Author's Note: Welcome to my brand new fic. I should probably be updating my other fics, instead of writing a brand new one, but hey, I can't help it. Well this fic is AU, which means Alternative Universe. What exactly happens in this fic? Well, you have to read and find out. Enjoy. Also, Kikoken is co writing this fic with me.

Warning: Possible OOC-ness. Violence, deaths, gore, gambling, use of drugs, adult content, and foul language are in this fic. Reader discretion is advised.

Pairings: Kaiba x Shizuka x Ootogi, Jounouchi x Mai, Atem (Yami) x Anzu x Bakura.

Note: This fic is an Alternate Universe. There is no such thing as Kaiba Corporations. Shizuka is the daughter of one of the richest men in Japan. Kaiba is a detective in disguise, and more unfilled and unknown plot twists (for you of course!) ahead. Keep an eye out. The plot of this story, takes place in a large well known five star hotel, in Sin City.

Genre: Romance/Suspense/Action/Adventure/Mystery/Angst/Drama

Plot: Watery streetlights. Pounding nightclub music. Gamble everything, lose nothing, and play for keeps. He's determined to win her–EVERY part of her.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yuugioh. All I own is this fic's plot.

Hazardous Games


By: PrincessChaos and xXxkIkOkEnxXx

Also a special thanks to LoneGothic for helping out with the fic!





Laughter echoed about the halls, as the sound of clicking and clanking could be heard. Hums of machinery were drowned from the blanket of voices. The smell of cigarettes filled the air. Dices rolled across green boards, black and red poker chips stacked up high. It was gamble everything, lose nothing, and play for keeps. If you failed, you find yourself a broken man.

Russian roulettes spun simultaneously. Slot machines rang in chorus. The sounds of poker chips clacking together could be heard. Amateurs stuck to the slots, the pros stuck to the tables. Laughter filled the air, men who lost wept and men who won, grinned with glee. Women swayed their hips flirtatiously, batting their eye lashes, and trying to con any rich men to be theirs. Those who fell into their lustful lure, found themselves robbed dry in the morning.

Within the flock of people, an auburn haired girl, sat alone in a stool, stirring her drink with her finger. She lay against her elbow, watching a table near by with dull interest. Her father dragged her down here for the month, away from boarding school, for this? Well, she shouldn't be complaining, a casino beats a boring old boarding school, full of strict teachers. She sighed and lifted the glass, taking a sip of the bitter liquid. She cringed at the taste, deciding it was a bit too strong for her liking and just placed the drink back down onto the bar's counter.

She grumbled. She wanted to be exploring Sin City, but no, she had to stay in this casino, away from danger and near the watchful eye of her body guard, Honda. (1) She turned her head slightly, to glance at her body guard, who lay against a large pillar, not too far away from where she was. He quickly averted his attention to her, causing her to whip her head back around, so she was looking back at the drink in front of her. She could sense his eyes on her back, watching her, waiting for her to turn back around. She thought, perhaps, he may even approach and ask her what was wrong, but he did not come and the feeling of being watched, disappeared.

Just as she was about to stand up, she felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up to see her older brother, who looked at her with concern. "You okay?" he asked.

"Peachy," she said dryly, crossing her arms, "I want to go back to my room, onni-chan (2)," she stated, standing up from her stool.

He sighed, "Well, father is still busy playing…" he trailed off, turning his head slightly to look at the table, which Yamasaki sat at. (3) He muttered something under his breathe, before turning his head back around to look back at her sister, "besides that, he said he has something to tell you tonight."

Shizuka raised her eyebrows in question, "About what?" she asked. Jounouchi shrugged and sat down at the stool next to her. Shizuka sat back down, "You don't know?" she asked softly.

He shook his head and called over the bartender, to order his drink. Shizuka leaned against the palm of her hand, thinking what possibly, could her father tell her. It could not be anything important could it? Well, he hadn't told Jounouchi about, so it couldn't really be important. She glanced over towards her brother, "Can he tell me back at our room?"

Jounouchi shook his head, "He told me to make sure you didn't leave. He said it was important you stay, so he could announce the news," he said, taking a sip of his gin. (4)

"What news?" she asked, narrowing her eyes slightly in frustration. Why did everyone talk about things behind her back? She was getting quite fed up. Sometimes she wished her mother was still around. She could at least understand how Shizuka felt at this moment, stuck in crowded casino, with the stench of cigarettes and alcohol filling up every inch of the large room.

"He didn't say…" Jounouchi trailed off, watching the bartender carefully. There was something he did not like about him. Maybe it was his odd looking tri colored hair or his short height, but it seemed that he was listening in onto their conversation. "How about we go outside for a second," Jounouchi suggested, gulping down the last drops of his drink and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, as he stood up.

Shizuka didn't protest nor question why; in fact, she slipped through the crowd in a hurry, to get outside onto the balcony. She rather be outside, then inside this casino any second longer. Jounouchi ran, to keep up with his sister.

Shizuka leaned against the balcony railing, as Jounouchi walked outside with his hands in his pockets. Though the outside was just as rotten as the inside, it was still somewhat better. Endless trails of neon lights and flashing billboards lit up the large polluted city. Smog filled up the sky, hiding the moon behind it. Shizuka looked at her brother for a moment, then back down towards the city below. Jounouchi ran a hand through his hair, as he slowly walked towards his sister, taking out a cigarette, as he did.

"Onni-chan, please don't," Shizuka pleaded, referring to the cigarette.

"But it helps calm my nerves. I'm jittery," Jounouchi said, as he leaned against the railing, putting the cigarette between his lips, as he reached into his pocket to take out his lighter. Shizuka frowned and grabbed the cigarette, tossing it down into the city. "Shiz!" Jounouchi yelled, as he frowned watching his cigarette fall down onto the street below—it had been his last cigarette too!

Shizuka ignored his whining, "It's for your own good," she claimed.

"How is depriving a man from his smokes a good thing?" Jounouchi barked, but quickly bit his tongue as his sister glared at him. They stood silently, watching the cars and people below. The clouds above shifted, as minutes flew by.

Shizuka closed her eyes, "Katsuya, do you miss mother?" she asked unexpectedly, causing Jounouchi's jaw to clamp. A stern, emotionless look, crossed his facial features, he tried to open his mouth to respond, but found himself closing it once more. Shizuka eyed him, "Well?" she asked once more.

"Sometim—yea, I do," he stated, flicking the silver lighter in his hand on and off, "You…you look like her," he gulped, not daring to look at her face. She said nothing in response. She did not get to know her mother very well. Her mother died when she was quite young and the memories of her were now quite blurry. Her thoughts were interrupted however, when a cough was heard from behind, drawing their attention. They both turned their heads around, to see Ryuji Ootogi standing at the doorway, dressed suave in a tuxedo. His emerald Cheshire eyes, glistened in the night, giving him quite a devious look.

"Your father requested me to retrieve you both. He would like a word with you two, especially you, Shizuka, my dear," he stated, eyeing Shizuka with a smirk. Shizuka said nothing and brushed past him, back inside. Ootogi watched Shizuka's retreating figure with interest, causing Jounouchi to grit his teeth. He did not appreciate when men looked at his little sister, like she was a piece of meat, waiting to be devoured. Jounouchi shoved Ootogi aside, as he walked after his sister. Ootogi narrowed his eyes, not appreciating such an attitude given to him.

A grin soon plastered his face. My, were they both in for quite a surprise. He chuckled, "Yes, you two are both in for a surprise of you lives," he said to himself, as he disappeared inside.




- T O - B E - C O N T I N U E D -


(1) – Honda is Shizuka's bodyguard. He holds somewhat interest in her, as well. (As he does in the show). So be on the look out.

(2) – Translated means, "Big brother."

(3) – Yamasaki is Jounouchi and Shizuka's father. Special thanks to Kikoken, for helping with the name.

(4) – Jounouchi does not have a Brooklyn accent. He is sophisticated. Wow, isn't that a surprise? Well, he is after all, the son of a multi-billionaire. What did you expect?

Author's Comments: What is possibly the surprise that was said at the end? Well, you're going to have to wait until the next chapter to find out. So if you liked this fic so far, review please! Thank you again, LoneGothic, for helping out!

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