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(Danny's P.O.V.)

Its been 3 months since little Max and Seth were born. Even though the ghost battle has only gotten worse, ever since the twins were born, things haven't seemed that bad. Okay, so maybe that's a slightly untrue, but for the most part, where we've been, it hasn't been too bad. Since about 2 months before the twins were born, we'd been at Stephaine's house. Now, Stephaine was in as much danger as we were, if not more because she was working on hiding us.

So, the ghosts were after all of us, but they were especially after Stephaine because she was making their job of getting us harder. Lil' Danny, being the 7 year old he is, didn't want to be called Lil' anymore, he wanted to be called Jr. Danny. And to make it more funny, he didn't even want it to be Danny Jr., only Jr. Danny. As for what I called him, he wanted it to be Jr. Me. But he would let his sisters call him Jr.

The kids had grown so much and had gotten more powerful. I had gotten the ability to multiply and so had the kids. The kids now had all of my powers. Sam and I often wondered if the twins would have powers. But the kids had hope that they would. We often made more of an effort to see our parents, espicially since Jazz got married and had a little girl she named Katie.

We were just ready to leave for home after a visit with our family, when, one of the ghost guards spotted us. He stared down at us and then turned to another guard and instructed him to go get more guards. I took this moment to tell Sam, "Run, take the babies and run for our house." She started to object, but when she saw about 4 other ghosts come, she grabbed the twins, and quickly ran away.

"By orders of Vlad Plasmius, you are ordered to turn yourself in!" the first ghost said.

"Never, we are not going down with out a fight!" Stephaine said, then added, "Going Ghost!"

"Going Ghost!" the kids and I said.

"Ha, your pathetic attempts to stop us will do no good, in just an hour Vlad himself will be here to take you." another ghost said.

The kids looked to me to see what to do, and Super Spectra and I signaled for them to do nothing yet. If we could some how avoid fighting, we might be able to get away so we could still get stronger. But things were looking more and more like the time had come for us to fight. We watched as more ghost appeared, and were getting a bit worried about what would happen.

But, then, out of no where, Valerie appeared, saying, "You leave my friend alone!"

Is she talking about me? I looked over at Super Spectra told me that she was friends with her.

Super Spectra came over and said, "Look, I may be her friend, but she's distraction enough, lets get out of here."

"Jr. Me, Chris, Brittney, come, follow us." I said.

As we flew off, I couldn't help but wonder, why at first Super Spectra seemed like she was going to fight, but then stopped. We went back to my house and found Sam and the babies hiding in a closet.

"Why are you in the closet mommy?" Crystal asked.

"Becuase, a ghost saw me run home and he came inside and I hid in the closet, and he left" Sam said.

"Well, at least your okay, but now, we need to leave." Stephaine said.

"To where? They know about all of our hiding places." Sam said.

"Dad, how can we hide if we have Max and Seth, they cry a lot." Jr. Danny said.

"I don't know, but Stephaine, why don't we just fight them?" I said as I took Seth from Sam.

"Look, I knew some how, we'd get out with out fight with them that time, but it was a gut reaction that drove me to act like I was going to fight." she explained.

"Oh, okay, but now what do we do?" I asked.

"Well, we have to hid somewhere, but where would we go?" Brittney said.

We all thought for a moment. Then it all occured to me, Stephaine wasn't who Vlad was really after, it was me and the kids, she could go back to her normal life and just hid us. I told the others, and they agreed it was a good plan. So, Stephaine went back to her house, while we went to hid in any place we could find.

The only place we could find was in a hotel room.

Oh, well, it'll do for now.

Because Vlad didn't really want Sam, we'd send her out to get whatever we needed. No ghosts ever went after, they just let her pass.

Well, things are going good, but I wonder how much longer Stephaine will keep holding off our offensive attack on them.

I heard some strange noise down in the loby one morning, and when I went down to look, I saw that none other than Vlad was checking into the hotel. I ran back to the room and told Sam that we had to get out of the hotel that moment. As she packed up what few things we had, I went back to see what Vlad was up to. I saw him drop a strange package into a vase of flowers, and quickly leave the hotel.

I flew down to see what it was. It was a bomb! And we only had 15 seconds to get out! I flew as fast as I could back to our room and grabed Sam and the babies and told the kids to go intangible. They did as I said right as it exploded, just saving their lives. The hotel was now in ruins. Stephaine soon apeared.

"Look, I know you hiding place has just been blown to bits, but just hide under the rubble, here I'll help you fix it so you can hid there." she said.

"Why hid here?" Crystal said.

"Because, if Vlad thinks that there is a chance that you lived, then he'll watch to see where you hide next, but if you stay here, than for a while, you are safer."

"Oh, I guess that makes sense." I said, "But, when will we fight back, we can't avoid them forever."

"Look, they are only threatening you and me, we can guard ourselves, but we sould avoid a fight if possible, only when they threaten humans will we strike back." Stephaine said.

"But what if they never threaten humans?" Brittney said.

"And what if pink aliens invade earth, look, I know Vlad well enough to know, that he will eventually threaten humans if he can't get you for long enough." Stephaine said.

I don't like how things are going, but I'll trust Stephaine for the time being, after all, for all I know, she could be part of Vlad's plan. I mean, sure I've known her for a long time, but what if Vlad has had this planned since before we met her, and everything we did with her was also his plan.

We made the hotel up so we could hide under it, but so it still looked like it was damaged. Then Stephaine went home, and I told Sam what I thought about the situation.

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