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Part Three: Epilogue


Legolas jerked awake when a gentle hand touched his head lightly.

To the relief of Elrond and everyone else, he had finally collapsed at the side of Aragorn's bed late last night, his head nearly touching the shoulder of the human, one hand resting on Estel's arm. The wood elf had steadfastly refused to leave his friend's side or take any rest until he knew that Aragorn would be well, but his body had broken down, worn out by the exhaustion of his heart and soul.

As he blinked sleepily now, he realized that he must have been asleep for hours. He could feel that the morning was near and could hear the first birds singing in the darkness. There was a blanket around him, and his shoulder was aching where it was pressed against the hard edge of the bed frame.

Straightening slowly, he came face to face with Aragorn. The human was looking back at him. The elf's eyes widened. Their gazes locked, and for a moment only their eyes spoke. Aragorn's hand slipped from Legolas head and came to rest on his friend's shoulder, squeezing it weakly. There was a strange mixture of emotional pain and affection in the man's eyes.

"I told you… I would not die," he whispered, reading the traces of sorrow and exhaustion on the elf's face.

"My mind believed you," Legolas answered softly, "but my heart could not."

He took the human's hand in his own, taking in his friend's presence with all his senses. The hand was warm and colour had returned to the deadly pale face. The stormy grey eyes held his gaze unwaveringly.

Aragorn could not help but smile as he saw the deep, quiet joy in the elf's eyes. "How did you...?" he asked, knowing that Legolas would understand.

"I was on my way to Rivendell to visit you," the elf answered.

The human's smile turned rueful at that. "In that case, I promise you… that the rest of the visit will be much more enjoyable than the beginning."

These words coaxed a smile to Legolas' face, but he did not answer. The memory of finding Aragorn in that forest, more dead than alive, was still too painful.

"Rest now," he said instead, smoothing some unruly strands of dark hair gently out of Aragorn's face. He noticed with relief that the man's forehead was cool to the touch. "You need it."

After one last scrutiny of the elf's face Aragorn's eyes closed obediently and the human fell into a deep, healing sleep. Legolas just sat there for a while, content to watch his friend's face and listen to the soft, regular sounds of his breathing. Then he settled down again, not bothering to leave his place on the floor. He drew the blanket tighter around him, and a few moments later his head sank down next to Aragorn's shoulder again, as he fell back asleep.


Standing silent and unnoticed in the open doorway, Elrond watched the two of them with a smile. It had been a long and dark night and he knew that losing Aragorn would have meant losing Legolas, too. The human would have died from the wounds to his body, the elf from the wounds to his heart. Elrond sighed softly. All his sons were safe now, both those who were his by blood and birth, and those who belonged to him by choice and love. Looking out of the window, he saw that the first light of dawn had appeared on the eastern horizon. With one last look on the two younger beings, who had fallen into a deep, peaceful sleep, he left, closing the door silently behind him.


- The End -