Tuff Enough

based on the S. E. Hinton novel The Outsiders

Teenage boys who drink and smoke

Who fight to show their worth

Who wear their hair long and greasy

Teenage boys who act like brothers instead of a gang

Are they tuff enough?

Teenage boys who have mustangs and madras

Who beat up greasers and throw beer blasts for fun

Boys who want someone to tell them "no," to set the limits

Who are put in the paper for being a public disgrace one day and an asset to society the next

Are they tuff enough, yet?

Teenage boys who watch sunsets and like to draw

Boys who are scared of their own shadow

Boys who are getting old before their time

Teenage boys who steal things that they don't even need

Teenage boys who go around trying to break the law

Boys whose hatred for their father comes out in their voice

Boys who have to be the middle man and are always being torn in two

Are they tuff enough, yet?

How far does it take to be "tuff enough"?

After how much pain and suffering do you have the right to say 'that's tuff enough?'

What does it take to be tuff enough?

Who can judge what is and what isn't tuff enough?

Teenage boys who have their picture in the paper for being a hero

Boys who die in hospital beds after saving lives

Boys who die gallant

Boys who crumple under street lights because they always get what they want and that's what they wanted

Southern gentleman who go riding into sure death because they're gallant

Well, I guess that's tuff enough, huh?