(Disclaimer: I don't own the Fairly OddParents or the characters herein. And judging from how things are going in the latest seasons, I don't think I'd want to. Trixie's been made into a shallow twit! Anyway, here's my first Fairly OddParents fanfiction...)

by Amras Felagund

This story began 25 years ago in the city of Dimmsdale.

This story is already over. Whether people like it or not, it is carved in stone, and cannot be altered.

This story is of love and loss, deception and acception, and the beginning of a new life.

It is the story of the coming of age of two young lovers, and their offspring.

It is a funny thing about this story--

This story happened one score and five years ago, yet it also happened much earlier, much farther in distance, and much more tragic in outcome.

Perhaps in such a story, they may have been central in the struggle for control of a galactic government.

But now is not the time for that story.

This is how persistence pays off. How denial can make one's true feelings stronger. How the end of the magic in a young boy's life approaches. How a new magic will unite him with his true love.


His Happily Ever After begins now.

PROLOGUE: Beginning of Destiny

A pink-haired fairy floats over the kindergarten as the children descend from the bus.

This is more than just a fairy. He is the one who brought many families together. With just a twang of his bow and a prick of his arrow, many have fallen in love, whether they liked it or not. Worst enemies can become dearest of lovers at his will. He is the chooser of couples.

The matchmaker of the heavens.

He is the God of Love, Cupid, and his eyes are currently on certain children.

One is a small boy; Cupid feels in his gut that, somehow, this boy will meet him sometime. Cupid barely stifles a giggle at the sight, as the boy wears pink! He has no clue why a boy would wear such a feminine color, but that is irrelevent. This boy looks almost comical, not simply because of the color of his clothes, but also because of his very prominent buckteeth and vacant expression. He has hair of chestnut-brown and deep, blue eyes.

Cupid already knows his name. He had the connections. This boy was Timothy 'Timmy' Thomas Turner, the only child of Butch and Tara Turner.

He turns his gaze to the next child, a girl. She has dark-violet eyes, hidden behind glasses that seemed too large for her face. Her hair, which was so dark-brown that it looked nearly black, is drawn up into two pigtails. She wears an outfit decades outdated, and Cupid's magic tells him that she just received braces. She looks as if the term 'underdog' were invented specifically to describe her.

He knows her name as well. Her name is Dorothy 'Tootie' Victorson, the secondborn daughter to Victor and Berenice Victorson.

Cupid looks at the third child, another girl. She has beautiful teal eyes that are, even at this early age, lined with lavender eyeshadow. Her silky, raven-black hair is drawn behind her ears by a lavender hairband. She wears a lavender t-shirt with a frill around the neck, a brilliant white skirt, and white boots. And is she ever beautiful!

He knows her name as well, like Timmy and Tootie. She was Beatrix 'Trixie' Tang II, the only daughter of Nigel Tang and Beatrix Tang I.

Cupid looks back and forth from Timmy to Tootie, then Tootie to Trixie, and then Trixie to Timmy. He looks back and forth between the two girls for a few minutes.

Cupid lowers his brow. Tootie is an underdog for sure; Trixie has all the riches and beauty, but Tootie looks like she may be an ideal mate for Timmy. Cupid knows how miserable she is at home with her horrible sister, Victoria. Somehow, Cupid knows they will share that suffering in the future. He feels Timmy should learn to see inner beauty.

He pulls from his quiver two love arrows and removes from his back his bow.

He levels his bow.

He takes aim -

And something happens in that moment that had never happened before to Cupid. Something that will change the lives of these three forever:

A small voice in the back of Cupid's head mutters, Money can't buy love.

And Cupid hesitates. After a second, he lowers his bow, places his arrows back in their quiver, and places his hand to his chin in thought.

He knows everything there was to know about their three families. He knows how the Turners and the Victorsons had always been at the bottom of the popularity chart. He also knows how rich and popular the Tang family was. Even so, love still permeates their family.

Well, from her father anyway.

At the insistence of Beatrix Tang I, Trixie's mother, the Tangs have taken to belittlement of the lower classes and their habits to preserve their status as most popular family in Dimmsdale. In Trixie's case, however, there is pity rather than ignorance. She feels sorry for the less fortunate members of society, and Cupid knows that even now she is beginning to take an interest in the hobbies of the unpopular crowd. If this ever leaks into the public eye, she will be reduced to a mere laughingstock, and she will be disowned from the Tang family forevermore.

Timmy has many of the same interests, though is much more open about them because of the lack of restrictions about them. Strangely, he does not discriminate against the popular students for their snobbish attitude and uncaring disposition. Whether this is his truly compassionate nature shining through, or his short attention span, is a mystery to Cupid.

Tootie is an underdog, Cupid could admit. And it only makes sense that perhaps Timmy and Tootie should be together. Trixie does have everything, after all: fame, fortune, and beauty. Yet, Cupid has a feeling that pairing Timmy and Tootie would be somewhat predictable, and he would be ridiculed for a lack of imagination back in Fairy World.

Trixie, meanwhile, wants so badly to help the less fortunate, but is restricted by her status. To maintain her popularity, her parents - specifically her mother - seclude her from the poor and "uncouth", and keep her in the company of other rich and popular families. Even at such an early age, she is already in danger of believing herself to be better than the less popular folk. Her wealth may one day blind her to what it is like to truly care for someone, and she will wind up in a purely money-based relationship and raise a family with no love. Like her mother. She is not as fortunate as many would believe; she is truly someone to be pitied.

A thought strikes Cupid.

The Destiny Arrows!

Cupid gropes for the Destiny Arrows in his quiver, but pauses. The last time he used these very special arrows was nearly 500 years ago, back when his job required he wear a blindfold, and the very boy and girl who he used these arrows on had committed suicide mere weeks later. He was the object of much ridicule at the time, and still fairies make jabs about it to this day. Since then, Cupid never used the Destiny Arrows, but still carried them, in case he'd ever need them again.

Cupid prepares to return to Fairy World, when he remembers that that was the only time that happened. He used the Destiny Arrows dozens of times before, and that star-crossed romance was the only one with so tragic an outcome. Perhaps this will be like those other times before the tragedy of those young Italian lovers.

Cupid removes a Destiny Arrow from his quiver, pointing it at Timmy.

"His love for her will burn with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns, and he will lover her for all eternity. He will attempt to win her heart again and again, and will win her heart at fifteen years of age," he says. The Arrow glows gold for an instant, then reverts to normal.The Arrow remains pointing at Timmy as Cupid lets it hover in the air to place a similiar spell on the second Arrow, which he points at Trixie.

He chants: "And his love for her will reciprocate, but she will hide her affection behind a veil of resentment and hatred. Her compassion will shine through this veil, which will shred over the years as she comes to terms with her true feelings. Eventually, she will confess her love for him at the age of fifteen years." Like the first, a golden glow emanates from the Arrow, and it fixates on Trixie as he places the spell on the last Destiny Arrow, which points at Tootie.

"And she will love him as well, but her love will be unrequited," he recites. "After many trials, she will ultimately fail to win his heart; however, she will find true love with another, and live a happy life with this man, and be the godmother of her old love's children." Another gilden glow later, and his plan is complete. Now is the time to execute his plan.

He loads the Arrows into his bow. The Arrows points at each of the three children, just seconds before they will see each other first.





Cupid watches as Timmy stares at Trixie ceaselessly, mumbling something about his "love for her burning with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns". Cupid hovers around to face Timmy, unseen by anyone, and sees boundless love in his eyes.

Exactly as he planned.

Cupid turns to face Trixie. He can see the love and longing in her eyes as well, but it is immediately subdued with false derision as she declares him "not worthy of her attention". Even so, Cupid can sense with his magic that this is a downright lie.

Exactly as he planned.

Cupid turns to face Tootie, but she isn't there. He hears a squeal, and turns to Timmy. Tootie is clinging to him, claiming that she is in love with him. Timmy fights her off, telling her that she is a freak, and Tootie begins crying that he "didn't give her love a chance".

Exactly as he planned.

Not that he is callous or cold-hearted; rather, it is good to know that Timmy was loyal to his feelings for Trixie.

Cupid has hope for Trixie. Hope that she will learn not to discriminate. Hope that she will learn that money isn't everything. Hope that she will learn that love can be found anywhere.

For he does not focus on the present; he is also mindful of the future.

And their future looks bright.

(As of October 17th, the age Cupid chose to be year when Timmy and Trixie confess their love for one another has been changed from 18 to 15, so it happens earlier in the story. And as of February 11th, the Prologue has been redone in the present tense, and edited to match the characterization of Trixie's parents later on.)