The former chosen stood near the door of the grand hall, shaking hands with various guest as the arrived. It was boring him but he had to because he was a gentleman 'and that' he thought 'is what gentlemen do.'

Even though he was trying to keep to his task his eyes kept wondering over to the table where his friends were sitting. He was so fixated with a certain ninja that he didn't even notice that there was someone standing next to him.

"Beautiful, A friend of yours?" He asked also looking at Sheena.

Zelos recognized the man right away, he was someone that lived around here, a real jerk. Never the less Zelos shook his hand "Yes, she's a good friend of mine."

"She has a certain something about her…." The man said now watching Sheena so hard that Zelos was sure she would turn around. But, she didn't, she was talking to Genis about something and she was getting very involved in the conversation.

"I believe you're thinking of 'Natural Beauty'" Zelos stated, he wanted this conversation to end. The other man had a bad reputation. 'Well,' he thought 'I don't have the best reputation but I've heard things about this man… bad things…'

"Well, Chosen, I'm sure you know much more about her 'natural beauty' than I do." The man said in a suggestive tone and winked at Zelos.

"I would watch the way you speak about my friend if I were you." Zelos said trying to keep his cool about it.

"I was just saying that maybe I would know how beautiful she was if I had her in my bed-" the man started but before he could finish Zelos had grabbed him by the throat.

"She isn't that kind of girl. I thought I told you to watch what you say." He snarled and held the man's neck tightly. 'Only I can say things like that about Sheena, and never behind her back.'

"I didn't mean anything by it… Honestly…" The man struggled to say. Zelos put him down and started to walk away.

Zelos looked around and noticed that everyone had fallen silent at the scene. He also saw that a certain dark haired girl was walking up to him with an angry look in her eyes. Genis was walking meekly behind her and Raine was watching from a table in the corner.

"You idiot chosen, what are you doing?" Sheena asked in an angry voice but didn't yell, she didn't like being the focus of attention.

"He said something rude," Zelos said coolly looking from sheena's angry face, to Genis's slightly scared one, to the man who was now being helped to a chair.

"What could he possibly say to make you strangle him?" Genis asked in a quiet voice.

"He said something about one of my hunnies that I didn't particularly like to hear." Zelos explained trying to keep it vague. After hearing that, Sheena stormed off to where Raine was so she wouldn't feel the urge to punch him in the middle of the dinner party.

"Zelos," Genis scolded "Is that all you think about? Sheena's really angry and you talk about some girl?"

"She wouldn't be angry if she knew the girl I was defending was her…" Zelos said confidentially to his small friend.

"What did that guy say about Sheena that got you so mad?" Genis asked innocently.

"Maybe I'll tell you when you're older, twerp." Zelos said and ruffled Genis's hair. He wasn't just about to repeat what the man said to Genis, he didn't want to think about what Raine would do to him. Though he supposed she would never know because she was caught in a conversation with some people across the room and Sheena was…. missing.

Zelos walked over to Raine, with Genis in tow. "Professor, did you see where Sheena went?" He asked looking around for his favorite girl.

"She was pretty angry, what did you do?" Raine said with out answering his question "And what were you doing to that man?"

"I didn't do anything to Sheena and that guy got what was coming to him." Zelos responded bluntly.

"Don't pull that with me. You're a diplomat; you can't act like some stupid kid." She scolded him in an angry voice.

"Raine, Where's Sheena?" Zelos asked again.

"I'm not telling you unless you tell me what happened before." Raine bargained.

"The man was saying things… " Zelos started but was interrupted by a certain little half-elf.

"What kind of things, Zelos?" Genis asked still curious about what got Zelos so angry.

"Things?" Raine asked but it sounded more like a statement "About who?"

"Sheena." Zelos stated "That's why I got angry."

"What did he say about Sheena?" Genis said again.

"I understand but just because he said things doesn't mean that you have the right to hurt him…" Raine lectured.

"Not just things. Things." Zelos explained, dragging out the word things.

"What things!" Genis yelled.

"Quiet Genis, you know better than to yell." Raine scolded her younger brother "Why don't you go to the refreshment table and eat some snacks?"

"Sister, I'm not Lloyd." Genis said slightly upset.

"Genis, We're having an adult conversation." Raine said sternly "Go."

"Yes, Ma'am." He complied and stalked off.

"Anyway, Zelos, What things did he say?" Raine asked getting back to the conversation.

"He said that Sheena looked Beautiful-" The chosen started when he was interrupted again, this time by the older sage sibling.

"That's no reason to strangle him, Zelos." Raine said.

"Let me finish." Zelos went on "He said she was Beautiful and then he insinuated that I slept with her and that he would like to sleep with her."

"He said that?" Raine asked shocked.

"Yes." Zelos said proud that Raine was seeing it his way.

"And what did you say in return?" She asked narrowing her eyes.

"I told him to watch his mouth, and he didn't so I told him Sheena isn't that type of girl." Zelos stated proudly.

"And then you lifted him off the ground via his neck?" Raine asked hypothetically.

Zelos nodded, not feeling any guilt "No one talks about bedding Sheena-"

"Except for you?" Raine finished his statement, rolling her eyes.

"Exactly." Zelos nodded "Now will you tell me where she went?"

"No. What did you do to get her so mad?" Raine asked.

"Will the questions never stop?" Zelos said dropping his jaw; he thought she would tell him now for sure.

"Not unless you answer them." Raine stated matter-of-factly.

"Alright, Alright." Zelos gave in "When she asked why I strangled the man I told her I was protecting the honor of one of my hunnies. I didn't tell her she was the hunny so she must have assumed I got into a fight over some random girl."

"She's outside." Raine finally told him. As he was rushing for the door she called after him "Choose your words more wisely!"

"I will." He called back and then vanished into the night.