Chapter Eight--Lividity

Fear finally dominated Squall's senses. First he'd gone through shock, his body still humming pleasantly from the thrill of Kane's body willingly pressed beneath him. Then the brunet felt rage boil down into undiluted fear. The fear of someone crazed enough to take what had already been claimed from someone much stronger. It went against all ethtics, traditions and conduct instilled in any sane vampire.

Kane had very suddenly dumped his pale lover to the floor as he stalked out into the hallway, growling and cursing as the bitter stench of psychosis and fear permiated his senses.

"...Dammit!" The roar of lividity settled in Squall's stomach, making it coil and knot in unease. The phone call Kane was receiving was no doubt more bad news that the auburned tressed man did not want to hear.

"Kane Manor has been raided." Jade eyes surveyed the group that gathered about him. He cursed mentally. What fool would go against such deeply entrenched instincts such as property and rank?

" Gather your weapons." Kane ordered, pleased that his new fledglings did so without question. Of course their Quisitis was out their in the hands of someone who did not have the right to so much as look at the golden beauty.

True to his words, Kane Manor had been upturned in an apparent search for something. Fujin's clever ruby optics surveyed the damage but the silver warrior halted in mid-step when her boot made a sick,wet slurch sound. The woman hesitated a moment before looking down, nearly gagging at the site. Her black boot was settled neatly between a pretty womans severed torso, her eyes still wide and gaping in horror and agony. The woman's entrails were strewn about the room in a grotesque fashion and Fujin nearly slipped in her hurried turn to escape the awful sight. However, she stumbled into Seifer's arms and the blonde shielded her, eyes a deadly shade or green as he scanned the room, from the blood stained walls to the broken furniture.

Kane kneeled to the dead woman, closing her lovely eyes and for a brief moment, a bereaved look crossed his handsome features. Soon enough though, the new fledglings were joined by other clanmates stepping silently from the shadows. A chorus of rage and sorrow filled the small room as the vampiric family mourned their dead and swore vengeance for the souls lost. It was a sound that summoned and strengthened family ties, bound them together for the single purpose of righting the wrongs that had been commited upon them.

"Varish will pay for his crimes. I will not tolerate anyone taking what is mine." The low, threatening growl was a promise, for not vampire in their right mine went against centuries of tradition and engrained bloodlaw. Their kind dealt harshly with those insane enough to do so and Kane would bring the fury of such laws upon the heads of those who dare attempt to upsurp his power and possesions. Seifer and Fujin looked to Squall, who stood beside their livid 'father', and knew they would follow him.

Loyalty was in their blood and they would do whatever it was that Kane asked of them. Kane knew this as well as they and as the trio shouldered weapons, he almost felt sorry for Varish and his insane attempt at gaining the power he'd wanted along. He had Qusitis.

They wanted her back.

Quistis awoke to the strong odor of mold and decay. A blindfold covered her eyes and she frantically listened for the sound of life. Nothing but the drip of leaking water met her ears. The blonde felt cold and had assumed it was for the fact she was in a basement until she shifted. No her coldness was from her absence of clothes. Fear returned with an overwhelming hold on her as she waited tensely. Quisits was not looking forward to the horrors that no doubt awaited her.

"Awake I see. What perfect timing." The man's suggestive, leering voice slithered over the blonde he held captive. Oh she was beautiful- perfect breasts, perfect legs, hips...everything was flawless. Foolish Kane for being so greedy. Licking his lips Varish ran a smooth hand down that crreamy thigh, relishing the sickened shudder and the aroma of fear that drifted off her.

"Don't be afraid my lovely, I'll be gentle...enough." He chuckled, a dark, psychotic sound that made Quistis want to vomit. But it was nothing compared to his breath on her, hot and needy as his hands roamed her body. The body that was meant only for her clanmates and Father. She was too proud to whimper or beg him to stop but she couldn't stop shivering and shudderiing in repulsion, especially as his exicted breathing stopped at her stomach and his hands forced her legs apart with all the gentelness of a wolf ripping open its dinner.

"Perfect..." Was all he said before slamming his fist into her, her agonized scream driving him on further as he ripped the life in her womb away. Tear stained her perfect face and the man began to laugh.

"Don't worry darling. I'll make it all better." Licking the blood away, the man enjoy the sweet taste of her, cleaning the mess he'd made before hastily removing his pants, the metalic hiss of his zipper making Quistis tense. And as Varish slammed into her hot depths again and again, Quistis knew the worst was yet to come.

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