Sighing, I looked over at Jeanne, who gave me an equally disappointed look. It was our second outing in America and we still were no closer to finding out anything on our target that we didn't already know. Unlike the 'lords gang, the Cartion appeared to have no set place where they stayed. This only gave us more trouble in hunting them down. Jumping over to Jeanne, I whispered out my thoughts to her as we looked over the street at night. "I'll have to go to the 'lords hideout and get information, then send a notice to lure them out. We'll checkmate and get out of there before anything happens." She nodded without looking at me, then leapt off the rooftop and landed on the next. The direction she was going in told me that she was headed back to the hotel.

Winter Break IV

By: Satashi

Maron moaned sleepily as she awoke the next morning. Her hand went to her chest, where she grabbed Chiaki's which was under the thin fabric of her shirt. "Awake, are we?" she cooed at him.

"No, we're dreaming." His hand tried to go back to feeling her up, but she squeezed it in a successful attempt to make him stop.

"Feels awfully real to be a dream," she told him playfully, turning over in bed to face him. His hand, now on her back, started to massage it for her. "It's too early."

"It's never too early," he protested, leaning close and kissing her.

She returned the kiss easily enough and smiled. "I tell you what…" She sat back in the bed and smiled it him, slowly taking off her shirt and draping it over his eyes before he could see her. "Grab me and you can do whatever you want…. Anything…you want." She put an emphasis on the right words and he perked up instantly, lunging in the direction Maron's voice came from.

Unfortunately for him, she was already standing a few feet away from the bed, which he just leapt off of. "Oh, what a shame, you missed." She knelt down and patted his confused, still covered head. "That's revenge for the other day. I'm going to shower now." After leaving him like that she went into the bathroom, locked the door, and turned on the water.

"That's… that's not fair…"

Maron squealed happily, making Chiaki almost spill the scolding hot coffee onto himself. After making sure that he was safe he looked over at her, only to have a newspaper shoved in his face. "Look, we made first page!"

He blinked to adjust his vision on the up close and personal newspaper. True enough, right there on the front page was a large black and white picture of Sinbad and Jeanne. The former was crouching on a street light, which he apparently just landed on, while Jeanne was in the air in mid jump.

Maron pulled the newspaper back and read excitedly "Jeanne and Sinbad, Japan's top ranked on the most wanted list, were seen here in New York last night. The target they are after has not been identified, but citizens are warmed to stay away from them as they are armed and dangerous." She stopped reading and looked over at him. "I'm armed?"

"Well, you do have a sword."

"Yeah, but I don't use it… oh well." She didn't bother asking him, as she knew that Sinbad's trench coat held innumerable things that he never hesitated to use should the situation call for it.

The phone rang next, making the male leave the small table in their room and walk over to it. "Hello?"

A familiar Japanese language screamed out into his ear, making him wince. "What are you two doing over there?"

Chiaki rubbed his ear and held the phone out to Maron. "It's for you."

She took it from him and slowly inhaled to steady herself. Once prepared, she spoke cutely into the phone. "Miyako! You won't believe all the neat things over here in America! Yesterday we-"

"My dad got a call this morning," Miyako cut her off. "It seems that the head of police in America wanted advice on how to deal with two top-rated criminals!"

"Gee, who could that be?" She played innocent, taking the muffin that Chiaki was reaching for and biting into it.

"I wonder," Miyako scoffed before suddenly getting calmer. "Maron, is everything okay over there?"

"It's only a small thing, don't worry." She answered with her mouth full and reaching for some milk to drink. Chiaki got it before her and she had to flail her arm out at him before he handed it over so she could wash down her breakfast. "It'll be solved really soon so don't let it bother you."

"Of course I worry about you," Her friend protested. "Since I know what it means when you,"

"How's your vacation?" Chiaki interrupted her, leaning over to talk into the phone. Maron gave him a thankful look and went with it.

"Yeah, tell me about it."

Miyako sighed, but soon went into what everyone was doing at the ski resort.

"Did you see the newspaper this morning?" Maron's father asked Chiaki as they waited in line at the amusement park to get their respective girls something to eat.

"Um, no," Chiaki lied to him. "I'm here on vacation; I don't want to be troubled with the news of the world, especially if it's in a place where it's not my first language."

Takumi laughed at the answer and nodded. "I understand that. But you'll be amused by this." Chiaki acted interested, already knowing what was going to be said. "Jeanne and Sinbad were seen here!"

"Oh really?" He asked shocked. "They are famous where we're from!"

"I thought that'd interest you." They took a few steps up in line and he continued. "That Jeanne is one amazing girl isn't she? I mean sending notes to taunt the police when she steals something."

"I think Sinbad is better," Chiaki said under his breath.

"What was that?"

"Oh nothing!" he laughed nervously and waved it off.

"Thing is, don't you think that Maron looks kind of like Jeanne? When I first saw it I could have sworn it was her."

Chiaki scratched his cheek. "Jeanne has blond hair and lavender eyes, Maron's are brown…"

"Of course, of course." He laughed. "If my daughter was a thief, I don't know what I'd do!" He clapped Chiaki on the shoulder, who took the hint and joined in laughing. "What about you, Nagoya?"

"Call me Chiaki, and what do you mean? I'm not a thief!"

"No, no, I mean what do you do? You're still in high school aren't you? Any side project?"

Realizing that he must be being evaluated, Chiaki thought before he answered. "Well, I am in high school. I live on my own, but my father owns a hospital- I work with him. Actually when I get back, I'm spending the remainder of my break working full shift. Doctor in training, that's me."

Takumi looked impressed at him.

Chiaki gave him a light, nervous smile. He didn't lie exactly; he was planning on being a doctor later in life… Just he wasn't really planning on getting serious with it for at least another few years. He looked over at Maron's father and debated asking him if he was going to stay in Japan after he got his work done over here in America. He both liked and disliked the idea. Of course he wanted Maron's parents to be with her, but at the same time, he wouldn't be able to hop balconies and catch her in her underwear all the time.

Such things needed to be taken in consideration.

A sudden gunshot made both of them turn around and look at where it came from. Several people were screaming and running away from what seemed to be the area around the hall of mirrors. "It's a gang fight!" a random person yelled out as they ran by. Takumi looked over at Chiaki, who nodded.

The two of them ran over to the girls, who were hiding by the side of a building. "We need to get out of here!" Takumi told them, pointing to a direction where many people weren't running. "That will be the safest place, let's go!" He grabbed his fiancé's hand and then Maron's.

They began to run, but Access flew in front of Maron and waved to her, informing her that Chiaki was going to take care of it. "No!" She let go of her father's hand and grabbed Chiaki's putting attention on him so he couldn't run off. When her parents looked forward again, Maron glared up at him, talking just loud enough to be heard over the gunshots and yelling. "You're not going again, I won't let you!"

"I have to," He told her, serious. Already his rosary was in his free hand.

"If you leave me now my parents will hate you!" Her eyes pleaded at him. "They'll never forgive you for leaving me in danger!"

"I'm sorry. Go with them." Chiaki gave her a sad smile before letting go and running back where they had came from.

"Chiaki!" she reached out for him, but her father grabbed her hand and pulled her along with them. "No, let go! Chiaki!"

"What is he thinking?" Takumi asked, shocked, at his retreating figure.

"Fin, watch over him!" Maron pleaded to her angel, sending her off after him.

Chiaki slid in the dirt and pressed himself against the side of a building. "Access, give me the details." He gripped his rosary tighter, feeling the change begin. The mana that he had worked so hard at rebuilding drained from him to fuel his transformation. When it was complete he could feel the warning that Access had given him the day before. "I'm only at forty percent…" He looked over at Fin as she came into sight. "Fin! Look after Maron!"

"She's fine; I'm going to help you." She closed her eyes and sent him a little of her power, making him feel light headed for a moment.

"Sinbad!" Access came back to him. "It's the two gangs again, and the golden gun is here!"

"Details." Sinbad rubbed his eyes to collect himself after the odd feeling of a power up. "I need a plan."

"The Cartion gang is closest to us, using some of the tables for shelter. The 'lords are across from them. It looks like a gun fight only. You'll be shot at from both sides, no matter if the 'lords are on your side or not!"


"Air attacks."

"Rodger." Sinbad leapt straight up and did a slow back flip, landing on the top of the two story building he was previously next to. "Fin, cover me from the back. I want to know if anyone comes close. Access, I need you to battle with me."

Both angels nodded together and Sinbad reached into his coat. The familiar boomerang came to his call and he wasted no time in throwing it harshly down into the fight. Three people were taken down, confusing everyone enough for him to throw a smoke bomb in the middle of the conflict. When it cleared, both leaders found a note in front of them.

I will repay my debt to Tyrone of the 'Lords gang.

Kaitou Sinbad.

"He's here!" Tyrone shouted out, grinning. "Told you guys he'd come back, yo!" a bullet landed not a few inches from his head, making him wisely duck behind cover.

Sinbad used the distraction to leap onto another building and attack again from the opposite direction. His boomerang once again took down a few members by crippling their shooting hands.

"The right side of you, Chiaki!" Fin shouted out, giving him enough time to drop down from the rooftop and take out the people trying to climb the stairs to the roof. However, he was robbed of his advantage and soon found himself taking cover behind a dumpster.

The Cartion gang was distracted by Sinbad long enough for the 'lords to press the advantage. Soon they had them semi-surrounded and quickly falling. When the attention was focused back onto the rival gang and not him, Sinbad ran from his shelter and leapt, throwing several darts.

The small projectiles hit their mark and the victims almost instantly fell asleep. He landed close to them and grinned. "When fighting you a few at a time, you are quite easy." He took pleasure in taunting them.

"Sinbad, get back!" Access screamed out frantically.

The thief, shocked at what his angel told him, immediately leapt to the side. His eyes saw why he was warned just a little too late. The leader with the golden gun was aiming at him. The trigger was pulled and a dark energy blast ripped from the barrel.

Sinbad felt his body be clipped on the side, and directed all the energy he could muster to form a barrier there to help protect himself. Thanks to Fin, the barrier came to his call and he was spared from being injured.

Several more gunshots rang out as he landed from his jump and he saw the Cartion starting to run. His hand went into his coat and pulled a pin. "Check-" The pin phased from his fingertips and he felt his transformation slowly start to become undone. "What…?"

"His energy is too low to maintain the transformation!" Access screamed, flying over to him. "Sinbad, run!"

"I have to checkmate!" He clapped his hands together and formed several pins in between them. "One has to hit! CHECKMATE!" He threw the volley of black pins, but the effort left him drained, and robbed of his powers.

Chiaki fell to one knee and panted, watching as his pins fell short and vanished when their purpose wasn't served. He stayed where he was, too worn to make an effort to flee. It wouldn't have done him any good; however, as the gang that he was on semi-friendly terms with was already surrounding him.

"I thought it was you, dog." Tyrone told him, offering a hand to help him up. "I knew you'd help us."

Chiaki took the offer and stood. "I was only repaying you. I have no intention of helping people who harm innocents in needless wars." His eyes swept over him. "Did you get shot?"

"First rule of business, yo. Bullet proof vest."

Michael, their leader, stepped forward. "If you co-operate with us once we can solve this problem. After that, things will be quiet again."

Chiaki bit his lip in thought, looking at Access and Fin while he did so. If he went with them, he could easily find out more about his target and plan a scheduled checkmate. If he denied them, he would probably have to fight his way out of here. "Fine, I'll go." He looked over at Fin and sent her a silent message to go tell Maron about what happened.

"Sinbad…" Access's words made him turn, where he saw Takumi standing just far enough away to be hidden, but could still see them. "Maron's father came back; I think he wanted to make sure you were all right…"

"Who's there?" Michael turned and pulled his gun, pointing at the man. "Come out!"

Hands raised, Takumi revealed himself and took a few steps.

"No, don't!" Chiaki grabbed Michael's gun. "Don't shoot him."

Michael gave him a mean look, but still lowered his weapon. "You look different."

"This isn't the time for that…" Chiaki looked over at Takumi, but didn't know what to saw at the moment.

"Let's go then. Sinbad, you with us or what?"

Takumi's eyes went wide a moment before slowly narrowing in anger. His hands clenched so hard they started to shake, all while bearing his gaze into Chiaki. "So… This is what you really are…?" He asked, voice calm despite his feelings.

"…Let's go." Tyrone said, turning. The gang began to walk away and the man Chiaki had an equal-interest truce with looked over his shoulder at him. "Come on, Sinbad."

Chiaki slowly turned and started to walk away with them, not pausing as Takumi shouted out. "So that's it, huh? You're going with them? Answer me!" Chiaki continued to walk away, trying forcefully to block the words that came next. "I never want to near my daughter again! You hear me? Ever! If you do, I'll reveal your identity to everyone in Japan! You know I have the position to do it too!"

Chiaki closed his eyes and continued to walk.

"Maron!" Fin flew over to the girl and gave her a scared look. "Maron, big trouble!"

"What is it, Fin?" She was sitting on a bench watching her mother buying a drink. Apparently the security had calmed everyone down enough to go about being a normal day at the park. "Where is Chiaki, did anything happen to him? Is he okay?"

Fin threw her arms out to calm her down and pay attention to her instead of asking questions. "Maron! Listen before you jump to conclusions! Chiaki is fine, he's not hurt at all, but that's not-"

"Maron!" Both of them turned to the voice and saw Takumi walking over to them along with Koron. "Maron, we need to talk."

"About what?" She asked nervously, wondering where her boyfriend was. "Why did you run off, I told you Chiaki was only going to make sure they didn't follow us?"

"That's not why." He knelt down in front of her, looking at her seriously. "Maron, I'm sorry to tell you this, but… Your boyfriend is part of a gang."

"What do you mean, don't be silly!" Maron laughed nervously, mind frantically trying to understand what was going on.

"Maron," Her father took her hands and made her look at him. "I saw it. Your boyfriend is Sinbad. That's how he is in America right now. He is in the gang that was fighting."

Maron's world paused. Somehow her father had found out about Chiaki, and if that was true then surely… "Daddy don't be silly. Jeanne and Sinbad are Japanese criminals; they can't be in with American gangs!" She laughed nervously. 'Please don't let him know about me, please don't let him know about me, please don't let him know about me!'

"Did anyone else come with you to America? Has he been meeting anyone? That's where he was the other night wasn't it? He went out with Jeanne while we went to dinner!"

Maron sighed in relief. 'They don't know I'm Jeanne…' She closed her eyes and thought. "Daddy, Chiaki can't be Sinbad, he's-"

"I saw him, Maron… I'm sorry…" He wrapped her in a hug and pulled her close. "Don't worry; I made sure he will never get close to you again. If he does I swore to reveal his identity to everyone. He'll never go to Japan again."

Maron went stiff and her father hugged her tighter. "I'm sorry honey."

When Maron didn't move or say anything her mother hugged her as well. "Poor thing, she's in shock… come on, let's get you to your hotel. That Sinbad won't dare come back after what happened."

Maron, still dazed from fear of her parents finding out, couldn't protest as they guided her out of the park and to their car.

"Yo, Sinbad, how'd you change your cloths so fast, dog?" Chiaki had to fight from rolling his eyes at Tyrone's dialect. "One moment you was all trench coat with white hair and the next you're normal with your blue hair again, yo."

"Magic," He replied easily, looking around. He was in their main hideout, being treated to dinner. The boy didn't hold anything back and after Access told him that it wasn't poisoned. He had started shoving things into his mouth almost faster than he could swallow.

"When we going to attack?" Michael asked, watching the boy shovel food. "They wouldn't expect anything tonight. We could easily go in and-"

"Three days."

"What?" Everyone turned to look at Chiaki. "That's too long; they'll be expecting something by then!"

"I will call them out in three days. They will be overconfident, and I will checkmate before anything happens. In, out, and done. No more needless fighting."

"And just how do you think you will find them like that?"

Chiaki looked over at Michael. "Simple, I will send them the note with a place to meet."

"Oh, so they can set the place up? Great plan, Einstein."

"Not just them, the police too."

"No way!" Tyrone stood up and slammed his hands on the table. "That may work in Japan, but over here the cops don't play by the same rules. If you do that and it goes public, they'll call in S.W.A.T! Not even you will last five seconds against fully automatic weapons!"

Chiaki continued to eat for a moment before replying. "True, it's a lot different where I come from."

"That's how it is, yo."

"Sinbad doesn't strike without a notice." He glared at them, as if daring one to oppose him. "It'll get sent no matter what."

Michael rubbed his temples. "Fine. Maybe we'll get lucky."

Chiaki grinned. "That's more like it…" His eyes turned to Access. "Access, go tell Jeanne the plans."

"Who you talking to, dog?"

Chiaki smirked. "You could say he's my guardian angel."

"Jeanne! Jeanne!" Access flew in through the window and landed on the bed, where Maron lay face down on her bed asleep. "Wake up Jeanne! I have news!"

"She cried herself to sleep, Access." Fin spoke up, apparently just having woken up herself. "Let her sleep, tell me what's going on."

Access jumped over Maron and landed next to her partner. "Sinbad made plans; he wants me to send a notice when I'm done talking to you, in three days we're going to…" Access animatedly told the story to her in detail and at the end was panting for breath. "So he wants Jeanne to stay out of it."

"There's no way she'll just sit back, especially when something so dangerous is going to happen." Fin bit her thumbnail in thought, a habit she picked up from Access somewhere along the time they had been together. "But how is Maron going to go out? Her parents promised to come by every night after work. There's no way she can sneak out to help without being spotted."

Access looked over at Maron, whose shoulders were still shaking a little from the crying fit she had earlier. "I don't know what to tell her. Since her parents know Sinbad's true identity, they have an advantage over her. If she acts out they could make the connection with her and Jeanne. " He moved his vision over to Fin. "When they were in line, her father said he wouldn't know what to do if his daughter was a thief. They would probably blame themselves, and pull back from her again…"

"So if her parents know she's Jeanne it'll be the same as 'good bye' for them."

"You think Jeanne knows that?"

Fin put her hand on Maron's hair and nodded slowly. "She knows… She wouldn't have cried so hard if she didn't know…"

Sinbad landed on the small platform outside of the hotel window and rapped onto it lightly, making Maron jump up from her bed and run over to it, letting him in. "Chiaki!" She waited impatiently for him to get fully inside before hugging him tightly. "I've missed you! This is our vacation, why did it have to end up like this?"

Sinbad sighed and held her close to him. "I'm sorry. I tried to come before today but I saw your parents so I had to turn back." He pulled back from her and kissed her forehead. "Tonight's the night. After this, I'll… think of something. But I promise this!" he pulled her hands up to his lips, where he kissed her fingers. "I won't leave you alone another night."

"Chiaki…" She hugged him close again and sniffed. "I don't like this…" Her head rested against his chest a moment before pulling back just enough to give him a startled look. "Chiaki, are you…" Her question was cut off when he pulled her back against him.

Sinbad held her in his arms, looking over at the TV, where it showed footage of the warehouse he was going to battle at in just an hour. It was already dark outside but he could tell that there was a special task force called in along with the normal police. Aprently they were going to take the opportunity to try and take down both gangs at once.

"I should get going…"

"Don't go….don't go! This is stupid, we can do it together! Just let me… let me…" her voice trembled. "I'm scared you'll get hurt again… I'd never forgive myself if,"

Her voice was cut off when the door to her hotel room opened. "Maron, we brought you dinner and-" Koron's voice cut off when she saw Sinbad holding her daughter. "It's…it's…"

"Let her go!" Takumi shouted, stepping into the room. "Sinbad, if you so much as hurt my daughter I swear I'll-"

"Dad, no!" Maron shouted, voice shaking as she looked at Sinbad and to her parents and back again. "He's a good person, I-"

"He's fooling you Maron! Come here Sweetie," her mother opened her arms. "Come over here to us, we'll protect you."

Maron looked at the TV, where some ranking officer proclaimed that as long as the bodies were brought in, they would get the reward. Dead or alive, it didn't matter. She closed her eyes a moment and the image of Chiaki groaning in pain as he tried to sleep flashed across her mind. She turned to look at Sinbad as he put one foot on the windowsill. "I'm sorry…" She spoke softly.

Sinbad nodded once in understanding and turned to head out the window.

"Mom, Dad, I'm sorry…"

Sinbad stopped and turned to look back at her. "Maron, what?"

"I know that this will mean I won't see you again, but I know that you wouldn't want your daughter to be untrue to her heart…" She smiled lightly at her parents, a tear rolling down her cheek. "I made a bad decision before, and a loved one was hurt because of it. I swore to myself that I would never do it again…"

"Maron, dear, what are you talking about?" Her father took a step forward. "Come over here, Honey."

Slowly Maron shook her head. "I know the choice my heart wants me to take… Mom, Dad, I love you." Tears began to fall from her cheeks as she went on. "But I also care for Chiaki. And Fin. And Access. They are all precious to me; I can't turn my back on my angels… or my Lover."

"Maron, I-"

She cut her mother off. "It's a hard choice, but if I can only have one…" her voice rose up in volume. "If I can only have one, then I chose him!" Her hand grabbed the golden rosary and a flash of light later, Jeanne stood in her spot. "Sent by God, The divine wind thief Jeanne has arrived…"

Takumi took a step back and pulled his fiancé with him, scared. "Maron…you…"

She turned to Sinbad and nodded. "Let's go." She leapt onto the windowsill and looked back over her shoulder. "Goodbye, Mom, Dad."

And with that, she leapt outside.

Sinbad hadn't said anything to her since they left the hotel, but Jeanne didn't seem to mind. After all, what could he say in a situation like that? Their minds went to the task at hand, each perching on a build across the street from the warehouse where they were going to strike. "Where are your friends?"

"Over there," Sinbad nodded over to one side, where they were all waiting on him on ground level. "They agreed to be the distraction."

"A lot of faith in you, don't you think?" She got closer to him and looked over his shoulder. "Can they be trusted?"

"I'd like to think so," he replied as he turned his gaze to the police. "What do you think? We can sneak in with all the chaos."

"That's not my style."

He rubbed his eyes. "Jeanne, please tell me that we're not going to do this your way…"

"Why not? I've done it way more times that you!"

"Listen here, I was a thief before you was! I've sealed just as many, if not more than you!"

"But I have a force trying to catch me; you're just a side project!" The two thieves got into each other's faces and glared.

After a moment, Sinbad sighed. "Jeez, you win."

"Thought so," She gave him a peace sign and stuck out her tongue. "Ready?"

"Steady." He looked over at Access and nodded. The black angel flew to the gang members and knocked over a battle of water, giving them the cue to act. At the same time, Fin flew down and got into position for her act as well.

"Hiiiii!" Jeanne yelled out, instantly getting spotlights on her. "Thank you for coming to see me, everyone!" She pointed at them happily. "Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne! Yorosuku!" She leapt off the building and at the same time, three vans across from them blew up. The distraction worked and everyone turned from Jeanne long enough for Sinbad to jump as well, breaking the spotlights with pins as he did so.

Landing, Sinbad pulled his boomerang from his coat and let it fly. Several people fell as it came in contact with their feet. Jeanne caught it and threw it once again, clearing out even more people in front of them.

Smoke bombs blew around them, followed by Sinbad's poisoned darts. One by one the police began to drop, forced asleep. Commands and orders rang thick into the air; half pointed at them and the rest at the 'lords gang.

Jeanne laughed, throwing her ribbon out and catching guns that were pointed at her. What she couldn't get, Sinbad disabled with long needles. Several flash bombs flared thanks to Fin and were aided by pink smoke bombs courtesy of Jeanne. When the utter chaos ended, Sinbad and Jeanne found themselves in the warehouse with only Tyrone, Michael, and two more of his gang.

"That was the stupidest thing I have ever seen!" Michael hissed at Sinbad angrily. "What the hell were you thinking, going in like that?"

"Her idea," Sinbad pointed back at Jeanne, who once again stuck out her tongue. "Anyway…" he looked around. "The police won't come in here, I don't think…"

"So where are they?" Jeanne put her back to Sinbad's and let her eyes sweep the area. "Fin, you see anyone?"

"Access, give me an area scout."

"Who you talking to, yo?"

"Up there!" Fin shouted, pointing. "They are all up there!"

"Scatter!" Access added in, making Jeanne and Sinbad both leap in different directions. The gang they were with took the hint and just narrowly avoided being hit with the swarm of bullets hurled at them. "Two are going to the right toward you, Sinbad!"

"Another is jumping down the platform! Maron, you can take him!" Fin aided her partner as best she could, not used to actual battle like Access was.

Sinbad made a motion to his allies and they nodded, going to take care of the ones trying to circle them. Jeanne slid across the floor and tripped the man aiming for her and finished him off with a fast elbow into his chest. She took his gun and popped out the clip, throwing it across the room and dropping the now useless weapon.

She leapt straight into the air to avoid a gunshot and gracefully back flipped onto some large crates. She looked at the man who had tried to shoot her and gave him a 'tsk tsk' motion with her finger. A moment later her rebound ball grabbed his gun and robbed him of it.

Sinbad threw his grappling hook onto the catwalk where the leader of the Cartion stood and used it to aid his jump up to him. The man looked at him, shocked, and went to pull the gun out on him. Sinbad connected his fist with the man's stomach and an uppercut followed. "Don't underestimate me when I'm at full power." Sinbad snarled at him and sent a roundhouse kick, knocking the gun away from him. "Jeanne!"

"You, a demon born in darkness, I, Jeanne, seal you here!" she twirled her ribbon and sent it to the gun. "Check-" Her sealing was sharply disrupted when Tyrone grabbed the gun in midair.

"This ends here, yo!" he declared, making everyone focus on him. The Cartion are finished, know what I'm saying?"

"Tyrone! Put the gun down!" Sinbad leapt onto the railing of the catwalk and leapt off.

"I don't think so!" He aimed up at him and pulled the trigger. Sinbad's body lurched backwards from the force of the shot. Another bullet fired, followed by a third. Jeanne's eyes went wide as her boyfriend's lifeless body slammed harshly onto the floor. Time stood still for her a moment before she could force her legs to move. "I don't think so, Jeanne!" Tyrone turned and aimed the gun at her next.

"What are you doing?" She demanded, throwing out her arm and fighting back tears. "You said you didn't want people to die! You said you wanted to stop the needless killing!"

"And you fell for it." Tyrone laughed. "As soon as I saw Sinbad, I knew what was going on. You could say I'm somewhat of a fan. He would never have agreed to help us if he knew that we in it for the money."

Jeanne's fist clenched tightly and watched as Access and Fin flew over to Sinbad's dead body. "This is unforgivable…"

"Doesn't really matter what you think, now does it?" He pointed the gun over at her and prepared to fire. "First Sinbad, now Jeanne. Does it get any better than this? I'll go down as the best criminal ever!"

Jeanne's eyes narrowed and she leapt into the air. Tyrone opened his mouth to laugh, but instead let out a sharp yell of pain as a hard kick was placed on his hand. "Checkmate." Sinbad said easily as Jeanne's ribbon encircled the gun. A second passed and he caught the white pawn that fell.

"H-How? You should be dead!" Tyrone held his hand and took a step back. His eyes looked from side to side. "Where are… Impossible!" He staggered back, seeing Michael and his other friends tied up already.

"First rule of business, yo." Sinbad mocked his voice and tore the tank top he was wearing, revealing armor under it. "Wear a bullet proof vest. Jeanne knew I had it on when I hugged her earlier."

Tyrone didn't have anytime to answer as Jeanne's foot connected with his face. "Tonight we have once again stolen the deception of beauty!" She sang out as the police ran in the building. "Adieu!"

Looking around, they were shocked to see the two opposing gang members all either tied up or knocked out. The leader of the task force slowly walked over to the moaning body of Tyrone and reached down to pick up two letters that were placed on his chest. Even though they looked different, both said the same thing. One was in English and the other Japanese.

Tonight we stole the beauty of the golden gun and left a gift for those who also seek to keep peace.

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

Thief Sinbad

"You sure it's for the best? Not saying goodbye?" Chiaki asked Maron as they stood at the airport. Jack waved to them as he drove off with a big smile on his face. Chiaki had tipped him quite nicely.

"Mm. It's better this way." Maron took his hand as they walked to their flight. "It's okay, I'm strong. I'm glad they are nice people, and I'm sure deep down they love each other- and me. We'll always be a family."

"I see," He gave her hand a small squeeze and smiled. "Well then, Access and Fin said they would meet us in Japan after they went to Heaven to confirm the events. What say we get home and have a big party with everyone?"

"I'd like that." Maron took her seat on the plane and touched the glass window. A small smile graced her lips, despite the events that unfurled. "I can't help but have a good feeling." Her expression got happier when she turned back to her boyfriend. "Fate owes me."

"Hey now," He smirked down at her as she lifted his arm and slid under it.

"You know what, Chiaki?"

"What's that?"

"I love you."

"I know." He laughed lightly. "I have the best girl on the planet. Damn, I'm cool."

"And humble."

"And handsome."

"And full of himself."

"And in love," He kissed her, making her beam up at him.

"Finally!" Chiaki collapsed against the wall next to Maron's apartment door and panted. He had two suitcases in each hand, straining to keep a hold of them. Across both shoulders were straps to even more luggage and on his back was yet another suitcase. "I can't go on…"

"Don't be a wuss," She sat her single roll-along suitcase to the side and inserted her key, turning it slowly just to tease him.

"Come on, Maron!"

"Sure, sure!" She opened the door and stepped in gratefully to be back home. "Fin! We're back Fin!"

"Welcome back you guys!" Access's voice called to them, sounding more mature than usual.

Looking up, the luggage fell from Chiaki's hold. In front of him stood a full-size version of his angel friend leaning against the doorway. "Access, dude! Did you get a promotion or something?" Chiaki walked over to him, seeing his black wings. "They're still black."

"Don't rub it in," he looked dejectedly down at the floor. "It's only temporarily. I'll turn back tomorrow."

"Is Fin like that?" Maron asked, a little uneasy.

"Oh yeah, you should see her!" Access's face lit up, and even had a very small bit of blush on it. "She's beautiful."

"Maron! Welcome back!" Fin's voice came from the kitchen.

"Is she cooking?" Chiaki asked, pointing through the hallway to where the kitchen was.

"No, she's not." Access's face twisted into a teasing smile. "Someone else is."

"Someone else?" Maron asked confused, walking past the boys and leaving them to pick up the luggage so she could ask Fin what was going on. She froze, however, at the door leading into her living room. "…Dad… Mom…?"

"After we explained everything to God, he allowed us to change into these forms for a few days," Access told Chiaki, who wasn't moving. "We were told that we could be seen by humans so we had to be careful. Of course, there were two people on earth who had a bad misunderstanding about two very nice people…"

Maron ran from Chiaki's sight and into her living room, where she promptly started to sob out loudly as she hugged her parents each in turn.

"So, they know? Everything?" Chiaki asked, shocked. "That's why you're big?"

His angel nodded at him, stepping aside and allowing him to walk into the apartment fully. "They've known for a few days now so the shock has already blown over."

Takumi stood in front of him with a sheepish grin. "I guess I owe you an apology…" Maron looked over at him from her mother's side, eyes sparkling from tears of happiness. She swallowed a sob and smiled again at them. "Can we start over?" He held out his hand. "I'm Kusakabe Takumi, Maron's father."

Chiaki reached out his hand and took it. "Nagoya Chiaki, Maron's boyfriend and protector of the Divine Wind thief Jeanne… Sinbad."

"Nice to meet you."

"Same here." They shook once and Maron tackled him in a hug.

"This is great… We're all here together…"

"Come on now, dear, help me finish cooking!" Her mother asked her with a small laugh. "I have no idea where anything is!"

Chiaki gave her a goofy grin when she looked up at him before running off to help her mother. His eyes glanced around the apartment, knowing it would suddenly be a lot more crowded. Fin gave him a wave from across the room and he once again pondered how long they would stay that size. It would be a pain in the butt to hide Access if people could openly see him.

"You look a little shocked, partner" Access told him as Takumi went into the kitchen to help as well. "Aren't you happy?"

"Yeah, I am, but…"

"But what?"

"I won't get to see her in her underwear anymore…" Fin slapped him across the back of his head, making him fall over. "Hey, that hurt!"

"Don't get bad thoughts about my Maron!" Fin scolded him, bending over to get in his face. "I have my eye on you!"

"You and everyone else."

"Chiaki! Come set the table!" Maron demanded of him from the kitchen. "After dinner we still have to unpack! And then you have to help Mom and Dad move things up here tomorrow!"

He sighed. "Yeah, yeah," Maron took his arm in her hand when he reached for the drawer that held the silver wear. Looking at her, she winked and leaned up to whisper into his ear. His face slowly colored and when she was done he looked at her dreamily. "Really? Tonight?" She nodded at him and suddenly Chiaki started to help out more enthusiastically

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