Lux woke up the next morning with a start. Some one was yelling there head off.

"Fucking bitch!" Yelled a patient. The scenario was not a huge one but Lux was awfully disturbed. She had never heard that language used in such a way. No, not in her house. Even when the time Cecilia stubbed her toe and broke it, she did not swear.

The girl who was yelling had had another girl take her by the hair and yank. "What the hell was that for!" she yelled again. Lux peered out of her room and saw that the yeller was a red head who look very disheveled.

At the bottom of the red head's pajama pants there were holes. Moreover, the hoodie she wore was stained with something blue. Of course, her hair was a mess.

"Girls… girls, what is going on here?" Mary said. Mary was one of the psych techs that worked there. She went to make the hair grabber release the yeller's hair. "Jenna you know better then to go grabbing some one else's hair."

"Its not fair … Alexis grabbed my hair first." Jenna replied. "I did not." Alexis stopped yelling for once this morning. Jenna hallucinated the whole thing where Alexis grabbed her hair but did not say so. Jenna actually hated Alexis any ways.

As his was going on Lux went back into her room and went to open her bathroom door when she discovered she could not open it. "Could some one open my bathroom?" Lux said.

Heidi came in shortly after Lux had said that. " I'll open your bathroom…" Heidi said sleepily. This was just the start of Lux's stay and what a stay it would be.