Chapter One---How It Ends

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The street was near empty, but jade orbs knew that, further on up the dark street, a little known (to the general human populace) club would simply be overflowing with people. Or rather, with vampires and other...creatures of lore. A snort was heard behind the blonde man and he turned, glaring at the woman behind him.

"Let's go to Bloodless you said Sure! Raijin said, NO, I said. But did you listen! No!" Fury radiated in ruby orbs. Seifer smirked.

"At least we got something out of it." She gave him a cynical laugh.

"I'll say, we got a set of three inch fangs and an unsatiable thirst for blood! Some exchange." Raijin slung an arm around Fujin. He'd changed, after he'd been turned. Still tall and as dark as ever, but he was now more graceful, definitely more handsome and much more intelligent. For this, Fujin would forever be grateful.

"You have to admit Fuu, hunting is fun." A devilish gleam lit the man's eyes and Fujin sighed. He had her there. There was nothing quite like searching a large, unsuspecting crowd, using your beauty and cunning to lure your chosen victim to a quiet place and then watching realization dawned on them as you moved in for the kill.

It was like an aphrodisiac. A bloody high. Literally.

"Lenny." Seifer smiled at the big bouncer as he walked in, Fujin and Raijin close behind. The crowd was, as usual, huge. The singer on stage could barely be heard over the scream of guitars and loud conversations. Seifer's sense kicked into overdrive, hunger filling him, the scent of human blood drawing a small moan.

"Let's eat." A feral grin sat upon Fujin's lips as she followed him. Of course, they were young as far as vampires were concerned, so much so that older ones referred to them as infants (this did not please Seifer), but their exceptional education at Garden made them damn near perfect hunters.

Looking around, Seifer saw what Fujin and Raijin did. Most of the people in the club were vampires. You could tell simply by looking. They were all unusually beautiful, as beautiful as the clothes they wore and the things they owned.

Somehow, the threesome had never figured this aspect of becoming one of them. Sure, they had heard that vampires loved anything that was beautiful; men, women, children, paintings, cars, jewelry. If it was beautiful they wanted it. None of them had known, or heard, that vampires themselves were absolutely gorgeous. Horror flims were horribly off-base on the appearances of these dark creatures.

"Fuck!" Seifer hissed. Fujin snapped out of her train of thought and followed his gaze. Leonheart and Trepe. Dancing. With strangers. Fujin grinned. This would be interesting. Taking Seifer's hand, as Raijin had already found someone to eat (a.n: hahah), she sauntered over.

"Leonheart. Trepe." She gave them a unusually seductive smirk and started dancing with them. Surprisingly, the two had no qualms about letting their former enemies share their breathing air.

"Surprised to see you two here." Seifer remarked, speaking loud enough for them to hear over the music. Leonheart gave them a strange smirk and looked to Quistis who nodded. Fujin suddenly had herself pressed up close against Quistis, moving suggestively. Quistis copied her actions, sliding her hands around the albino's trim waist and down her ass. Fujin moaned softly and pressed her nose to the crook of the blonde's neck, inhaling the scent of lavender as the crimson liquid pulsed beneath the pale flesh.

Squall and Seifer watched with interest, excitement buzzing through their minds and bodies, the smoldering image of Fujin and Quistis doing such things to each other sending electricty through the air. Suddenly Fujin was sliding her pale hands up Quistis' body, stopping to explore the other's breasts momentarily before continuing on to her neck, bringing it close enough to run her canine's along the length in a barely-there touch.

'Not yet, Fuu. Get her outside or in the bathroom for fuck's sake. Not in the middle of the god damn room!'A kill was a personal thing, somehow erotic and private. Unless of course you were out for vengance and simply to kill instead of to feed.

Seifer could see Fujin's restraint bending and breaking down by the second and he knew he had to get her out of there soon, before she made a scene and got them in trouble. Seifer moved to grab her, but a iron grip pulled her back. Seifer turned to look at Squall in confusion. Squall's eyes were riveted to the two woman in front of them, a slow, breathy moan escaping his lips. That's when Seifer caught it. The smell of blood and alcohol on the burnette's breath. Well, well, well. Little Commander Boy and the Instructor had been turned as well.

'Fuck this place and fuck eating. I'd much rather be fucking those three for the rest of the night.' Seifer didn't contain the pure lust in his eyes as he grabbed Fujin by one hand and Squall by the other, his sensitive ears noting that Quistis wasn't far behind.

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