This chapter's endis so cute it hurt me to write it.

The sun was just rising when the Chosen woke up. He yawned and noticed that two futons in the room were empty.

Seles of course had climbed into his bed during the night and Genis some how ended up lying next to Sheena. Zelos smiled as he got out of bed. He was wearing the same outfit that he wore to the party yesterday because he didn't think he would be sleeping over.

Seles was tossing and turning in her sleep. "Zelos…" she mumbled "where are you going?"

"I'm just going for a walk. I'll be back, I promise." He whispered as he picked her up and moved her into Sheena's futon. Seles quickly latched onto the ninja's arm and settled back into sleep. Zelos smiled at the three of them sleeping. He kissed his sister on the forehead, ruffled Genis's hair, and then kissed Sheena on the forehead too. He walked quietly to the door and looked back at them before leaving the house.

He walked up to the well and sat down. He was thinking about how glad he was his house had running water, even if the fetching water from the well thought was romantic… like something out of a novel.

"You're up early, Chosen." Orochi said walking up next to Zelos. "Where's Sheena?"

Zelos looked over at the Mizuho native. "She's sleeping. As is my sister and Genis."

"Oh. Sleeping in today is she." He observed. He seemed like he was only talking so he could get to the real topic without being rude but this made him seem more rude than he would have been if he just said what he was thinking.

"Is something bothering you?" Zelos asked tilting his head to the side. He looked very innocent.

"I'm no sure if I approve of Sheena's living with you." Orochi admitted looking away. "I don't want her to get hurt and I'm not sure if I trust you."

"You can't shelter her forever." Zelos stated not letting his annoyance show.

"Neither can you!" the male ninja blurted out "Do you think that she'll be safe as long as you keep her near you? You'll take her back to the city with you and have her live the perfect life. She'll live in the biggest house, be surrounded by the finest things, only come in contact with the prettiest, best dressed people."

"Is that so wrong?" Zelos asked in a shocked voice "I want her to have everything she wants. I want to give her everything. Anything in either world. If she asked for it I would get it for her. Anything, no matter what."

"Why do you pamper her so?" Orochi asked taken aback by the red-haired man's determination.

"She deserves it. She deserves everything." He said calmly "I want her to be happy even if it means I'm not happy because when she's happy, I can't help but be happy even if I'm absolutely miserable."

Somehow, Orochi understood what Zelos had just tried to explain. He then looked up at the chosen "Do you love her?"

"I.. think so…." Zelos answered shakily. It was uncharacteristic for him to be nervous when he talked about girls but this was Sheena.

"How can you tell?" The slightly younger boy asked curiously.

"Well… When I betrayed the group all I could think about was Sheena…" Zelos explained. This was the first time he ever told this to anyone. "I was so scared she would get hurt… that she would get hurt and it would be because of me. I would never forgive myself. So, first chance I got I went looking for her and I found her falling into a trap… but I caught her and kept her safe. I know it doesn't make what I did ok but I was glad I didn't hurt her. And I felt weird again."

"Weird?" Orochi asked listening intently to the story. "What do you mean weird? And again?"

Zelos took a breath before continuing "When we were kids… I used to feel that way for Sheena all the time. I would follow her around giving her flowers and presents and stuff. You know… and she would always smile and I would feel I dunno… In love I guess. But as we got older I knew that I would have to sacrifice myself for this world. I didn't want Sheena to get sad so I pushed her away. I showered my affections on other women and made rude comments… I stopped sending flowers… stopped following her around. Eventually she stopped smiling and I felt cold. I kept flirting with the girls until Sheena hated me and even after that I kept going, until I hated myself." He paused.

"You lost sight." Orochi said quietly "You let go of yourself to save Sheena from the pain of a broken heart."

"What else was I supposed to do? I couldn't ask her to marry me then go off and die. I hated being chosen more than anything." Zelos admitted "I teamed up with Cruxius so I could be free from my title. They told me if I joined them they would make Seles the chosen. I agreed without thinking. I was so angry that I put my sister and Sheena in danger to save myself… I was stupid. That's me the idiot chosen… But I want to make it up to them. Now I don't have to push people away anymore…"

The two boys let their minds wander for a while. There seemed to be some sort of mutual agreement forming between them. Orochi cleared his throat and began to speak in a business type voice "Well, Chosen. I just want to thank you for pulling Sheena through the otherworldy gate that time and saving her from my brother… and herself… and if you really have your heat set on it… You have my permission to date her."

Zelos looked over at the boy with a raised eyebrow. He didn't know that he needed to get permission from Orochi… He decided that it would be best to act grateful "Well… uh… thanks."

Orochi then went back into overprotective mode. "But I swear to Martel that if you do a single thing to hurt her I'll kill you. She's like my sister and you better not do anything to her." Zelos had sighed and started to get distracted "Are you listening, Chosen!"

"I hear you, I hear you…" Zelos reassured him "If I do anything to hurt Sheena-hunny you'll kill me. Got it." And with that Zelos started to walk away.

"Don't call her that! You stupid Chosen!" Orochi called after him "And you better listen to what I said!"

"Don't worry about it, kid." Zelos called back before he was out of ear shot. He had walked to a more quiet part of the village and sat down "Jeez… What's with people here…"

Back at Sheena's house a certain ninja was just waking up to the site of long red hair in her face. At first she was going to yell at Zelos to get off of her but then she noticed that the hair was a slightly different shade and that the person whom the hair belonged to was shorter than Zelos. "Seles?" she whispered.

"Hmmm?" the girl asked tiredly and looked up at Sheena. She quickly let go off the ninja's arm and pulled away as if she was disgusted.

Sheena was more or less unfazed by this and rolled over to see Genis was sleeping next to her on the other side. She smiled and ruffled his hair slightly. "Sleepy head." She then sat up and looked around. Seles had put her face under the covers in an attempt to go back to sleep but she somehow knew that Sheena was looking around.

"Zel went out for a walk." She stated simply. "He said he would be back. And he moved me into your bed… not me."

"I figured you wouldn't come near me out of your own free will." Sheena nodded and climbed over Genis to get out of bed.

The young half elf shifted a bit "Sheena… where are you going?" He asked with a yawn.

"For a little walk." She answered and pulled the covers up around him more. "When you get up don't leave the village, ok? You can go anywhere you want in Mizuho."

"What a bore." Seles said in a sleepy mumble.

"Don't worry…" Genis said and then he went silent.

Sheena shook her head. Those two might not wake up at all. She got changed into her usually purple outfit and went outside.

She retreated to her favorite part of the village. A nice quiet spot where she could be alone… or not. There sat Zelos, idly watching the clouds.

Sheena walked over and sat down next to him "What are you thinking about?" She asked and leaned back to look at the clouds too.

"Daydreaming…" He answered distantly.

Sheena noticed his lack of conversation. She wondered if he was still upset with her. "About what?" She asked hoping he would talk.

"You." He answered and lay back closing his eyes. "I was just thinking about how pretty you look when you sleep."

"Stop watching me in my sleep, you idiot." Sheena scolded, hoping that was all he was doing to her when she slept.

Zelos simply laughed. His eyes were still closed "I had a great dream last night. We were traveling again. Only this time it was you and me and Zander, Kiko, Toshi, Lydia, Tucker, Lenore, James, Kiri, and Haru."

Sheena was now also leaning back onto the grass. "Who are all of those other people? I've never heard those names before."

Zelos smiled "They're our children."

Sheena's eyes widened and she hit Zelos on the head "Who said I would ever even have one child with you! Never mind nine! I've never even heard of anyone having so many children."

Zelos opened his eyes a little so he could glance at her slyly. "Well, you're a strong girl, you'd be able to bear twelve children, I bet. It would be difficult for both of us but if we work at it I'm sure we could manage having at least eight children. It would be hard but I'd be a dedicated lover and father. If we start now we could-" He would have continued if it wasn't for the fist that some how found it's way to his face.

"You better shut up if you know what's good for you." Sheena threatened and shook her fist at him. "I absolutely can't stand you. You, pervert."

"Orochi can't stand me either." Zelos said and moved closer to Sheena "But he did say he approved of me dating you."

"We are not dating, Zelos Wilder." Sheena said sternly and tried to push the former chosen out of her personal space.

Zelos wrapped his arms around her despite her struggling "Then how come you sleep in my bed and live in my house? How come you danced with me last night? You love me, Sheeeeeeeeeena"

"NoNoNo!" She protested "I have the exact opposite of love for you. I hate you." She tried to wiggle out of his grip but he clung tighter.

"Oh, so it's a love-hate thing. Maybe we should go to a relationship councilor." He teased and pulled her closer. He was now sitting up with Sheena on his lap, resting his head on her shoulder, cheek to cheek.

Sheena sighed in exasperation "There is no relationship TO council!"

Zelos gently rubbed his cheek against Sheena's. "Hunny, lets get married…"

"No way would I ever marry you." Sheena stated plainly with a pout. She had given up on getting away but she was still annoyed.

"We can take our honeymoon to Altimara… Relaxing on the beach all day, Romantic dinners in the evening, and at night we could start on that family…" He smirked still cheek to cheek with Sheena.

"Shut up you stupid chosen." Sheena said and tried to break free again. "Zelos!"

"Oh, someone's a bit grumpy…" Zelos whined. "Sheeeeeena, you know you love me. Why not show it? How about just one little kiss?"

Sheena tried to hit him but he was holding her arms tightly to her side. She started to kick his shins with her heels. "Zelos!"

"Oh, Sheena, My love. When you say my name its like music." Zelos teased igroning the pain in his shins. "Hunny…"

"Don't call me that!" She protested and started to scrape her heels down his leg. "Now let go."

Zelos was finding it hard to ignore the pain. "Never. Not in a million years. Not unless I get a kiss."

Sheena stopped kicking him and leaned over to him closing her eyes. He followed suit, puckering his lips. Suddenly when Zelos had his guard down Sheena drew back her head and bashed him in the face with her forehead. Zelos let go.

"My face, My beautiful face!" He whined and brought his hands up to feel his nose "Ow… Sheeeeeena… I think my nose is broken…. You have a hard head… owwy…."

"Serves you right, idiot." Sheena said putting some distance between them.

Zelos put his hands down from his face revealing that he had a nose bleed but it didn't look broken. Sheena walked over to him and touched the blood with her hand and then held it in front of his so he could see. "You're bleeding…" She said "You should heal yourself and clean up…"

"Why don't you kiss it and make it better?" Zelos whined.

Sheena rolled her eyes at him. "Not gonna happen."

Zelos held his hand to his face and did a cure spell. He then sat there pouting and looking at Sheena. Sometimes he was too childish for his own good. He sat there silently as if waiting for something.

"What?" Sheena asked at last.

Zelos hesitated for a moment then asked "You're coming back to Meltokio with me right?"

Sheena looked away from him and up to the clouds. "Zelos… I… I guess I'll come. Genis is a bit out of his element here." Sheena said still not looking at him.

He jumped up and wrapped his arms around her.

"Get off of me." She demanded "You're gonna get blood on my kimono." She complained when she noticed his face still had a small trickle of blood on it.

Zelos pulled back from her and held her just far enough away so he could look at her. He had a stupid smile plastered on his face, not the seductive one he uses with the ladies. It was that goofy smile that he had when they were kids. The smile he only ever used in front of Sheena.

Sheena reached into Zelos's pocket and pulled out a handkerchief. She wiped the red from his face as if he was a little kid. He was still smiling at her. She had to take back what she had said about him looking like a samurai. He was too childish. "Idiot." She said with a small laugh and then ran toward her house. He quickly followed laughing as well, only louder and more heartily.