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Chapter 10: Only when I'm ready.

Yuko clawed at the man's hands she was going to lose coniousness any second, finally she took off her gloves and dug her claws into the man's fleshy arms. The man let go of her neck as he tried to with draw his hand away, only to have Yuko bit into it. Her fangs hooking onto his skin, she could feel blood that she refused to enter her mouth went flowing down her chin.

"AHHHH!" screamed the man as he smacked her across the head to get her to let go.

Yuko released her grip on the man as she fell to the ground, wiping the blood form her mouth. A sharp pain hit against her head just above her eyebrow. The man with the chain whip smirked and he retracted his whip. Yuko glanced down at the sword on her waist. 'I can't use it what if I… I'm not ready,' thought Yuko as she looked up again at the men. Hesitantly she assumed an unsure fighting stance.

"Look at this the! She wants to fight," exclaimed one of the bandits.

Yuko didn't bother with words as charged forward and swung her right arm forward hitting the bandit square in the jaw. The man flew back onto the ground, as Yuko switched positions and went at the other with a kick.

"YOU WENCH!" yelled the bandit with the dagger as he threw it right into Yuko's leg.

Yuko's leg completely collapsed as she felt the blade wedge in her muscle. Amiboshi slowly opened his eyes, as he lay there weakly. The men that had attacked him were still in the area, but this time there was a girl kneeling on the ground a knife sticking out of her leg. A strange blue aura surrounded her concentrating on her ring finger. 'It's her! She's the one calling me,' thought Amiboshi, his strength failing again as he passed out again.

Miaka and the Suzaku seven rushed out of the forest into clearing. They stared wide-eyed at the scene in front of them. Amiboshi was laying unconious on the ground, two bandit stood up glaring evilly at Yuko as she painfully got up again getting into a fighting stance again. One of the men charged at her while the other attacked form a distance with his whip. Yuko leapt forward and placed a kick in the man's face while the whip wrapped around her arm. Yuko pulled the man back using the whip, but squeaked in pain when she full stepped on her leg. Miaka looked down to see the dagger still lodge in Yuko's leg.

"Yuko!" cried Miaka as she rushed forward to help the girl.

"Rekka Shinen!" yelled Tasuki as he brandish his fan.

Flames bursted form the fan and flew at the bandits. Yuko finally let her body collapse as Miaka grabbed hold of her. She looked down at the knife in her leg and with what little strength she had left she pulled the blade out letting the blood seep in her pant leg.

"Yuko are you okay!" cried Chiriko as he showed up beside her.

"… Fine, I'm more worried about him," answered Yuko as she pointed to Amiboshi.

"Here let's get you two to the campsite," said Tasuki as he lifted Yuko up bridal style.

Yuko didn't really mind she was half out of it, all she knew was that someone was carrying her and that someone picked up Amiboshi. Nuriko by the looks of it, but she really couldn't tell the image was really fuzzy. She could feel warm chest rub against her as he walked feeling the slight lift with each step.

"Thank you, Tasuki," muttered Yuko as she fell asleep.

The group reached the campsite and set the two down on soft rollouts; Tasuki sat down next to Yuko. Mitsukake was busily healing Amiboshi whom was in the worst condition. Miaka was bandaging Yuko, she had a few bruises on her neck, but the only bleeding there was, was form the cut on her leg and above her eyebrow.

"Why did she go on her own," question Hotohori.

"…Maybe she doesn't fully trust us," suggested Chichiri.

"That can't be it. She seem shy but I had a weird feeling around her, like she doesn't want to drag us down," interjected Tamahome.

"I don't really know but I also get the feeling she doesn't make friends very easily," included Miaka.

"No she trust us," added Tasuki, " She woke me up before she went to those bandits."

"Then why didn't you go with her?" accused Nuriko.

"She said she heard something, but I didn't hear a thing so I went back to sleep," answered Tasuki.

"But that clearing was a fair distance away no one could hear over that distance," piped up Chiriko.

Yuko woke up, but her eyes were so heavy she didn't even bother to open them. With nothing better to do she listened to the Suzaku's conversation.

"My hearing different. It's weird it's been ten times stronger than it real is," answered Yuko to the others.

"Yuko your awake," exclaimed Chichiri.

"Yes I'm fine," replied Yuko as she sat up.

"Yuko, why didn't you use your sword?" asked Hotohori.

"I've never even held a weapon before now," answered Yuko as she looked down at the sword.

"Even then you would have stood a better chance if you had used it," replied Tasuki.

Yuko looked up at Tasuki for a moment her face calm and devoid of emotion. Then she grabbed her leg and untied the bandages fiercely her claws scratching her legs. When it was finally untied she wrapped the bandage around her sword securing the hilt of the sword and the sheath together tightly. She then held the sword out to Tasuki.

"Only when I'm ready will I ever unsheathe this sword. That will be when I willing to face the consequences," declared Yuko.

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