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Chapter 1: The Return Home

It had been three whole years since he had been here. Three whole years of wandering around and training with that pervert sennin Jiraiya... three whole years since that fateful day at Valley's End.

Three whole years since he had fought with Sasuke. Three years he wasn't able to keep his promise to Sakura-chan.


The thought of his old rival and best friend seemed to put a gloomy mood over Naruto as he walked through such familiar, and yet unfamiliar, woods to the only place he found acceptance, and yet at the same time, rejection.

Konoha. Home.

Jaraiya looked over at the blonde young man walking next to him. "Cheer up Naruto. Its been three years since you've been back, I thought you'd be excited about seeing everyone and showing off how much stronger you've become."

Naruto shook himself out of his foreboding thoughts. "Nah, I'm fine Ero-sennin, just thinking up a way that I can show everyone how badass I am now!" The truth was he really was excited about coming back and seeing all the people he held so dear to him. It had been too long since he had seen the people that he considered his friends.

After a few more minutes of walking they came to the main gate of the Hidden Village of the Leaf. Just like I remembered it. Thought Naruto. His excitement was growing with each step they took toward the towering gates.

Two guards from the top of the wall jumped down to inspect the two road-worn travelers. "Who goes there, and what is your business in the Hidden Village of the Leaf?"

Naruto stood dumbfounded at what he just heard. "WHAT! What the hell are you talking about who am I? I'm Uzumaki Naruto! The future Hokage of Konoha! That's who I am!"

Jiraiya gave an apologetic shrug towards the two guards. "Sorry guys, I guess he expected everyone to recognize him, even though he's been gone for three years." Jiraiya said this last part while giving Naruto a warning glance. Naruto reluctantly backed off, but still sniffed and turned his back on the two guards.

ONe of the guards eyes lit up with recognition, "Ha ha ha ha! It is him! Who could forget Konoha's loudest ninja! I remember watching him at the chuunin exams, when he beat Hyuuga Neji, that was an awsome fight!"

The other guard simply nodded. "You're right it his him." He turned to the white haired man, who was actually shorter than the blonde ninja standing next to him "Then you must be Jiraiya, the Toad Sannin.

"Welcome back to Konoha, you are to report directly to Hokage-sama. She's been expecting you." And with that the two gate guards gave a signal and the twin gates cranked slowly open.

As Naruto and Jiraiya strode by and into the village one of the gate guards turned to his companion "I didn't know if it was him or not, last I remembered Uzumaki was one of the shortest ninjas around. Now he's one of the tallest I've seen."

His companion merely nodded, "He sure has grown in the past three years."

As they passed through the gate they made their way directly to the Hokage's office, near the center of the village. As they walked by houses and stores, people stopped and stared at the six foot plus ninja that was Naruto. "Hey Ero-sennin, why is everyone staring at me?"

Jiraiya had to crane his neck to look at Naruto's face, "Probably because they recognize you and are happy that you're back!" Jiraiya gave one of his 'grins' "Maybe some girls think you're hot or something! Hahahaha!"

Naruto could only roll his eyes. Pervert, all he ever thinks about are girls. "C'mon lets go see Obaa-chan."

As they approached the center of the village and the Godaime's office, Naruto noticed something was different, but couldn't quite place it. Then it him "Holy shit! They got Obaa-chan's mug up on the cliff! Look!"

Jiraiya followed Naruto's pointing finger, "Hmm. Looks like they do! Now I can look at her all the time!" Jiraiya suddenly went crashing to the ground as Naruto knocked him on the top of the head. An occurance that the Toad sannin had become rather accustomed to.

"Pervert Sennin!" Naruto wondered if the man ever stopped.

Tsunade was reading a report on how many missions there were that needed to be completed. It wasn't looking good. Three years and we still don't have enough ninja to keep up with the missions. Tsunade moaned and lightly banged her forehead on her desk.

There was a knock at the door and none other than Hatake Kakashi stuck his head into the room.

"Uhh… sorry for disturbing your thinking Hokage-sama, but I just returned from my mission, which was a success, and look who I found standing in the waiting room!" Kakashi pushed the door open the rest of the way to reveal Naruto and Jiraiya standing in the doorway.

Tsunade's face lit up in one of her very few smiles. "Naruto! You've returned! And you've gotten so... big! Wow!" Tsunade walked around her desk and had to reach up to put her hands on the young man's shoulders. "My, my. Haven't you grown-up!"

Naruto grinned and scratched the back of his head. "Ah, thanks Obaa-chan! I missed seeing you too!"

"And I missed you too!" Jiraiya piped up, smiling wide.

Tsunade nodded curtly at her former team-mate "Glad your not dead yet either Jiraiya." She then turned away from the two, gesturing towards a couple of chairs "Sit, sit, and Kakashi thank you for bringing these two, I'll document your mission as complete." As Kakashi closed the door behind him Tsunade turned to the two sitting across from her. "I trust you kept Naruto out of trouble Jiraiya? And Naruto, you have improved very much from what I read in Jiraiya's reports."

Naruto grinned "Yeah, it was really great, ol'Ero-sennin can be a pretty tough sensei. But it was all worth it, I'm loads stronger now!" And as if to emphasize the fact Naruto flexed both of his arms in a childish fashion.

Tsunade smiled in exasperation, he hasn't changed much, but she had to admit though, the kid was ripped. His body had grown amazingly fast over the three short year that he had been gone, and Jiraiya had apparently put him through a large amount of physical training. He wasn't overly muscular like a body builder, but she had no doubt that every muscle under his clothes was defined, hard and powerful.

Tsunade gave a warm smile towards the blue-eyed blonde, "And how were your travels and… "experiences" with Jiraiya?" Tsunade gave a hard stare towards Jiraiya.

Jiraiya gulped audibly, catching the hidden meaning of Tsunade's words.

Naruto on the other hand just laughed, "If your wondering if I'm still a virgin, don't worry, it was usually up to me to save Jiraiya from certain death when he got caught in the woman's showers." Naruto chuckled, "Besides I don't need a girlfriend! I'm perfectly fine!"

Tsunade, however, relieved as she was at the news that Jiraiya's habits seemed to have a reverse effect on Naruto, could see that he wasn't fine. Naruto was almost seventeen, he probably couldn't stop thinking about girls even though he wouldn't admit it. And after such a hard past and having difficulty making friends, he was probably depressed that he had never had the affections of someone other than the few adults who understood and respected him. She pitied him at the moment, even though she knew it wasn't what he wanted. Oh well, with a body and looks like that, he won't be finding it hard to find a date now that he's back in civilization.

Tsunade erased her worries and focused on the task at hand, "Alright, Naruto before I dismiss you, I wish to give you the news that you are to participate in the upcoming chuunin exam in the next seven days. Since you are the only one of your class who isn't at least a chuunin yet."

Naruto's grin diminished somewhat, "Heheh, so I am the only genin in my class then?"

Tsunade smiled "You and Hyuuga Hinata."

Naruto started in surprise, "Huh? Hinata-chan isn't a chuunin yet? How come?"

Tsunade sighed, "Because the year that you left, when the chuunin exam was held for the second time, Hinata and her team did fine. Hinata lost her fight in the third part of the exam though and wasn't elected to become a chuunin. Almost all the other genin though, including her teammates, Kiba and Shino, achieved chuunin rank. She hasn't tried again since."

Naruto stared wide eyed. "Huh? That isn't like Hinata-chan at all! She might be a little quiet but she's tough, I know! I'd have thought she would've gone back as soon as possible for another try!" Naruto scratched his head in a confused manner.

Tsunade could only smile inwardly. The girl was in love with him, and no matter how much he had matured he still hadn't figured it out. She knew why Hinata didn't go back and try, she only tried because of Naruto having confidence in her, she didn't want to lose his confidence.

An idea bloomed in Tsunade's head like a flower opening up to the sun. "You know Naruto… Hinata would probably try again if you gave her some of your renown encouragement, maybe? And if she knew that her number one loudest fan was going to be there as well. Hmm?" Tsunade raised questioning eyebrows at the young man sitting across form her.

Naruto's face instantly lit up "Yeah! Of course she'll try again if she knows I'm going to be there to root her on! Hey! Maybe we'll be on teams! Then no one would stop us! She's sure to make chuunin this time around, I'll make sure of it!" Naruto jumped out of his chair and srode to the door "Matter of fact, we only got seven days. I'll convince her to go to the exam today, that way we can start training right away!"

Tsunade jumped up and yelled "Naruto think fast!" as she threw something at him. Naruto smoothly caught it just before it hit him in the temple. "Huh? What are these Obaa-chan?" He was holding a ring of keys in his hand.

Tsunade smirked "Those, are the keys to your new house. The place you were living in was a dump, so I found a new place that hasn't been inhabited for a few years now, I had your stuff moved over there. Kakashi will show you the way."

Naruto smiled and waved at his one time sensei and the Godaime, "Thanks Obaa-chan! See ya Ero-sannin!" And with that he walked out the door.

Jiraiya turned back to Tsunade. "You didn't!" he said in disbelief.

Tsunade gave a small mischievous smile, "It is his inheritance after all, his brother would've wanted him to have it. Besides, he's sixteen, he's old enough now to own it."

Jiraiya gave a somber laugh "Yeah, his entire family would've wanted him to have it."

A few moments of silence passed before he spoke up again, "So? How does the search for the Uchiha kid, Orochimaru and the Akastuki go?"

Tsunade gave a deep and remorseful sigh. "We don't know what Orochimaru is up to right now, other than the fact that he has three sound nins in the upcoming chuunin exam, and of the Akatsuki, all we know is that they're still searching for Naruto, you probably know more than us Jiraiya."

Jiraiya raised his eyebrows in a mildly interested manner, "Not at all actually, the boy's training took up almost all of my time, I hardly had enough time to finish the sequel to the 'Come Come Paradise' series. And what of the Uchiha boy? You didn't tell me about the situation with that."

Tsunade could only let out another sigh, "We've abandoned the search for him."

Jiraiya's eyebrows rose even more, "Why? Naruto won't be happy about this, you know that right?"

Tsunade could only stare at her desk, "I know, Sakura didn't take it very well when I told her either. I would tell Naruto but he'll probably hear it from her before he sees me again. It's pointless to go after him now though, I gave Naruto to you for three years in order to keep him form trying to kill himself trying to find Uchiha, and of course to keep him from Itachi. But three years wasn't enough time for us, we couldn't find him, and now three years have passed and he hasn't returned. he's probably already Orochimaru's vessel now, and if not, he's so lost in the darkness I don't even think Naruto can bring him back."

A single tear escaped Tsunade's eye. "I wish I could make it up to Naruto and Sakura somehow, but all I can do now is protect him from Itachi. That's why I'm sending him to the 'Tree-house' Jiraiya, only you and I know where it is, I'm going to send a small group of bodyguards, he'll stay up there until we've dealt with Itachi and the rest of the Akatsuki." Tsunade sighed and rested her chin on her palms, "I plan on telling him after the chuunin exam, I should have a team assembled by then to protect him. He won't like it, but he'll have to deal with it." Tsunade was trying to sound resolute in her decision, but she couldn't help but let the guilt creep into her voice.

Jiraiya nodded solemnly, "I agree, thats a good idea Tsunade, you're doing a great job at keeping Naruto safe."

Then she completely broke down sobbing into her hands. "Oh Jiraiya! I've been such a screw up! Its been three years already and we still don't have enough ninja to keep up with the missions, and I've completely failed Naruto and Sakura! I wasn't able to save Sasuke for them!" She continued to sob into her hands, tears leaking through her fingers.

Jiraiya was at a lost and completely dumbfounded, Tsunade cried so rarely that he didn't remember the last time he had seen her cry, maybe he never had. Not to mention the fact that tears were his one and only true weakness, even more so than beautiful women. Jiraiya got up slowly and walked around the desk and started to put his arm around his old teammate in an attempt to comfort her when out of nowhere a hand grabbed him by the throat and pulled him to eyelevel with Tsunade.

"If you even think about touching me in anyway that could be deemed perverted I'll knock you from here into tomorrow." Said Tsunade through sobs and teary eyes.

"Never crossed my mind!" Squeaked Jiraiya.

And with that Tsunade threw herself against Jiraiya and continued to sob out all the frustration she had been keeping bottled up for the past three years into her teammate's chest as he held her with his arms and waited patiently for her to cry it all out.

Kakashi and Naruto had just reached his new house.

"This can't be it! Obaa-chan said a house! Not a freaking castle!" Naruto was waving his hands at Kakashi attempting to convince him that this wasn't the right the place.

Kakashi gave one of his melodramatic sighs and rolled his eyes, "It's the right address Naruto, I don't know what you're complaining about anyway, isn't it big enough?"

Naruto stopped his yelling, "Well yeah its big enough! Its just… umm, really big." It was true, it wasn't just a house, it was an old abandoned clan house, almost as large as the Hyuuga's clan house. There must have been over a hundred bedrooms, that didn't include guestrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, the kitchen the basement, the storage house or the grounds for that matter. It was mostly single story, but the main building was definitely at least three stories high.

Kakashi chuckled "Well just imagine the huge parties and raves you could have here. And with that he left Naruto standing at the front gate.

Naruto just stood there for an hour, just looking at the complex from outside of the grounds before he went up to the double gate and pulled out his key ring.He put a rather large iron key into the padlock on the gate.

He turned the key slowly, only half hoping… then click! The padlock opened and the gates swung inward hardly making a sound.

Naruto grinned and walked up to the main building and opened the doorwith what was apparently the main house key, an elaborate key made of solid brass with a red spiral done in red on the handle.

His day was getting better and better, he had come back to Konoha, he was entered in the upcoming chuunin exams and now he had a giant castle-sized house all to himself.

And it was still only 9:00 a.m. in the morning.

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