Title: The New Order
Author: Mistress Nika
Rating: PG-13 (because I can never keep it completely clean)
Summary: Before his sixth year, Harry is rescued from the Dursleys by someone he does not expect. He is then swept into a world of magic where Light and Dark are not always Good and Evil. The Crimson Order, led by the mysterious Mage Queen, have taken it upon themselves to teach Harry to not only be powerful, but to be the leader the wizarding world needs.
Warnings: OOCness, OC's (only supporting the HP cast), slash, passing twincest, bad language, PowerfulHarry, DarkButNotEvilHarry, possible hints of sex and dirty jokes, BastardRon, ManipulativeDumbledore
Couples: Harry/Draco, Fred/George, Sirius/Remus, Lucius/Severus
I appologize for the long wait and short chapter. There's nothing like having your work called disgusting filth promoting pedophila and bestiality to deflate your ego. Suffice to say, I didn't want to write at all for a while there. Normally, insults like that don't effect me. However, when it comes from what I might consider otherwise intelligent people, it can be a bit disappointing.As for this story, I've done a bit of altering of the plot, though nothing major. I did, however, decide who to pair Harry with...finally.
Chapter Five:
Harry awoke to soft but insistent knocking on his door. Throwing out his hand in the darkness, he groped for his glasses on the night stand and when he connected, slid them on. In the pitch black of his room, his body insisted it was still night and that he should go back to sleep. His brain, however, managed to convince his body that as they were underground, it could be noon for all he knew.

Grabbing his wand from under his pillow, he muttered, "Tempus" groggily. Glowing numbers informed him it was just after six.

In an effort to make the annoying pounding stop, he called out, "Yeah?"

The door opened to admit a smiling Percy, dim light falling into the room from the corridor behind him. With a wave of his hand, the red haired Wizard lit the wall mounted crystal globes, illuminating the room.

"Rise and shine." he chirped happily.

Harry just flopped bonelessly back onto his bed. Oh, how he hated morning people.

"You'll get used to the time difference pretty quickly." Percy continued, blissfully unaware of the dark cloud looming over him compliments of a groggy Harry. "Well, either that or you'll have a nervous breakdown. The time here's not really that different from what you're used to though. Only a few hours. You should be fine in a couple days."

"Silencio." Harry shot absently in a daze, hoping for just ten more minutes of sleep. He was therefore surprised when Percy merely held out a hand and caught the spell, stopping it effortlessly.

"Come on now," Percy continued on as if nothing odd had happened. "If we hurry we can beat most of the students to breakfast. It's absolute chaos around eight, since regular classes start at eight thirty."

Reaching into a pocket, he pulled out a package wrapped in plain brown paper and tossed it onto the bed next to Harry who had sat up. "I brought you some clothes since I figured all you'd have are Muggle ones and your school robes. There's a headband in there too. Can't have people recognizing you now, can we?" he finished with a smile.

"Um, thanks." Harry muttered, picking up the package and standing. "Percy?"

"Yes, Harry?"

"You caught my spell in your hand." he said simply, staring at the other Wizard in confusion.

Percy grinned widely, causing Harry to blink at him. If he had still been a bit reluctant about the whole staying and training thing before, he wasn't now. His innate curiosity wouldn't allow him to just leave without finding out exactly how Percy had done that and if he could learn to do it as well.

"Just a simple trick." Percy said casually. "Don't tell Fred and George this, but I admit I'm not the most powerful of Mages. It helps, of course, that you were half asleep when you cast it."

With a shrug, he turned back to the door. "I have to meet with my master this morning. Get dressed and I'll be back in twenty minutes. There's a bathroom through that door."

"What door?" Harry asked in confusion, glancing around at the bare stone walls.

Percy smirked rather wickedly, waved his hand at the right wall and a wooden door appeared. "That door. If you leave any clothes in there, they'll get washed and returned to your room. I wouldn't though. They can sometimes return in pieces." He then left quickly.

Harry stared first at the door Percy left through and then at the unassuming door that hadn't been there before. He suddenly felt like a muggleborn first year getting their first taste of magic. It hadn't escaped his notice either that he had not seen Percy use his wand once since he had arrived.

Storing this away to inquire about later, he walked to the new door and opened it. Inside he found a simple bathroom made of the same carved tan stone the rest of the caves seemed to be. A bath and shower sat to one side, a toilet and sink to the other. A single shelf ran the far wall at about shoulder height and was filled with various labeled bottles of varying hues of tan, red and brown.

'They're very into earth tones,' he thought as he stripped out of his pajamas.

He showered quickly and dried off with one of the soft white towels provided, wrapping another about his waist, and returned to his room. Once through, the bathroom door disappeared. Walking to the desk where he'd left the package from Percy, he opened it and pulled out a bundle of clothes.

"More earth tones." he muttered as he examined the brown cloak.

On top of the bundle was something that stood out sharply against the simple brown clothing; a mirror pendant. Silver ivy encircled the polished black surface hanging from a sturdy silver chain. For some reason, he felt drawn to it. He couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from that unreflective surface. A strange, pleasant, almost musical tone filled his ears, growing louder as he reached out a hand and picked it up. The metal was slightly warm against the flesh of his palm and pulsed gently. Staring into the black mirror, he could swear there was something moving inside. The longer he stared, the clearer it became. A calm swirling of gray fog gave way to black storm clouds and what could have been a darkened mountain peak. Black lightning flashed and something glittered invitingly against that dark landscape. There was that musical tone again and he realized it wasn't from the pendant, but from the glimmer of purple light that seemed to call to him.

Unbeknownst to him, Harry's eyes had long since lost their green. Reflected in his eyes was the shadowy world within the mirror, the dark lightning and that enticing flash of something forbidden, something that was calling to him with an irresistible attraction. Raising his left hand, his fingers traced the silver ivy, moving closer to the black surface that seemed to him to be a doorway created solely for his use. He was special. He was chosen. It belonged to him. It was his.

Hedwig let out a loud, disgruntled hoot, drawing Harry out of some unknown trance. His eyes quickly became clear and he looked at her questioningly. She gave an irritated head bob from her cage and Harry let out an "Oh!" of understanding. Dropping the strange pendant, forgotten, back onto the pile of clothes, he rushed to feed her before she took her extended hunger out on him.

Grabbing underwear and socks from his trunk which he'd enlarged last night, he went about hurriedly dressing. He slid on the loose brown shirt provided, fumbling for a moment when he got his ear caught in the leather ties at the top, then turned to the brown leather pants and pulled them on as well. As he grabbed the cloak, a pair of shrunken boots fell out of the folds. Picking them up, he enlarged them and put them on as well. They came to mid leg, so he followed his instincts and laced them up tight over his pants. Throwing on the cloak and tying the strip of brown cloth over his forehead, making certain it covered his entire scar, he threw the pendant on, allowing it to dangle innocently against his chest just as another knock came at his door.

Harry, now fully awake, greeted Percy this time with a much improved attitude. When he inquired if the clothes were adequate, Harry replied amusedly, "I feel like an adventurer in a Muggle fantasy novel."

Percy chuckled and informed him as he led him out of the room and down the stone corridors that it was considered uniform for students, though not enforced. They passed very few and those they did encounter didn't bother to spare them even a sideways glance. Harry quickened his pace, staying close to the red haired Wizard as he noticed that each of those they passed wore armor and carried some form of weapon.

When Harry inquired, Percy explained, "Talara is currently playing host to the Antarus military. They've been allies of the Veil for a long time and when they were attacked, I'm not sure by who, they were granted use of Talara as a temporary base. Supposedly they're assembling their forces for an all out assault, but it's common knowledge that they were driven from their own base and are just hiding here to lick their wounds. Most of them are not the most pleasant of company, but they've stayed well out of the way so far. Ah, here we are. The commissary or dining hall."

Looking around, Harry noticed they were in an extremely large, open room with a high ceiling filled with long wooden tabled and benches. Against one wall, away from the traffic of the tables, were several archways leading to what may have been a kitchen. The smell of various foods was overwhelming and caused Harry's stomach to growl, reminding him that he hadn't eaten dinner yesterday. Small clusters of people dotted the tables. Some had their heads together talking animatedly over their breakfast. Some reminded him of studious Ravenclaws, with books out and eating absently. A fair few appeared to be half awake teenagers. Here and there solitary people sat, eating quickly in silence and paying no attention to anyone around them. All in all, the hall appeared to be less than a quarter full, but then it was still early.

Harry was pulled out of his inspection by an exasperated exclamation from Percy of, "Oh for Merlin's sake! Mouse!"

Looking at the redhead confusedly, Harry gave a pretty good imitation of one of Malfoy's goons. "Huh?"

"Wait here." Percy ordered absently and began stalking towards one of the tables, specifically one that held what appeared to be a young, pink haired girl asleep face first in her plate. Several people watched in amusement as Percy picked up the girl's abandoned cup and upended it over her head, drenching her in yellow liquid.

The girl came awake with a surprised squeak. Red eyes narrowed at Percy in anger, although the bits of food clinging to her cheek and yellow liquid dripping from her nose ruined the effect. She and Percy exchanged a few heated words before she picked up a large piece of bread, threw it at him and walked out in a huff.

Percy just shook his head and walked back over to Harry. Seeing his curious confusion, he explained, "Mouse. She's always doing that."

Harry just nodded absently, as if that explained everything, and followed Percy to an empty spot at a table. He didn't think it was any of his business, even if he had noticed a tail as the girl walked away. Percy left him there momentarily, returning a few minutes later from the kitchen with two trays. He placed one in front of Harry and sat down.

"They cook for each individual race, so I got you pumpkin juice and a salad. You don't want to eat anything substantial before the Trial. I did and let me tell you, it wasn't pleasant."

"Trial?" Harry asked through a mouthful. "Am I in some kind of trouble?"

"No." Percy responded, eating his food with precision. "The Trial is just what everyone goes through when they first arrive. You get a new name and a familiar. The name is like a code name, since there are some people here, like yourself, who could be recognized and we tend to work best in anonymity. The familiar basically acts as an amplifier for magic so nonmagical people can still use it. It would be like a Squib using a one-time-use wand, only their familiar continuously recharges them. The more predatory familiars also act as protectors for their master, but most people get something less than intimidating. Like me."

With a flip of his hand, a small red bird appeared without a sound and perched on the table between the two. It watched Harry intensely for a moment before apparently deeming him trustworthy, then began picking at Percy's plate.

"Her name is Carrie." he continued, stroking the bird affectionately as it sang happily at him. "Honestly, having a familiar is more of a tradition nowadays, than a practical application. Anyway, your Order name usually has something to do with your familiar. That's why they're chosen at the same time. People don't usually use someone's real name in public around here, even if they're best friends. You never know who could be listening, so it's best to stick to Order names. Mine's Red Bird or Red for short, and if you make a joke I will seriously injure you."

Harry bit his tongue and held back the multiple responses involving birds and hair, instead settling on a cheeky grin. Percy just said, "Yeah, let's see how long you think it's funny. I bet you end up with something like Dark Lightning."

Suddenly a dark mountain, lightning and a shining something that called to him flashed across his mind. How could he forget that? Taking the pendant in his hands, he asked curiously, "Per- I mean, Red? What's this?" he asked, showing him the black mirror and ignoring the scowl Percy gave him.

With a sigh, he said, "I don't know. Lady Tala just told me to give it to you and make sure you wear it. My guess is, it's either supposed to protect you or spy on you. She uses mirrors in a variety of ways. Mostly for communication or travel, but I'm sure there are lots of other things she can do with them as well. If I were you, I wouldn't take it off. She's not someone you want to disobey."

"Oh." Harry said thoughtfully, staring into the black surface once more, wondering if he'd see anything in it again. However, it remained inanimate.

Seeing Harry's intensive study of the object, Percy asked, "Why do you ask? Did something happen?"

Harry considered telling him, but then he heard that musical tone again and felt the pull. Something seemed to whisper to him that he should keep this secret. If he told anyone, they would try to take it away from him. No, best to keep it to himself.

"No." Harry responded, tucking the pendant into his shirt. "Just wondering."
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