Star Wars: Jedi Samurai

Jedi Training.

A/N: Do except too mush from this okay? This is gonna be a one shot with Anakin's training as well as Obi-wons'

The Jedi Samurai are not that much defiant from the knights the only thing that is, is that the training is harder, and the skills are more advance.

I Believe that they said that it was ten years between Ep.1 and Ep.2 So you can say that this is Ep.1.5 Oh well.

Anyways Anakin and Obi-won well go though martial arts training as well.

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Jedi Samurai: Jedi Training

Chapter One: Here's Ranma Once more

Shortly after the battle of Naboo, Jedi Master Ranma Saotome, Jedi Knight Obi-won Kenobi, and Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker, are on their way to Ranmas home planet of Terra for Anakin's and Obi-won's training. Unknown to them Ranma has mix feelings about the training.

The Small craft landed at the Space port out side a city call Nerima. It was a strange small city outside a bigger city called Tokyo. When they exit the ramp a young woman about the same age as Ranma walked up to them. "Big brother your home and you bought friends." She said with an energetic voice. The young woman has red long hair tied in a pony tail. Her blue eyes shine when Ranma walked up to her and gave her a hug. "My, my your popular with the girls."

Obi-won said as he walked up to Ranma with Anakin.

"Oh, I almost forgot, Obi-won Kenobi, meet my sister Ranko Saotome. Ranko, meet Obi-won Kenobi

and our Padawan Anakin Skywalker." Ranma said to his sister. "Our? Ranma I thought Jedi can only have one master each." Ranko asked. "Well normally yes but seeing as how we both promised a Friend we would train him Master Yoda agreed that he might do better with two masters." Ranko looked at him. "But you already have more students then most." Ranko said as they started to walk away. Obi-won and Anakin followed.

"Oh that's right. You two need some clothing." Ranma had to laugh at the looks Obi-won and Anakin gave Ranma.

"See standard training clothing are heavier then the Jedi clothing and your getting looks from the people. So we'll get you some standard Terra clothing." After awhile of walking they came upon a old style looking house it looked small but once inside they clearly saw that it was bigger then it looked. "Wow. How old is this house?" Anakin asked.

"Its been in my family for generation." An older looking man, with brown hair, wearing a brown looking uniform that reminded Obi-won of jedi clothing. "Excuse me sure but are you one of the Jedi that are station here?" Obi-won asked.

"No young man, My name is Soun Tendo, and this is my house. Ranma more students?" Soun asked looking at his son-in-law. "Yes. But the small one has another teacher. Obi-won here is a Jedi Knight."

Obi-won bowed. "A Pleasure to meet you." Soun bowed back. "The Same, its an honor to meet a Jedi Knight."

Ranma placed a hand on Anakin's shoulder. "And this is Anakin Skywalker." Anakin bowed to the older man.

Soun nodded. "I only have a few rules. One Please help around the house when asked and two, Please don't destroy it."

They both nodded, and then Soun looked at Ranma. "Nabiki been looking for you its about Kasumi." Soun saw the hurt in his eyes. "I'll see her right away. Guys Akane will show you to your room Since we're Limited you two will have to share one." With that Ranma left his students.

Ranma ran up stairs and knocked on a door.

"Come in Ranma." A voice said. As Ranma walked in he saw a brown haired woman wearing shorts and a tank top, "You wanted to see me, Nabiki?" Nabiki smiled at her brother-in-law. "Yeah you know what tomorrow is right?"

She asked. "How can I forget Nabiki? Five year ago from tomorrow is when Kasumi and I was married." Ranma said.

"At least I was able to get revenge." Nabiki eyes widen. "Does that mean you..."

"I killed Uyko." A big surprise there. Ranma and Uyko was childhood friends, but then again Uyko did kill Kasumi without mercy. Not only Kasumi but their unborn child as well. "Do you think she can rest in peace now that her killer is dead?" Nabiki asked. "I hope so. Nabiki I hope so."

Down Stairs Ranko was talking with Obi-won and Anakin, she learned a lot from them about there past she even found out that Obi-won once left the order for something bigger a love life.

(A/n: Hey Im Sorry Im not sure if that the reason why Obi-won left for a short time or not tell me in a review and I'll rewrite this small part.) Ranko smiled at Obi-won. "I would have like to have meet Qui-gon, I heard stories about him and his Padawan learner." Ranko said.

Just then the front door slammed open and in walked a young woman with short blueish hair and brown eyes and a mad look on her face. "Father Did you tell Ryoga that he can't marry me?" She asked ignoring the looks from their guess.

"Yes, Akane understand he is always getting lost." Akane throw her school bag at her father hitting him in the head.

"Akane understand, I was only looking out for you. Besides Ranma's back, and you should full fill family honor and..." Soun never got the chance to finish seeing as how Akane smiled at him. " Did you say Ranma is back?" She asked and Soun smiled and ran up stairs.

"Umm what just happen?" Anakin asked. Ranko was laughing. "It's a long story Anakin."

Ranma crashed into the ground and something slammed into his back. "Ranma, your back, any news on your search for uyko?" Ranma smiled. "Yes Akane, and I got her. She's dead." Akane got off him. "Thank you Ranma, that means a lot to me." Ranma looked at her. "I did promise." Akane looked at her feet. "The wedding was called off again."

Akane said looking sad. "Im Sorry to hear that. But Ryoga is gonna be needed I have two student that I should work with after tomorrow."

Akane sighed. "More students? Ranma really you just got back I mean how imported are these guys?"

Ranma looked at Akane. "One is the chosen one and the other is destine to be a great warrior." Nabiki smiled.

"Are they hear with you? Well still need help around the house." Ranma smiled. " yeah Akane can you show them to the guess room?" He asked his sister-in-law.

"Sure, as long as there not perverts." Ranma smiled something never changed.

Back downstairs Obi-won and Anakin stood up as Akane came down.

"Sorry about that, if you will grabs your things I'll show you to the guest room." She said with a smile on her face.

When they grabbed there things Akane led them outside and to a small guest house not far from a another building.

"This is the guest house. Its small for two people like you. Seeing as how Ranma students pass their training along time ago I cant see why you shouldn't be able to use this. Meal times are always the same. So please relax and Either Ranko, Nibiki or myself will come get you. Training start the day after tomorrow." With a bow Akane left. Anakin looked at Obi-won.

"Master Obi-won how long do you think we will be training?" Obi-won looked at the young man. "Im not sure Anakin. A few years maybe more." He answered. "More like ten. Well ten for Anakin five for you Master Kenobi. "Ranma said as he walked in. "Sorry about this but all my stuff for Train is on this planet, plus its rich with life and the force."

Ranma said as he sat down. "Anakin, the life of a Jedi is hard. You can't fall in love and even if you do it must be a well kept secret life. For if your enemies ever found out about them their lives will be endanger. Do you understand?" Ranma asked.

"Yes master Saotome. I Understand." Anakin said, thinking about Queen Padme.

"Obi-won you understand that training as a Jedi Samurai will not be easy you must unlearn what you have learn and then relearn what you know." Ranma said. "Must of my student were Jedi Knights they wanted to do more, Being a Jedi Samurai is just like a Knight To Serve and protect. To trust those that are not trust worthily and to hold honor above all else."

Obi-won nodded. " Yes Master Saotome." Ranma stood up. "Then we start the first thing the day after tomorrow. With that Ranma bowed to the two and left. A moment later Ranko knocked on the guess house door, carrying several pairs of clothing. Obi-won answered the door. "Ranma told me that you would need a change of clothing. He thought the some of his might work out for the both of you." She said with a blush.

"Thank you, Ranko. Please Tell me why we would need to change?" Ranko smiled at him, she been asked this before.

"You see Terra is a simple planet, we really like to stay away from all the High tech stuff, and that's why we have simple clothing as well. Anyways Dinner will be ready soon." Then she left. Obi-won looked at Anakin. Who just shrugged his shoulders.

After a while Obi-won and Anakin Made their way to the dinning room. Obi-won was wearing a red chiness Silk shirt and black jeans and chiness slippers, while Anakin wore a long blueish chiness silk shirt with a dragon on it going around the body and his right arm, Black chiness pants and also wearing black slippers.

"Nice looks guys. Have a seat its not the best meal in the galaxy but we can still eat it." that earned him a glare from Akane. Akane was once known as the worst cook in Nerima, but over time and a little help from her sister Kasumi Akane became a better cook not as good as her sister but she was better then what she was.

The trainees looked at their sensei, then they joined the small group. Both Anakin and Obi-won looked at Ranma and saw the sadness in his eyes. "Brother, Mama is coming for a visit soon at least look happy okay?" Ranko said. Ranma looked at her. "Mama is coming? But I thought she was on a mission for the Jedi?" Ranma and Rankos' mother Nodoka Saotome was also a high member of the Jedi. A master in her own right, her padawan Xian Pu was one of Ranma's friends.

"She was already heading back, Xian Pu was happy that she will gets to see you again." Soun Stated.

"I hope she doesn't plan on thinking Im not gonna go back to the way things where Mr. Tendo." Ranma said. Soun nodded he knew full well why. "Ranma she would have want you to move on." Nabiki said. "I can't move on Nabs. I loved Kasumi with all my heart. Besides I don't have time to look for someone new. I have two knew padawan learners" Ranma said finishing up his meal.

Akane looked at Anakin. "Umm isn't he a little young to under go your training Ranma?" She asked the pigtail Jedi.

Anakin looked at Ranma. "What does Akane Mean Master Saotome?" The Young trainee asked. Ranma sighted. "Anakin, she means my sons training is harder and tougher then the basic Jedi training. You will be pushed to your limit, get hurt and then when you think you'll die, you'll be pushed even more. Then there's a risk that you may turn."

A New voice said. Everyone turned to look at a elderly looking woman with red hair, Obi-won stood up right away and bowed to her. "Ah, and this young man must be Obi-won."

Ranma Smiled. "Yes mother, this is Jedi Master Obi-won Kenobi and padawan learner Anakin Skywalker." Anakin followed Obi-won example and bowed to the aging Jedi master. "I Welcome you to Terra. I am Nodoka Soatome, and this is my padawan learner Xian Pu." at the call of her name a young woman with lavender color hair stepped foreword and bowed to both of them. "It's an honor to finally meet the famous hero of Naboo." Anakin Blushed. "Aw it was nothing really I umm kind of missed when I the firing torpedoes."

Ranma Smiled. :In other words his goofed saved to planet and thousand of lives." Anakin looked down. "Child what is the matter?" Nodoka asked Anakin. "I miss my mother Master Saotome." Nodoka looked at Ranma. " I never did like it when they took children away." Said the eldest Saotome. "Its not like that mother, you see Anakin was a slave." Then Ranma began telling the tell of what happen from what Anakin and Qui-gon Jinn had told him and Obi-won.

"Child, if you ever need a mother Im always here. But Tell me Ranma, why are you training someone so young?"

Ranma looked at his mother.

"It was a request from a dieing friend." Was all that Ranma said. "I am to train the boy as well Lady Saotome. Together we can teach him a lot about the living force and about being a Jedi. Which if im not mistaken is one of your dreams is it not Anakin?" Obi-won said. Anakin smiled. "It sure is master Obi-won." Ranma smiled at the youth. But come two days Anakin and Obi-won well learn what it means to be a specially trained Jedi.

The Sun raised was a call to wake everyone up. And as promised Obi-won and Anakin helped as much as they could around the Tendo home. Ranko and Akane also went to school at a local collage not to far from where they lived. Mrs. Saotome left early to get some food knowing her son Ranma was gonna be hungry, while training not only Obi-won and Anakin but himself as well.

Its hard to believe that just five years past Ranma was married to a beautiful woman. Kasumi was a gentle person with a caring heart, just two months after Ranma made his choice He and Kasumi was wed. soon after Kasumi announced that she and Ranma would be having a child. But fate decided something else that day as well. See Ranma was already training a few of the Jedi to better themselfs so to speak, most was just learning about the force while others where to old to being standard training, and that is were Ranma came in.

Nodoka remember the day all to well. Seeing as how her son almost turned to the dark side.

Chapter Two: A Tail from the Dark Side.

Uyko couldn't believe it when she heard the news. Ranma finally chosen a fiancé. She was sure it would be her. So she closed up shop early that evening seeing as how Ranma had called a meeting. After bathing and putting on make up and a nice blue sun dress and brushing her hair she made her way to the Tendo Dojo, how it seems that it was also a place where a warrior group called Jedi was being trained. Who ever thought that Ranma was a Jedi.

'Why be surprised he was good at learning being the best martial artist and all.' She thought. Her shock after fining out that the Jedi was a the guardians of peace though out the galaxy was a shocker in its self but Ranma had also told Uyko that she had a gift of being a Jedi herself.

When Uyko got to the Dojo Nabiki Told her to go state to the Dojo where Ranma will make an announcement of his choice. Uyko was so sure that it would be her, After all she was the cute fiancé, and she can cook well too. Unlike the others who tried to use magic and trickery she used her beauty, and not once had she hit Ranma for no reason.

'Its me I just know it me. We'll have a happy life together and as far away from here so Ranma can have a quiet live.'

Uyko thought.

Akane Sat Next to her not looking happy at all, her arms was cross and she had a sour look on her face, Next sat Xian Pu. Others followed one by one they sat as requested.

Outside the Dojo.

Ranma was waiting with Kasumi. Over the last two years she was kind to him, never once did she black mail him in anyways shape or form. Her smile brightens his day. Yes it was Kasumi who she had chosen, and she excepted with a kiss, they been dating a year now and it was time to tell everyone.

As Ranma took Kasumi hand they made there way in.

Ranma and Kasumi who held his hand to help comfort him Ranma begin to speak. " I have made up my mind. Xian Pu, Uyko Im Sorry I have chosen Kasumi." Uyko Stood up. "NO, YOU BE LONG TO ME SAOTOME." Uyko yelled out. Ranma looked at her in shock. "Im Sorry Uyko but I don't love you like you wanted me to, maybe in other life, but not in this life. Xian Pu, as you know Im not a amazon, there for you claim is also closed. Kasumi and I will be married and if any of you dear try to stop us. I will start a blood fueled in which the likes you will never see."

With that said Ranma turned to Kasumi, he saw the smile in her eyes. Then Ranma got down on one knee holding Kasumi's hand.

"Kasumi, from the first day I meet you I was in love with you. You helped me understand that I have a choice im my life, When I became a Jedi Master, you understood the duties I was expected. Kasumi well you do me the honors of being my wife?" Ranma asked.

"Oh, my Ranma of course." Smiling Kasumi held out her hand for him, Ranma Placed a ring on Kasumi's finger and Smiled. Uyko stood Up and grabbed her battle spatula, without warning she ran at Kasumi ready to kill her, Before she was able to hit her though a loud hum sounded the room and a swing later the head of the warrior landed near the owners head.

The tip of the lightsaber was pointed at Uyko's neck. The own of the Jedi weapon belong to none other then Nodoka Saotome. "My Son has made his choice. You are to leave." The Saotome Jedi Master said.

"Yes Uyko you caused enough problems. Im Surprise that Ranma hasn't turn to the dark side seeing as how You, the Kunos, and everyone else with the craziness that you put on him." Xian Pu said. She two had her lightsaber ready, incase her master needed her help.

"Be that way. But be warn Saotome I Will claim what is mine." She said before leaving. Ranma looked at her Kasumi was behind him holding on to his shirt. "I can see why you dismissed her from the order son." Ranma nodded. "To much anger and greed. I am worried though. Did you ever find that Warrior that killed those Knights?" Sadly his mom shook her head. "His tail went cold."

The rest of the day was uneventful.

It was nearly four months now. Ranma and Kasumi setting up the Dojo for the new Jedi Samurai training ground. Ranma used his powers to help rebuild the Tendo home so that his Mother Xian Pu and Ranko can move in. They kept the same style just bigger a few rooms was add as well as a nursery. Mrs. Saotome was on cloud nine ready to spoil the baby even before the baby's birth. Ranma had to smile. Who knew that they would get pregnant so early in the new married life.

It would be months before the new arrivals of the new Jedi Samurai. Ranma was hope he was ready he was after all only 17 years old, but then again who would have thought that he would marry at 17. Shaking his head and jumping out of the way of a punch was Ryoga. "Hey man how it going?" Ranma asked.

"Ranma Saotome, Prepare to die." and attacked him. " And No using the force this time." Ranma smiled something never changed. Then he jumps out of the way of another punch this one was thrown By Moouse (?)

Ranma just smiled. " Come on Master Jedi surely you can beat the both of us." The Amazon said.

While Ranma was battling or rather Sparing Ranma was too busy to see someone sneak in the house and before Ranma knew what happen. "RANMA!" Ranma Stopped what he was doing, " Kasumi!" Ranma ran as fast as he could to his wife only to find her beaten and bleeding. "Oh God Kasumi." Kneeling at her side he reached for her. "Ksumi hold on , Mousse (?) Go get Doctor Tofu he should be at his client. Ryoga Please try to found out who did this, they shouldn't be too far."

"Ranma are you sure?" Ryoga asked. "YES, please Ka-Chan hold on please." Ranma had tears in his eyes. Kasumi weakly placed her hand on Ranma cheek. "Ran, it was Uyko. She was surrounded by the dark side." Kasumi reached up. "I love you Ranma, Thank you for loving me in return." With that Kasumi Tendo Saotome Took her last breath and died in her husband arms. "Kasumi No Don't die, I love you come back to me No KASUMI!"


Nodoka and Ranko came just in time to help Ranma with his grief. They was both there. Dr. Tofu came a little too late It was later announced that the baby was also dead. Later a letter arrived that Ranma married Uyko or more family members where to be killed. Nodoka never saw her son so mad. He was close to falling to the dark side. "May I Help you Master?" Xian Pu Said with a smile. Ever seen her great grandmothers death she had looked up to Ranma and Ranko mother. Nodoka smiled. Soon Xian Pu would become a Jedi, this sadden her some, she too had thought of Xian Pu as a daughter. "Yes please. You know how hunger Ranma can get." Nodoka said.

In the dojo Ranma and Ranko was facing each other in a medicative state. But before they knew it they each attacked each other with punches and kicks. Ranma blocked as Ranko kicked to them this was a dance. And they enjoyed it very much. Soon the more advance moves was thrown still either one getting the upper hand then they stopped turn and bought out there hands. Then they strike with kendo swords. Each stirk was powerful as the last, Still they fought on.

Ranma blocked while Ranko was striking at her brother in a claiming manners. The Sibling were good in the eyes of a young boy, and a new Jedi knight. There was no anger no nothing coming form the two, only skills. Ranma was fight in the style that he was taught by Master Windu. While Ranko fought with her mothers style. It was hard to believe that Ranko trained as a Jedi but never decided to go career with it. Still Ranko helped her brother with students and even once in awhile helped her mother on missions.

Obi-won didn't believe Ranko wasn't a active member as she calmed to be. They didn't know how long it was until the two decided to end the sparing match but when they did they had a smile on their face. "Your getting better Ranko."

Her brother said. "Jerk. Im just as good as your are." Ranko said back while sticking out her tongue.

Obi-won Smiled. "While Master Ranma cant you teach me to fight like that?" Anakin said.

"All in do time Anakin." Ranma said.

Ranko smiled at Anakin. "Yeah just relax, we'll start you out with mediation exercises first. And then built from there."

The red haired young woman said. "Obi-won I'll retrain you soon while Ranko here will train Anakin, then I'll well train you both." Obi-won nodded.

After that Ranma Ranko and the two soon to be Jedi Samurai went into the Dojo.