Summary: Kakashi pulls a prank on the students by stranding them on an island so they can be watched by millions. The students don't know about this prank and even if they did, they'd be LESS then amused…

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or it's characters.

Note: I wrote this story BEFORE Sasuke accomplished running away from Konoha. So of course, Sasuke will be in here. Also, the characters are supposed to be 16-17 in this fic.

Pairings: NaruHina, SasuSaku, ShikaIno, NejiTen.

RLN: In case you didn't know, this is a fic that I wrote a long time ago. My fic, unfortunately had songs in it, and if you didn't know, songs are not allowed on fanfiction. I removed the fic before the fanfiction people could.

After I removed the fic, I was a bit sad because this was not only the first (or second) fic I ever wrote and the first I ever finished, it was also my most successful fic (OVER 650 REVIEWS BABY!) it was also my favorite fic.

But now that I edited this fic, I find how hilarious it is by seeing all the spelling and grammar mistakes are as well as how short I made it.

But then when I looked at it again, I realized how much I lost. There is a lot more description in this story and it feels embarrassing how I evolved to make more dialogue then description.

I guess my writing always seems to have its ups and downs. But now I edited this story so it can be free from mistakes and free from breaking rules. All that there is left is for you to read it.

I hope you enjoy this story because I enjoyed writing it.

Stranded with Idiots

Chapter 1: What Mission?

Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke waited patiently for their, once again, late sensei. Naruto was ranting on about things he was going to do once his teacher came back.

"-Then I'm going to kick his ass once I tie him up, and I'll rip his Icha Icha books, then... I'LL BURN HIM AND FEED HIM TO THE SHARKS! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Naruto pointed his nose to the sky and laughed, it was an evil laugh. Sasuke glared at him, Sakura growled. Listening to an evil laugh does get annoying after some time...

"I'M GONNA FEED YOU TO THE SHARKS IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP!" snarled Sakura. Sasuke mumbled something about annoying comrades when suddenly there was a poof of smoke, white hair could be seen. Sakura stopped yelling to look at her sensei. Naruto pointed at him, Sakura glared.

"YOU'RE LATE!" They yelled in unison, Sasuke crossed his arms and gave Kakashi his death glare. Kakashi sweatdropped.

"Sorry, a little old lady needed help with—"Kakashi started until Sasuke cut him short.

"Needed help with buying Icha Icha Paradise books?" He growled, glaring at a bag with 3 volumes of the Icha Icha Series. Kakashi smiled which caused his students to growl in fury.

"You all know me to well..." he chuckled, scratching the back of his head. His students smirked.

"Anyways, I kind of have a mission for you three, it's a hard might even consider it an A-Rank mission..." Kakashi said in a very serious tone, Sakura's eyes widened, Naruto grinned, and Sasuke smirked.


"ALRIGHT! THIS MIGHT ACTUALLY BE A CHALLENGE!" yelled Naruto punching the air.

"Okay, okay, calm down, calm down... Like I said it is going to be a challenge so we are going to have some help," explained Kakashi.

"Help? From who?" they said in unison.

(Hokage Monument)

"NO WAY! HELL NO!" shouted Naruto pointing.

"WHAT! YOU DIDN'T SAY WE HAD TO WORK WITH THEM!" yelled Kiba pointing at Naruto. They glared at each other.

"KAKASHI-SENSEI!" Yelled Naruto.

"KURENAI-SENSEI!" Shouted Kiba.

"What?" their teachers asked in monotone. Kiba and Naruto argued with their senseis while Sakura talked to Hinata, Sasuke and Shino just watched Kurenai and Kakashi wince in fear of the threats Kiba and Naruto were giving.

"Naruto can be so annoying..." muttered Sakura. Hinata nodded.

"Kiba can also be annoying..." muttered Hinata truthfully. Sakura nodded.

"WHAT THE HELL?" shouted a voice.

"How troublesome..." said another.

Team 10, Chouji, Shikamaru, Asuma, and Ino walked over. Chouji looked angry, Ino was shocked, and Shikamaru...was staring at the clouds.

" shocking...Isn't it weird Shikamaru? Shikamaru?... SHIKAMARU!" yelled Ino. Poor Shikamaru made a huge mistake.

"Eh? Did you say something?" Shikamaru asked. Ino glared. Ino started beating the living daylights out of him.


"Got it?" She said with a sweet smile and a halo over her head, Shikamaru just daydreamed.

'I will kill you all!' shouted Shikamaru pointing at Ino, Sasuke, Kiba, Naruto, Shino, and Sakura.

'Why?' they all asked.

'Why? Because you're nothing but Sasuke groupies, annoying brats and prideful jerks and anti-social weirdoes! MWAHAHAHAHAH!' laughed Shikamaru so evilly, Orochimaru, Itachi, and Gaara would've winced in fear.

'Now die!' yelled Shikamaru taking out machine gun and bombs, after the smoke cleared, Naruto and Sasuke were still standing. Shikamaru looked confused.

'Why aren't you dead?' he asked.

'Because I'm so cool and hot...' said Sasuke simply.

'Yeah, me too!' shouted Naruto. Sasuke and Shikamaru stared.

'...Hey, Were any of YOU named after the series?' Sasuke shook his head Shikamaru smiled evilly.

'YEP!' He shouted pulling out Naruto volume 2, but instead of Naruto, it said Shikamaru. Shikamaru started to laugh evilly punching his fists in the air.

Little did our Shikamaru know that he was laughing evilly out loud. Ino eyes widened. Everyone stared dumbfounded at the boy who thought it was hard work to move a pencil but could laugh evilly for no reason at all. Shikamaru opened his eyes to notice everyone staring at him and his fists were high in the air. Shikamaru slowly put his hands in the pocket and kicked the dirt, quite embarrassed. Everyone slowly started a nervous conversation.

"That was just...creepy..." Ino said to Sakura and Hinata.

"Maybe you hit him too hard..." murmured Hinata.

"Dang Ino, your man is creepy..." Sakura said Ino glared at her, Ino cracked her knuckles and punched her open palm. Sakura stared, wide eyed. Sakura was going to say she didn't mean to say Shikamaru was her man but was interrupted when someone hugged her and lifted her up. Sakura screamed.

"Wow Sakura, your man is the one who's creepy..." said Ino smirking. Sakura looked down to see Lee hugging her, her green eyes widened completely. She screamed.

"LET GO!" Lee stopped hugging her and put her down, Sakura fell and was laying on the floor breathing heavily. Hinata, Lee and Ino looked at her to see if she was okay. Sakura's face was paled like she just saw death, and in a way...she sort of did... Tenten and Neji appeared in front of her.

"God Lee... what did you do to her?" said Tenten, poking Sakura to check if she was okay.

"Well... she's still breathing...That's always a sign..." Said Neji raising an eyebrow at the half dead Kunoichi. Sasuke noticed the pale-as-a-sheet Sakura and walked over to her. He looked at her and raised an eyebrow.

"She's not dead is she?" muttered Sasuke. Tenten shrugged her shoulders and walked over on the other side of Neji. Neji looked at the spot she was once standing, it was next to Lee, and he glared at her.

"If Lee can kill people just by hugging them, better you than me..." she muttered. Neji sweatdropped.

"OKAY GUYS PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SENSEIS!" shouted Gai. Everyone looked at Gai, Hinata helped Sakura to her feet.

"ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR, SUPER—"the students eyes widened a bit—"DUPER—"Their eyes got even bigger—"SPECIAL, CHALLENGING, COOLEST MISSION OF ALL TIME?" shouted Kakashi with stars in his eye, or eye.

"WHAT IS IT?" shouted Naruto eagerly.

"YOU ARE... Going on a cruise," Kakashi finished in a bored tone. The girls seemed a little happy but the guys groaned and mumbled stuff.

"Is there going to be free ramen?" asked Naruto. Kakashi nodded.

"COUNT ME IN!" Shouted Naruto and Chouji. Kakashi grinned under his mask.

"I'd rather not go..." Mumbled Sasuke and Neji. Shino and Shikamaru would've argued to if it was not so troublesome. Asuma smiled.

"I thought you might say that, but if you don't, you can imagine yourself being stalked by some desperate fan girls..." said Asuma, smiling while lighting a cigarette. Sasuke and Neji's eyes widened.

"Yeah, yeah you're bluffing..." muttered Sasuke. Asuma grinned evilly.

"We've got your addresses and we're not afraid to use them," Sasuke and Neji were silent.

"Alright, get packed, we'll meet here tomorrow!" shouted Kurenai smiling.

End of Chapter