punched her in the stomach, and face.


A girl with short strawberry hair pulled back into a braid, blue eyes glimmering like sapphires, and long red trench coat wear purple underneath it appeared next to another girl with dark brown hair, chocolate eyes, and wearing gray sweater and black pants. They were Yuko's friends Tatra, and Serena.

" Fine she's had her beatings today," said Brad as he let Yuko go. Yuko slowly crawled up coughing up blood as Brad walked away. Tatra and Serena ran to Yuko as she tried to raise herself.

"Why do you take that crap form him, Yuko," said Tatra trying her best to help Yuko up onto her feet, the one wearing gray.

"Because if I didn't he'd hurt others. I promised I'd be his punching bag, if he promised not to hurt anyone else," explained Yuko weakly.

"Yuko you can't keep this up, look at the bruise on your back! It's huge!" said Serena checking Yuko injuries.

"It's not as bad as it looks, see I can move," said Yuko as she got up trying not to show pain in her actions. "Come on we have to go before the bus leaves."

And that was the end of the conversation, but the unhappy day did not end. \Yuko went silently to her room when she reach. Tears of sorrow overflowed as she closed the door, if only Yuko tell. Parents were seriously getting worried about the injuries she was receiving, even though she kept telling them she got them in P.E., unfornatly they were starting not to believe her.

End Flashback

Yuko tried her best to control the sobbing. She never should this side of her to anyone else accept her family, but even then it was a very rare occasion.

"Maybe…" choked Yuko tears streaming down as she finished the sentence. "I'm… Just (sob) simply not meant (sob) to have a (sob) future."

She let the tears flow freely now, as she mumbled to no one.

"Someone please take me away," she cried in silent despair, not noticing the room going white and her passing out.