Full Time Bakageta

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Of all the ways to go! He'd had hundreds of chances to die when he fought off Hollows but no, he gets taken out by some drunken asshole in a Mini Cooper. A fucking Mini Cooper. At least he left a dent in the damn thing that would cost thousands to fix; if he was lucky the radiator might even be busted.

Ichigo glanced down at his watch. Shit! 7:08 PM. He was screwed. He sped up his already fast pace. If Rukia had been here she would be struggling even more than was usual to keep pace with his lengthening strides.

Ichigo glared at the unconscious drunken man in the drivers seat. The jerk had passed out at the wheel and still hadn't woken up from his slumber, whether it was now induced by alcohol or injuries. However, it made sense, he'd been beaten back against the seat by the airbag. Ichigo heaved a sigh and went to find Rukia. She was, he admitted to himself, the only person (other than Geta-Boushin, but Ichigo didn't have the patience to deal with him right now) that might be able to help him out of him current situation.

But she wasn't. Their paths had already split, Rukia taking the route that would get her to the back of his house, up through his window, and into the dim safety of his closet. If only he had it so easy.

With a last look around the scene he hefted Zangetsu to his shoulder and leapt up into the power lines, leaping from pole to pole.

It was 7:09 when he reached the last intersection before the clinic. There weren't any cars though, it being dinnertime everyone had already gone home, and the light was even in his favor. But, unless there had been an accident, this intersection in particular was only busy in the morning, so Ichigo wasn't particularly concerned about crossing.

Ichigo didn't want to think about what would happen if someone found his lifeless body before he reached Rukia and moved it. His family was his foremost worry, he didn't know if they could take the death of another family member or not. He couldn't get back into his body, he had tried, and he was still too shocked to think how he would solve this particular problem.

He made it halfway across the street before he heard the screeching tires. Ichigo turned in time to see the tiny car careening madly from side to side; he would have laughed had it not been heading straight for him. His legs wouldn't move, so he stood waiting like a deer caught in sights of some huge predator. But it wasn't huge and it wasn't a predator. It was a Mini Cooper.

He slid open the window to his room, he had long since stopped locking it. He walked across his room and opened her closet.

"CHLOTHES PINS!" Ichigo shouted as he woke up and sat bolt upright simultaneously. What had he been dreaming about? Regardless, he had probably woken Rukia, as well as everyone in the house.

"Oi, Rukia," He said half asleep, "Sorry 'bout that."

When she didn't answer, Ichigo dragged himself out of bed and trudged to the closet. He told himself he wasn't concerned for her, he was just insuring that she wouldn't kick him when they woke for school, but part of him knew that was a lie.

"Oi, Bitch!" Ichigo said a little more forcefully, " I said I was sorry for waking you… up…"

He stared blankly at the interior of his empty closet. Then he remembered. Rukia had been forcefully taken back to Soul Society. And he had just finished his ten days of training with Urahara.