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Summery: "Please just do it for me. I'm begging you, Marth. I will suffer for all eternity...I'll be in pain forever. But I don't want Lilina...my love, my best friend, to suffer like me."

End of Thought

I looked over at my wife, Lilina, while I pulled on my bangs hanging in front of my eyes. She was fussing over which type of cake she should make; Peach, Zelda and Daisy were with her in the kitchen also, debating amongst themselves.

These three, Mario, Luigi, Young Link, Link and I were the only ones here so far for the reunion.

I got up from my chair I was sitting on and stretched.

"Hey Marth. Long time no see." Someone greeted behind me.

I turned around and smiled down at Ness. "Yeah, hey, what's up?"

He shrugged and brought out a small, blue book from his backpack. He then threw it at me.

"'Eyes of sorrow?' What's this about?" I turned the book around glanced at the back.

"It's about Roy." He said, reaching out for it. "It's a hit-seller back at my town." I handed it back to him as I began to feel that gut-retching sensation in me whenever 'Roy' was mentioned.

"Ah, Sir Ness!" Lilina walked over and stuck out her hand. She had on her normal blue dress she'd worn the first day we met.

Ness shook her hand and pointed behind him. "Pikachu, Kirby and the rest should be here within an hour." He then walked away, probably going to steal some of the cookies Peach had baked.

Link came over to us with, apple in hand. "We're all going to be together once again. Well, not all of us...but..." He glanced over at me and then looked off somewhere else.

Lilina frowned, "I better...go and help Zelda and Peach." She turned and left.

"So Marth, how have you been holding up?"

"I'm pretty good. It feels great to rule a country again."

Link moved forward and placed a hand on my shoulder. "Have you been thinking about him a lot?" He asked me seriously, finishing the green apple.

I brushed his hand off me and turned around. "I don't want to talk about it." I murmured, rubbing my forehead. "I'm gonna head upstairs, okay?"

"Sorry..." I heard Link mummer as he walked out of the living room.

I made my way to the second floor and went past my room, only stopping when I reached Roy's. I let out a sigh, placing my hand on the doorknob. Twisting it, I walked inside, squinting as the golden rays from the sun filtered into the musty room. I opened the window, pulling the blind down slightly.

I placed myself on Roy's bed and laid down, taking my boots off in the process. I put my head on his pillow--that was in the same place it had been when he was alive--and closed my eyes.

I groaned, turning my body to face the left. Why had I been so cruel? Why had I hurt him? ...I never thought I would miss him this much; so much that I feel myself tearing up whenever there's a mention of his name.

I opened my eyes slightly, sighing. I wanted to embrace that stupid general; hold him just once. Ruffle that messy red hair of his, run my fingers through it...

I still can't believe all those cruel things I did to him. My eyes narrowed; I still had feelings for him. And I know Lilina did also, even though she never said anything.

As I yawned, my eyes began to close again. Man, was I tired. It had taken me and Lilina 3 whole days to travel here to the mansion. With one last sigh, I drifted off to sleep...

I fell into a dark place...


So dark and cold...I shivered.

"Marth. Please wake up."

Such a familiar voice...I've heard it before...

"Marth, get your ass up!"

My eyes snapped opened. Of course I knew that voice! I sat up and looked around. It was dark...really dark; I couldn't see anything.

"Marth, you idiot, I'm right here..."

I turned around slowly (a bit over dramatic), and saw the red-haired teenager staring at me with those listless eyes. "Roy?"

"The one and only..." He sighed.

I jumped to my feet, flew at him and gave him a hug. "Is this a dream? I can't believe it..."

"Believe it." He muttered.

My eyes scanned the area around us. Dark, musty...a black void. You couldn't see a thing. But I could really care less; Roy was back! Or, at least he was here...

I moved my face down and tried to give him a kiss, but he pulled back, "Marth, stop." Roy then took a step back and clenched his fists at his sides. And I could almost see his eyes filling with tears...

I placed my hand under his chin and made him look at me. "Roy, I still..."

He moved further back and looked away, "Stop it. Don't say anything. You have her...you have Lilina."

I grabbed his arm. "But I still love you. I still need you..."

He glared at me, "What's wrong with you? I can't believe you would...you're supposed to keep her happy. I know what's been happening..." Tears began streaming down his cheeks.

I pulled him closer to me, "Don't cry...please, I hate it when you cry."

"Then don't do this to her; don't do this to me. I'm begging you. I...want to her to be happy." Roy got out of my grasp and dropped to his knees. "I'm still suffering. I was a fool, thinking that death would end it all. I never found my father. And I want to see him so badly. But he went to a different place than I did. I stay here all by myself, with only my cruel thoughts as comfort. This place, it's endless; it has no end, no beginning. I..."

Roy glanced up at me, smiling sadly, "Please Marth...do this for me. I want...something to lessen my pain. Please."

Still suffering? Even in a place like this, after death? I kneeled down in front of him, "Roy, why did you do this to yourself?"

Roy closed his eyes slightly, but said nothing.


"Please just do it for me. I'm begging you, Marth. I will suffer for all eternity...I'll be in pain forever. But I don't want Lilina...my love, my best friend, to suffer like me."

I put my hands on his shoulder. "But I don't want you to suffer anymore...what if I kill-"

Roy closed his eyes and sighed. "You idiot. Don't say that, don't think about that. That'll just hurt even more. You love me, right Marth? Then please...keep her happy. I-I have ta' get going..."

"But, will I ever see you again?"

"No, never. This black nothingness has no end, no beginning. You'll never see me again..."

I moved forward, and tried to kiss him again. And this time, he didn't pull back. But it felt weird, as if I was kissing...


My eyes opened a little--he was still there. So why can't I feel his lips? Why can't I feel anything?

I broke the kiss and gave him one final hug. "I'll miss you Roy..."

He stood up, and smiled down at me. "At least I got to see you again, man." His smile faded. "I-I love you too, Marth. Despite all those horrible things I said when I was alive." He leaned down, kissed my cheek, and began to walk away.

I watched him...his body being engulfed into the dark abyss.

And all I could do now was cry...

...and cry...

My eyes flew open as I felt someone nudging my shoulder.

"Marth! Everyone's here. They're all waiting for you..." Lilina whispered.

I got up and looked around. The sun was setting outside, the sky was reddish-orange...it was evening.

"Roy..." I whispered, my heart beating faster. I would never see him again...even when I died.

"What's wrong, honey?"

I looked over at my wife; Roy wanted me to make her happy...and I would do anything he says...

I grabbed her and began to tickle her. "Nothing Lilina. I was just thinking how cute you look when you're worried."

She giggled and slapped me playfully on the shoulder, "You loser! C'mon, the cake is ready." She pulled me out of Roy's room and down the stairs to the living room.

Everyone was there; they were all here. I made my way over to my group of friends, smirked and wacked Link's back playfully. "Look at that cake." I screamed, frightening the blond elf. But he soon calmed down, and laughed along with me.

Lilina was with Zelda, talking about their hair and whatnot, and I couldn't help but smile. She looked so happy; she didn't show how depressed she was about...her friend's death...

And I loved seeing her happy, too. I shouldn't worry her...I should be happy, just the way he wanted it.

Link nudged my side. "Marth! Ness, Young Link, Kirby, Popo and I wanna do a panty raid later on. Wanna join?"

"Do I?" I said back in a nerdy voice; we all grinned. But I was quite frightened over the look Kirby was giving...of all people. Who would've guessed that he was a perv.

I drew back from the group, took my slice of cake and went outside. The sun had already set, and now the sky was black...

...as black as the place Roy was in.

But here, at least there were stars to dot the sky.

Roy, it's a shame you can't be here with me to share this moment.

I heard someone open the screen door, and I knew it was Lilina. "Marth? What are you doing out here?"

Should I tell her? I contemplated over this for a few seconds.

Lilina sat next to me, on a wooden bench that I was on. "It's such a beautiful night." She murmured, moving closer to me.

I snuggled up to her too, since the night was bitter cold. "Lilina..."

Her eyes met mine...

Her beautiful blue eyes...

Roy's eyes...


"I-I just wanted to tell you..."

Roy's plea flashed through my mind: 'You love me, right Marth? Then please...keep her happy'.

"...that I love you."

She grinned and nodded. "I love you too..." We both let out a long sigh, and stared at the full moon that hung in the sky, casting its white rays over the forest...

Everything was peaceful...

"...I'll miss you, Roy..." I muttered, but Lilina didn't catch it.

I could almost swear I heard him answer back: I'll miss you too, Marth. But that was just wishful thinking.

But I was already drifting to sleep, over Lilina's already resting body...

Roy's POV

And I'll love you...forever...

I say to myself.



I can't take it anymore. I hate this. But I'll suffer forever...For all eternity...

This was what I choose...this was my destiny...