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Chapter 1: "It all began…"

You know, I'm not usually the type to pay attention in English. In fact, Lancer's voice usually sets my mind off into space. But for some reason today's vocabulary lesson caught my attention. Lancer wrote the word epiphany on the board and defined it as a: sudden realization; a sudden intuitive leap of understanding, especially though an ordinary but striking occurrence. I can definitely say that I've experienced one. I looked to my left at the reason for my epiphany, Sam Manson, who was too busy reading the note I had given her at the beginning of class to notice my staring. As she finished the note she neatly folded it in half, placed it slowly on her desk, and then looked at me with wide, teary, and confused eyes.

I guess it all started a couple of weeks before the end of the year dance. Things were pretty hectic with me due to the pressing thought of finals next week and no time to study with the constant interruption of ghost fighting. Wait I guess I should introduce myself first. My name is Daniel (Danny) Fenton and I (due to an accident in my ghost hunting obsessed parent's lab) am half ghost. This means that I can turn into Danny Phantom and proceed to kick ghost butt. Now that that's out of the way, on with the story. Like I said, I have had almost no time to study for finals because of ghost fighting.

So, always there to help with studying, (and almost every other problem I deal with) were my best friends Tucker Foley and Samantha (Sam) Manson. Tucker is your average techno geek, into everything technology related. Sam is a little harder to describe: she is a filthy rich, gothic, ultra-recyclo-vegitarian, and she couldn't care less what you think of her and would never think of using her money to become popular.

We were all sitting in my room, staring intently at our books but obviously not absorbing any of the information that they held. We hadn't spoken in a while and the silence took me out of my daze. I glanced at the clock and was surprised when I saw that it was only 4:00 pm.

"Sheesh it feels like we have been studying for hours and its only been 30 minutes!" I said suddenly. The sound of my voice made Sam and Tucker snap out of there daze also.

"I wouldn't really classify this as studying, considering the fact that Danny's reading a French text book and doesn't even take that class.

"What? Oh…" I said closing the book and looking at the cover.

"I don't need to study anymore, I've been doing it for two weeks!" Tucker nearly shouted, obviously irritated that he wasn't out doing anything else.

"Well I would have been too if I hadn't been saving the town!" I yelled. Tucker looked as if he was going to retort, but Sam interrupted him.

"Look you guys, I think that we should go grab something to eat at the Nasty Burger and then come back and help Danny study." Sam said as if she hadn't even been listening to Tucker and I argue. I wondered what she had been thinking about shortly, but then was distracted by the sudden thud that was made when Sam's backpack fell off the bed as she stood up. Her books and folders fell out of it in the process and I kneeled down to help her pick them. Then, just like in a corny 50's movie, we both reached for the same book and immediately pulled our hands back and blushed. Tucker had turned around from packing his backpack just in time to see our blush-fest.

"Oh for crying out loud, you two at it again?" he said while slinging his pack over his shoulder and opening the bedroom door. "Let's get going before the Nasty Burger is packed with the 'after football and cheerleading practice' crowd." Tucker said impatiently, holding the door open and motioning his hand through it. I stood up quickly as Sam shoved the remaining book into her bag and hurried out the door.

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