Part 1

Date: September 18, 1944
Details: American forces reach the Siegfried Line of western Germany two days ago. A special ops team infiltrated a secret underground bunker 5 miles behind the enemy's lines. A number of ranking military officials and top scientists were captured. Operation Clown Face is now returning to Allied held territory.

Pvt. Dan Shercom sat atop his recon jeer and stared into the wooded area he had parked the jeep in front of. Major Estmen had told him to be in this spot at midnight and to wait there until he was told to come back. Dan just thought this was punishment for putting a poison berry into Gunner's food. So he had sat there for hours.
Dan checked his watch. 2:00am. Damn, how long did he have to stay out here? Dan's gaze suddenly snapped to the woods. Someone was coming through toward him. Dan jumped down behind the jeep, after grabbing his cricket and his Thompson. He clicked the cricket twice, the sign that he was American. He immediately heard another two clicks from the person in the woods. Dan looked over the edge of the jeep. The rustling grew louder and Dan saw something. A figure dressed in complete black clothing bust from the woods at full speed, ran straight for the jeep and jumped behind it beside Dan. The figure removed his helmet. Underneath was a 23 year old man. He looked exhausted, like he had been running for hours.
"Water," croaked the man.
Dan pulled out his cantin and gave it to the man. The man drank. He finished the whole cantin without stopping for air. When he had finished he looked at Dan.
"Get me to your commander, right now."
"Yes sir," said Dan. Dan helped the man into the passenger side of the jeep then jumped into the driver seat and started the engine. They drove in silence, save for the drone of the jeep's engine. Dan parked right in front of the barn that served as the Allies' command center. Dan jumped out and helped the man out of his seat and into the building. A young lieutenant sat at the reception desk.
"We need to see Major Estmen right away! "shouted Dan.
"What's the meaning of this Shercom? The Major is on priority communiqué with Colonel Yets. You'll have to wait."
The man in black seemed to regain some of his strength because he shoved Dan away then socked the lieutenant right in the jaw, dropping him to the floor.
"Listen you fucking moron, the information I have must get to General Eisenhower now, it could make or brake our war effort," said the man. With that, he kicked the lieutenant in the stomach and marched into the office.
Major Estmen was sitting behind his desk talking to someone on a phone, Colonel Yets probably. Major Estmen looked up at the intruder in alarm, then calmed.
"Sir, I have an emergence, I'll call you back," said Estmen. Then he hung up the phone and looked at the man.
"What news do you have for me Lyell?" said Estmen.
"We failed sir."