Okage Densetsu – The Underachieving Sequel


STOP! Before you read this story, be sure you have read 'Okage Densetsu – Lookit the Fancy Japanese', or at least have had played the game 'Okage: Shadow King' completely. This is a sequel, thus meaning there will be spoilers rampant if you have not finished the game/first fanfiction.


For those who have played the game (and do not wish to take time to read 'Lookit the Fancy Japanese') I will add a quick description of the extras in my fanfiction.

Three new characters had wound their way into the Okage world- Corona Hidgeway, drool bucket extraordinaire, Rin, former 'Little Angel Evil King' and adorable sweetheart otherwise, and Fayth, the songstress-spirit. Ari encountered Corona on his way to the circus, and later she was 'adopted' as one of Stan's slaves, and continued to speak of a 'Strawberry Heaven' and a town named Chantal. Soon thereafter, they came across Rin who was secretly plotting Ari's demise. After Ari had disappeared (from his shadow becoming very, very thin) Fayth was revealed to him and helped him become visible again. It was later revealed that, of all people, Corona was once on the side of Pollack, her real name 'Edmii'. As the party came to the final fight with Belouine, Edmii sacrificed herself to drag Belouine (in phoenix form) into time. The story ends with Rin being brought home by Ari, and Fayth leaving with Epros.

My sequel begins two years after the de-classification of Marlene's Kingdom (henceforth known as 'The Kingdom'), at a small house in Triste labeled 'Hero Hopkin's'. A strange being inside begins our story…

With that, I hope you enjoy what comes beyond this- put on your big girl panties, 'cuz it's gonna be a doozy!