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This story is focused on the horrors of war, so there will be things done in this story that may offend some of you, I just ask that you realize that some of the instances in this story actually happened during our countries darkest war, so please keep that in mind.

The first 3 chaptershave beenrewritten, so they are not as good as I had hoped, after 3 things will get really good as we dive in head first


Why are we here?

January 1969, Di Nang Valley

Ron crawled into the fox hole, pulling the brush overhead to conceal their position from the enemy. He leaned back against the dirt walls and placed his M16 against the wall.

Why am I here?

That same question he asked himself every night for the entire 2 weeks he has been in this shit hole of a country fighting a war that no one believed in or supported.

Good ole Viet-Fucking-Nam

Ron looked down at his arm Sergeant, Squad leader. Like I deserved this fake rank

Ron looked over to the left side of the fox whole; there was his Corporal, second in command if anything happened to him. The only two people in the squad that knew the truth about their orders the true nature of why they were here, and why they would all die here.

Ron looked at the Corporals face, his blue eyes looking at picture he held in his hands. Ron sighed; He still cares about her, He wanted to help but why can't I bring myself to trust him?

"Josh" Ron said

He stirred out of his daze and started to put the picture back in his chest pocket

"Yes, Sergeant Stoppable" he got a smile on his face as he said that, Ron shook his head

"Dammit, I don't call you Corporal Mankey; don't start with this rank Bullshit Josh"

"Sorry Ron, it just gives me some happiness in calling you that" Josh smirked; Ron knew he wouldn't stop calling him that, He also knew it aggravated Ron which is why he does it.

"You're thinking about Kim again aren't you?" Ron asked trying to sound caring, holding in his anger, that he was trying to find his Girlfriend with, her ex-boyfriend.

Josh shrugged "Yeah, I just…..just can't stop worrying about her. I mean we don't even know if she is still alive in all of this" Ron could see the tears forming in his eyes; Ron gritted his teeth and shuffled over to Josh's side, trying his best to try and comfort him, although seeing Josh cry was rewarding, out here they had to be a team, they had to work together whether Ron liked it or not.

"Look Josh, I've been in contact with Wade. She is out there, alive. We have the exact coordinates this time." Josh looked over to me; tears were coming to Ron's eyes as well. Ron couldn't keep his emotions bottled up; this war was getting to him.

It was getting to the both of them, the horrors they have seen, the horrors they have committed. It would be enough to drive a normal man to suicide.

Just then there was movement in front of us, Ron grabbed his M16 and steadied the sights on the figure, removing the safety.

"Thunder!" Ron yelled to the figure

"Flash, Sergeant!" The figure yelled back.

The two breathed a sigh of relief and Ron brought the weapon down, when Private Johnson came into full view.

"Report Private" Ron said as he knelt down by the fox hole, Johnson was a black man and very skilled with a M60 as he slung the heavy weapon over his shoulder.

"Sir, Claymores have been placed on the perimeter, if those motherfucking Gooks want some of us, they have to get through those, and even I can't find all the tripwires. And I was the one to set them all" Johnson replied, his smile showed us his joy.

"Very good Private, get to your fox hole and inform the others, 40 minutes of sleep. Then we head to that base and resupply. Dismissed" Ron saluted

"Yes Sir!" Johnson returned the salute and jogged to his fox hole.

Ron leaned back down into the hole and leaned against the wall again. "Corporal, we will find her, so help me God will we find her. And there will be unspeakable measures brought on those involved in her capture!" Ron said, rage filling his voice.

"You mean Drakken and Shego?" Josh asked as he was trying to lie down.

"No, I don't think even Drakken knows what he got himself into, but remember our mission. Find and Rescue 'Lieutenant' Kim Possible, then find Drakken with the Time travel device. And get the hell back to our own time."

Lieutenant Kim Possible, Amazing that headquarters believed that. Much like they believed I was a Sergeant and that Josh was a Corporal. Ron thought chuckling.

Josh was soon asleep, hand over the picture in his chest pocket. Ron lied back in the moist ground, pushing his helmet over his eyes.

Ron's thoughts were shifted to the men he lead. They were kept in the dark on their mission; they only knew that we had to rescue a Lt. that has fallen into enemy hands and return to base.

It was easier said than done, Command gave them five men to take on this mission. Ron knew that most of them would never make it out alive.

There was their heavy weapons expert Private William Johnson, he has proved to be the muscle of the squad, never backing down from a fight.

Our Radio man and linguist Shaun Jakeobson, he was good buddies with Johnson which probably explains why he is still alive.

Then there was Ken McCormick, John Dobson, and Jim Wilson. They were the riflemen, with the exception of Dobson who was the close range weapons man as well as their tunnel rat.

The past two weeks they have been on Kim's trail hoping to find her so they could all get home. Every time the squad got close, something happened. The Teit Offensive those damn Charlies pulled practically started when they got here.

But we had to push on to the HQ.

Ron had just given the General their orders on the rescue mission when Charlie attacked, the two were ordered to defend the base, and the next day they would meet their squad and head out.

Ron closed his eyes, he didn't want to recap what they went through over the past 2 weeks, He knew he would only relive the experience when he slept, which is exactly what happened.

He went into a dream, a dream he knew all too well. He dreamed of the start of this horror that they had to go through.


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