Part 6

It was now almost a year since Britain had been destroyed, and peace was now over the earth. After the seven atomic bombs had detonated over the British Isles, the rest of the countries had surrendered, not wanting to suffer Europe's fate, Asia and the Americas had layed down their arms. The soldiers that had jumped from the burning B-17 had been picked up by an American sub and had been taken back to the US.

President Truman sat in his office. His head down. How could this have happened? He would have to ponder that question later. He had business to attend to. Truman gestured for his Secretary to bring in the guest. In walked One Shot and Dan.

"Boys take a seat"

"Thank you mister President," said One Shot

"Ok, soldiers, I want to now what you saw."

"An atomic bomb explode over Britain sir."

"So, it is true. And Berlin?"

"I was there sir," said Dan, "That was an atomic bomb too."

"Begging the President's pardon, but, why are you asking us?"

"Because I needed to hear it come from the mouths of G.I.s."

"Yes sir."

Truman suddenly began very serious. "I want you boys to listen and listen good. You are both with 58 right?" Both nodded. "I want you to tell Admiral Gress to but together a resistance. An underground resistance, do you understand. We are going to destroy those krauts if it's the last thing we do. Mark my words boys, they will pay." Returning to normal Truman turned back to the soldiers. "Tell Gress to create secret stockpiles of supplies and weapons. When the time is right, we will strike."

Bewildered Dan and One shot agreed.

"Good, then it is settled. Now go home, the war is over, and a secret one is about to begin."