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Chapter 7

I swear my heart stopped beating for about a minute. Did I just hear what I think I did?

I raised my head, disturbing the fingers that were playing with my hair a few seconds ago. Without a moment hesitation, I quickly turned around, causing that annoying, creaking sound from the floorboards to happen.

But I really could have cared less, once I saw who was in front of me. It was like a vision out of one of those old picture books my mother and father used to read to me.

"Roy...?" I let out, but it was almost inaudible.

"The one and only!" He all but yelled back, putting his arms out.

'The one and only.' That's what he always said. Was this really him? I knew my mouth was probably hanging open right now, but I couldn't help it. I blinked a couple of times, was this really my master? The one who had died...killed himself...was this really him standing in front of me?

"Wolt...what's wrong?" He asked, moving closer

"Master...master...is that really you?" I said, pressing myself against the railing. A look of hurt flickered on his face, before it was quickly replaced with a smile.

"It's hard to believe, isn't it? I've been given a second chance," He stopped, staring down at his boots. "All thanks to Saint Elimine...of course." Roy put his head to one side, giving me an eerie look. "What do you think I am, Wolt? An evil spirit?"

I just kept gazing at him, still in awe. The sun already begun setting and that was what was worrying me. What if this...Roy was really an imitation? And once night fell, it would turn into some hideous creature, quite opposite of the angel standing in front of me right now?

"Wolt," His deep voice broke me out of my reverie.


Letting out a sharp laugh, Roy closed his eyes slightly. "You think I'm not Roy, yet you call me 'master' once I say your name. You are a strange one, my friend."

I bit my lip. That stopped me from replying. 'My friend.' A quick image of Marth flashed through my mind. He had said he'd been loved Roy too, right?

And now, he was back. Back from the dead...and Marth was still here. And Lilina...and me. And Roy. And us...we loved him.

"Wolt." Ignoring the stern call, I began to think. He was mine, and I was his.

Another image of me kissing Marth came into my mind.

I grunted, slowly looking up at my childhood friend. I would have to take him back...from those two? My mood turned foul.

"Wolt, answer me already."

With a little hesitation, I took Roy's left hand in mine. Bitting my lip again, I stared into his eyes.

Besides the somewhat frightened look in them, they looked exactly as they were when he left me.


"Y-yeah?" Came the stunned reply.

"You're mine, okay?"


"Not 'I guess'. You are mine, all right? I won't let anyone else take you away from me again."

Bewildered, Roy raised an eyebrow. "Wolt, what the hell-" I pulled him closer to me, not allowing him to finish what he had to say. I quickly placed my mouth on his, silencing him instantly.

I wonder...how long they've loved each other. That thought worried me.

I tugged at his shirt, which was the same brown one he usually wore, only a tad faded. "Come on, Lord Roy." I whispered, slowly pulling him past the kitchen.

"Wolt," Came his hushed reply. "I told you not to call me that. Besides, I'm no longer the ruler of the Lycia League. You got that?"

I shrugged, throwing him a teasing smile. The look he gave me back was absolutely hilarious. He hadn't stuck his tongue out to me since we were kids.

We weren't making a lot of noise, save the soft sound of Roy's boots hitting the ground.

"Where are they?" He asked me, shuffling closer.

"Th...they're watching some show called Narufo or something."

We both gave each other odd looks, but we quickly dismissed it.

I had to get Roy upstairs as soon as possible. I could only imagine what everyone else would be like, seeing him again.

My mind wandered off on that thought, but I was drawn back to reality when he gave me a hard shove. "Come on!" He hissed.

We were closing in on the stairs, when both of us heard someone coming out of the living room. Roy, giving me a fleeting look, quickly rushed up the steps, taking two at a time.

"Great..." I muttered, turning around. "This really sucks..."

"Believe it, believe it, believe it. Is that all that brat can say?...Oh, hello Wolt." Peach stared down at me.

"Hello. Enjoying the show?"

"I thought I heard someone running upstairs. Was it Marth? Or Lilina?"

"You heard nothing, nothing at all."

"Alright...I'll believe that."


I was relieved that Peach wasn't acting like her old, bitchy self. I was hidden behind the stairway banister, listening to Wolt reply her questions. Hearing his voice made me crack a smile, he's so different now!

Hmm...then again, it has been a long time.

I sighed, bowing my head and sitting on my knees. My fingers followed the marks on the wooden floor as I remembered all the things that had happened here.

Then I began to think about that place I was in, not too long ago. The thought made me shiver a little, and everything felt so different.

At least I could tell up from down...left from right.

When I finally realized where I was again, I noticed Wolt squatting in down in front of me.

"Roy, what's up? You spaced out for a while there."

"You...just called me Roy!" I couldn't help being surprised by that.

A large grin played on his face, "Like it?" He grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet. "Let's go see Marth and Lilina." There was something mean in his voice, which confused me.

Hadn't I seen them kissing a few hours before?

"Here we are." With a quick knock on the door, Wolt pushed it open, keeping that sour look on his face. "Master Marth...?"

I peeped in over Wolt's shoulder, getting a quick glimpse of Marth. I would have had a smile on my face, but it faded once I stared behind him.

He was sitting on the bed, and she was laying behind him, underneath the covers.

Lilina, her face was completely red. Her eyes were closed, but I could see that her cheeks were stained with tears.

"Hey..." Wolt murmured, dragging me inside. "Look who's-"

"Lilina..." Marth said in a low tone. His hands were covering his face, and he was staring downwards. "She's sleeping right now. You shouldn't talk too loudly..."

Wolt gave him a confused look, but I couldn't blame him. Stepping inside and closing the door, I sighed. Marth didn't make an attempt to look upwards.

"Lilina? Marth..."

At the sound of my voice, Marth slowly raised his head. "Roy?" He whispered, sounding like a little kid.

I went to my knees, giving him a sunny smile as I stared at his face. "That's me." I whispered, closing my eyes.

I heard Wolt shuffle past me, probably to get a good look at Lilina. He stopped, and in a quavering voice, said, "She's alright, right?"

But Marth didn't seem to hear anything. "Roy..."

"Me again!"

"You...you're back!" As Marth said that, he began poking my arm and pulling my cheeks. "You're here! Alive! This isn't a dream, right?"

I opened my eyes a bit, gazing at him. I grinned madly, "Well, there is one way you can find out." The look on his face was priceless. Just like Wolt's had been.

Marth blinked a couple of times, but didn't reply. Maybe he was just in too much awe.

"In a dream, when something good's about to happen, you always wake up. Right?"

A dumbfounded nod.

My grin widened, if it was even possible. "Kiss me, and then you'll see."

"Kiss him, before I do." Wolt muttered, still fixing his eyes on Lilina's sleeping form.

Wolt's tone must have broken Marth out of his daydream, because his eyes, which were lifeless before, quickly became lively. And without a moment's hesitation, he leaned forward, and gave me what I had asked for.

My body sagged out of pure bliss, but from the corner of my eyes, I saw Wolt's face turn completely foul. But as Marth pulled away, with his eyes lame, his face went back to normal.

"You're really here...Roy."

"The one and only."