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Chosen - Chapter 1

Samantha Carter pushed her cart casually along the aisles of the grocery store, pausing occasionally to select an item to add to the basket. After spending most of the week off world, and pretty much all the rest of it working away in her lab at the base, Sam had arrived home to find her cupboards and refrigerator in a deplorable state of emptiness.

So, after watering and chatting with her plants, Sam had hopped in her car for a trip to the grocery store. And now here she was, standing in the dairy section and trying to decide how much milk she should buy when she was scheduled to go off world again in just four days. Not much, she decided after a moment. So she grabbed one of the smaller jugs and added it to her cart.

After selecting a carton of eggs and a few other extras, Sam made her way to the checkout line. As she stood in line waiting to pay, her eyes roved aimlessly over the various magazines and tabloids on display.

"Kansas mother gives birth to baby with gills and tentacles!" one headline screamed.

Try having a Tok'ra symbiote in your head, Sam thought wryly. Or having your consciousness uploaded to a computer by an alien entity.

If those tabloid reporters only knew what was really out there...

The line moved forward and Sam began shifting her groceries from her cart to the checkout counter. A few minutes later, she had paid and was heading outside to her car, all the while oblivious to the fact that she was being watched.


The following night, Sam had just finished brushing her teeth and was about to crawl into bed when a small noise from another part of the house made her freeze. She strained her ears but heard nothing more. Quietly, she made her way to her bedroom doorway and peered out into the dark hallway. Everything was silent. She flicked on the hall light but saw nothing unusual. Just to make sure, she peered out into the main living area of her house. Still nothing.

Relaxing, she turned off the hall light again and went back into her bedroom. Just your imagination, she told herself as she climbed underneath the covers and switched off the bedside lamp. Her mind now at ease, she drifted quickly off to sleep.


Marvin Garrett stood watching his latest Chosen One sleep in the darkness. He liked doing that, watching them as they lay peacefully unaware before making his move. It was also his last way of making sure that they were right. The final step in determining whether or not their souls were worthy of the salvation he was about to bestow upon them.

He'd chosen this one because of her smile. That's how he always chose them. He'd seen this one smile at the cashier in the grocery store and had known right away that he wanted to add her soul to his collection. His collection of saved souls. So he'd followed her home and then waited. Watched and waited.

And now he was ready. Ready to take her with him, back to his workshop so he could begin the extraction, the salvation. And now he could. Having watched her sleep for several minutes now, he knew that she was pure. He could always tell by watching them sleep. It was like an instinct, something he could just sense. She was worthy.

Garrett's heart rate began to increase. Feeling the familiar, exhilarating rush of anticipation course through him, he took a step toward the bed.


Sam awoke with a start. Her eyes flew wide open and she knew immediately and with complete certainty that there was someone in the room with her. Before she had a chance to react, she felt the sharp prick of a needle in her arm while someone pushed down across her shoulders in an attempt to pin her to the bed.

Trying to kick herself free of her blankets, Sam thrashed out at her attacker. Her arm made contact with something solid and she heard a surprised grunt in the darkness. The hold on her loosened slightly, and Sam quickly rolled to the side and over the edge of the bed, taking a lamp with her as she crashed to the floor. Her heart pumping painfully in her chest, Sam tried to raise herself up on her hands and knees, but her limbs were slow and heavy, and her head was spinning viciously.

She was almost to her knees when something hard smashed down in the centre of her back, knocking her flat out onto the floor once again. With a yell of rage and fear she reached out and grabbed hold of a leg. She yanked hard at it, but as she was struck once more in the back, she let out a cry of pain and lost her grip.

Although the very Earth seemed to be spinning beneath her, Sam tried to roll over, but the next thing she knew, a needle was stuck sharply into her arm again. She continued to struggle, kicking out with her legs and trying to wrench herself free from her unknown captor's grasp, but it was only seconds before her body succumbed to the drugs now flowing through her bloodstream and she was swallowed up by nothingness.