I Got That Man

The next morning Sam walked into her lab to find a pair of bright pink high-heeled sandals sitting on her desk. As she looked closer she noticed an envelope next to them. Her breath quickened as she recognised the writing to be Jacks. Her hands trembled as she tore it open and began to the letter.

Dear Sam,

I'm not Harry Dean but I want to dance with you,

I want to drive you through Texas in a black limousine,

I want to be your piece of heaven.

Wear your pink high heels and I'll take you on a Ferris Wheel,

Everything that's mine is yours,

Your mine queen of the USA,

I'll send you roses every day,

I want to be your piece of heaven.

I want to kiss you from head to toe,

I want to shower you with love,

I want to be king of all your dreams,

I want to be your piece of heaven.

Love Jack

Sam's hands were shaking as she re-read the letter to make sure she wasn't dreaming. She turned sharply when she heard a noise, and found Jack leaning against the doorframe, rose in hand.

"Sir… wha… but you…" She couldn't form a coherent sentence.

"It's Jack. Like I said, a rose everyday." He held out the rose, and for the first time Sam noticed that he wasn't quite sure of himself.

"But you left…"

"Well, shoe shops aren't open till all hours ya know!" Jack scratched the back of his neck. "Look Sam I… oh crap. You read the letter? Well…" Somehow Jack didn't quite know how to say it. "Screw this." And with that he grabbed Sam and pulled her into such a passionate kiss that Sam swore her heart rate shot off the scale.

" I love you…" She murmured when they parted.

"Good, because you're stuck with me." Jack hugged Sam tightly, not believing his good luck.


The end! It's a bit out of character, on Jack's behalf, but well aren't all stories a bit out of character? Anyway, review please! I love feedback. :)