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"5, 4, 3, 2 , 1, begin mission." a person in a black cloak replied through a wireless transmitter. "Do you remember our mission?" the person asked.

"Yeah, our mission is to eliminate the demon in the Shiro Apartment complex and burn the room that the demon lives in to prevent any evidence from leaking." a second person in a similar black cloak replied through his wireless transmitter.

"Affirmative. You take point and I'll follow close by. After this message, maintain radio silence until the demon is killed." the first person replied.

"Roger." the second person said as he started to form hand seals for a technique.

"Ninja Technique: Camouflage Concealment" the two ninjas called out quietly.

The two ninjas vanished into air as they turned invisible and started leaping from roof to roof heading towards the Shiro Apartment complex. Unknown to the two ninjas, a third ninja heard everything and started tailing the two ninjas.

Uzumaki Naruto was having a terrible day. First off, Ichiraku's Ramen stand was closed down due to an accident involving a couple of his burners. After that, Naruto went over to the playground to see if he could play with anyone. Whenever he tried to get into contact with the children at the playground, their parents would lash out verbally at him and tell him to stay away. Later during the day, Naruto went into several food stands in order to get some food only to be kicked out at each stand.

The time was now evening and a very hungry Naruto went back into his apartment complaining about his day. When Naruto entered his apartment, he felt something was off and was about to leave when out of sheer luck, he tripped over his own clothing and fell down on the ground. Naruto heard something slicing above him and saw the flowerpot that was beside him split in half horizontally. The top half of the flowerpot crashed down on the ground right beside where Naruto is at. Naruto got up immediately and sensed that there was something inside the room. Naruto tried to see what he was sensing but couldn't find anything that was suspicious. He tried to run towards the front door seeing that it was the best option open to him only to crash into something.

"Well demon, looks like today's the day you get to meet your maker." A man in a black cloak replied when he unleashed his camouflage concealment technique.

"What are you talking about?" Naruto asked to the man.

"What he means is that you're going to die." A second person answered from behind Naruto.

Naruto looked to see who was behind him and saw that it was another man wearing a black cloak wielding a katana.

"Enough talk. Let's finish this now and rid this village of the demon." the person in front of Naruto replied.

"Roger." the person behind Naruto answered.

The person behind Naruto was about to slash Naruto with his katana when several kunai appeared out of nowhere and hit the person at each of the vitals points from behind. The person died instantly and landed down on the ground with a soft thud. The man in black who is currently in front of Naruto backed away from Naruto.

"Who's there?" the person yelled out.

"Attempting to kill a citizen of Konoha is against the law. The penalty for violating the law is death." a voice echoed from within the room.

After the voice finished speaking, the person who spoke revealed himself to Naruto and the sole remaining assassin. The assassin looked at the person with fear.

"Uchiha Itachi!" the assassin exclaimed. "Why are you protecting this demon?"

"As I stated earlier, Uzumaki Naruto is a citizen of Konoha. He is not the demon that you people claim that he is." Itachi replied in a calm cool tone.

"But, it was the Uc-" the assassin never got to finish what he was going to say because Itachi killed the assassin the same way he killed the assassin's partner (the only exception is that he was killed facing Itachi instead of Itachi attacking from behind).

Naruto looked at the assassins that tried to kill him and then looked at Itachi. Naruto finally had enough and started to speak what was on his mind.

"Hey you, Itachi or whatever your name is, what the heck is going on here?" Naruto asked.

"Follow me to the Hokage's office. Everything will be explained there." Itachi answered.

Itachi grabbed the bodies of the two assassins and started to head towards the Hokage's office. Naruto decided to follow so that he can find out a few answers to the questions that he has to say.

At the Hokage's office, the Sandaime Hokage finished off the last of his paperwork. As he placed down his pen and sighed a breath of relief, his secretary arrived inside the office.

"Hokage-sama," the secretary began, "Uchiha Itachi is here to see you and he's brought along another person." the secretary finished.

"I see, bring him and his guest in then." Sandaime replied.

'I wonder what this could be about.' Sandaime thought as he sighed. 'I just want to head on home and get something to eat.'

Itachi appeared less then a minute later carrying two bodies, one on each shoulder. He was followed by Naruto a few seconds later.

"Hey old man, I need you to answer a few things for me." Naruto asked as he entered.

The Sandaime was surprised when Itachi appeared with two dead bodies over his shoulder, but he was even more surprised when he saw Naruto.

"Itachi, place the bodies down on the floor for now and tell me what happened." the Sandaime asked.

Itachi placed the bodies down and started to explain what happened.

"I was heading back to the Uchiha district after finishing the A-ranked assignment that I was assigned. I noticed two ANBU members mention something about a demon and the Shiro Apartment complex. I used my Sharingan and copied the concealing technique that they used and followed them. The two were attempting to assassinate Uzumaki Naruto, but I managed to prevent them from doing so. After that, I decided to head over here to report this incident."

The Sandaime sighed when Itachi finished and looked at the two bodies.

"I see. See to it that the bodies are identified and properly disposed of."

Itachi nodded his head once and left the room carrying the two dead ANBU.

"Hey old man, tell me what's going on here." Naruto asked, getting really impatient.

"I might as well tell you the truth Naruto." the Hokage answered.

"Six years ago, when the Kyuubi attacked, we tried all that we can in order to defeat the demon. We lost many ninja and civilians in the attack and over half the village was destroyed. In a final attempt to defeat the Kyuubi, the Yondaime Hokage used a child who was just born and used him as a container for the Kyuubi. On that day, only one person was born and that person was you Naruto. You were born during the time the Kyuubi attacked and the fourth Hokage had no other choice but to use you as the container."

Naruto sat still as his brain processed all the information that he had just heard.

'I can't believe this. Me, I'm the container of the Kyuubi, who I heard was the strongest of all demons. I guess that explains why most people hate me.' Naruto continued thinking for another minute before the Sandaime spoke.

"Naruto," at this Naruto looked at the Hokage, "the Yondaime wanted the village to see you as a hero, but sadly, the villagers needed something to let their frustrations loose on. Because of this, I imposed a law stating that no one is to speak that you are the container of the Kyuubi. The penalty of violating this law is most severe. The law also stated that you were not to find out so that you may lead a normal life. But now, things are different because believe it or not Naruto, this is the eighth assassination attempt on your life. Most of the assassination attempts happened when you were younger and the eighth attempt happened just a short while ago. After this last attempt, I've now decided to let you enroll at the Ninja Academy one year early and let you gain the skills that you need in order to protect yourself. The new school year begins next Monday"

Naruto stayed silent for a short time and soon had a look of understanding and smiled.

"Really, you'll let me join the Ninja Academy early?" Naruto asked with a big smile on his six year old face.

"That won't be necessary." Itachi replied as he entered the room.

"Why not?" Naruto asked, looking at Itachi.

"Hokage-sama, with you permission, I want to train Naruto myself." Itachi asked. "Even though I'm only 12 years of age, I am already more qualified than most of the teachers at the academy."

The third was surprised again at the request that Itachi made. It was a common fact that Uchiha Itachi rarely associated with anybody and it's unheard of for him to even make such a request.

"Why do you want to train Naruto?" the Sandaime asked curiously.

"He's strong. I sense great potential within him and when that potential is brought out, I want to challenge him to an all out battle to test out the limits of our abilities." Itachi answered.

"I see." the Hokage answered. "Very well, Naruto, if you don't have a problem with this, Itachi will become your new teacher."

"Sweet," Naruto yelled out.

"Naruto," Itachi began, "I'll meet you at your apartment tomorrow morning to begin training."


One year after Naruto began training under Itachi, Naruto learned a few things. He learned the Substitution technique easy enough, although his range is between 5-10 feet. During the training thus far, Naruto showed remarkable skills with transformation. It was also when he mastered transforming that he created one of the most deadly techniques known to man: the Sexy Technique. Another technique that Naruto was quite proficient at was the Shadow Clone Technique. After discovering that Naruto couldn't even perform the most basic of clones, Itachi suggested the Shadow Clone technique because of the differences in the two techniques in which the shadow clones were real flesh and bone and that it consisted of more chakra. When Naruto did the move for the first time, he used quite a bit of chakra and created a couple hundred shadow clones before passing out from chakra exhaustion. After that day, Itachi started to teach Naruto a couple of chakra control exercises like tree walking and balancing the leaf on the nose. When Naruto tried practicing with Genjutsu, he found that he was incapable of doing anything outside of transforming.

Naruto sat down on the swings at the playground waiting for his teacher to arrive. Today Itachi said that he would start practicing throwing kunai and shuriken. Itachi also mentioned that he might teach Naruto his secret on throwing kunai and shuriken since Itachi was well known for him aim.

"Naruto-kun," Itachi replied nodding his head once towards Naruto. He appeared though a gust of wind from using a teleportation technique.

"Hey, when are we going to start?" Naruto asked, anxious to get this lesson started.

"Not today. Hokage-sama wants me to lead a mission. If I pass, I'll be qualified to become ANBU captain."

"That's great Itachi-nichan." Naruto said to Itachi.

During the one year that Naruto trained under Itachi, Naruto thought of Itachi as an older brother and Itachi didn't mind Naruto calling him 'nichan'. Also, Naruto's tutelage under Itachi was kept secret from the village and especially kept secret from the Uchihas. If Itachi's father ever discovered that Itachi was training Naruto, he would have forbidden Itachi from teaching and probably harm and maybe even kill Naruto. During the Kyuubi attack, over half of the Uchihas were kill off easily by the Kyuubi. Attacking Naruto would be considered an act of vengeance for their fallen.

"I'll contact you when I get back. You'll be starting at the academy soon, so you should continue with your training so that you don't get rusty. I want my brother to learn a lot from you when the two of you spar at the academy."

After Itachi finished speaking, he used a teleportation technique and headed off for his mission.

For the rest of the day, Naruto went over to a training area near the lake and continued to train. During training, Naruto mainly focused on working on Taijutsu using his shadow clones as his sparring partner. During lunch, Naruto headed out to Ichiraku's and after that, he went back to the training area to start working on his Ninjutsu. When he arrived at the training area, Naruto saw that there were several ninjas there, each ninja wielding the Sharingan.

"Today's the day you die demon." one of the Uchihas replied.

'This is not good.' Naruto thought. 'Each of these ninjas is with the police force from what I can see on their uniforms and it looks like a couple of them even have the third level of the Sharingan.'

It was common knowledge that the Uchihas commonly stop developing their eyes after reaching the second level because the second level enabled them to copy their opponent's techniques as well increase their reaction time a little. The third level is said to be hard to obtain and the exact method to obtain the third level is unknown. It was rumored that the third level of the Sharingan enabled the Uchiha who obtained said level to have a major increase in reaction time that it was as if the user was clairvoyant and had the ability to see into the future.

"Demon," one of the Uchihas yelled out, "you got lucky one year ago when you survived the assassination attempt, but your luck has just run out."

After the Uchiha spoke, they all started advancing towards Naruto at a fast pace.

"Shadow Clone Technique" Naruto yelled out.

Six clones appeared and while five clones act as a decoy and try to stall a few of the Uchihas, the sixth one grabbed the original Naruto as he transformed into a shuriken and was thrown across the lake. Naruto managed to make it to the other side of the lake and transformed back into his original self. Naruto started to head towards the village and when he looked back, he saw that the Uchihas were catching up very quickly. After running for a short while, Naruto started to use his next technique.

"Transformation Technique" Naruto transformed into a leaf and hoped that the Uchihas would pass right by. Unfortunately for Naruto, one of the Uchihas found Naruto and Naruto transformed into his original form. An Uchiha punched Naruto at the nose and sent Naruto flying several feet. Naruto went through a single tree and heard a crunching sound when he landed against the trunk of another tree.

Naruto yelled out in pain as he landed and saw that his right arm was broken and had a few ribs that were either bruised or broken. Struggling to even breathe, Naruto tried to do another Shadow Clone technique only to find that his arms were being held by two Uchihas while another two were restraining his legs.

"Now's the time to finally kill you demon. There's no one here to save you this time." the leader of the group replied.

The leader unsheathed a katana that was being carried on his back and was ready to deal the finishing blow on. The leader was now standing only a couple of feet from Naruto and was about to use the katana on him when someone appeared from the bushes nearby. A man with black untamed hair with a lean build appeared. He wore black pants with a black tank top and a red vest. He was wearing a red headband and on the headband, the word 'ACE' was inscribed.

"Hello, do you think you can tell me directions to Konoha? I'm looking for someone there." the man replied with a cheery smile on his face.

"Kill him, he's seen to much." the Uchiha leader replied.

The remaining Uchihas who weren't restraining Naruto each grabbed a kunai and lunged towards the new stranger.

The stranger vanished from sight and the Uchihas who were attacking stopped their attack. An instant later, the attackers were knocked unconscious.

The mysterious man with the word 'ACE' on his headband appeared again and looked at the leader.

"Whoa now, all I wanted were directions to Konoha. Tell me, is everyone in the area rude, or is it just you." the man asked, using what appears to be cheery smile that never falters.

"Who are you looking for, maybe if we tell you who you're looking for, you won't mention what's going on here." the leader replied.

Naruto noticed that the leader tightened his hold on the katana. It was apparent that he was going to attack the stranger when the stranger was about to leave.

"Sure thing. I'm looking for a kid around the age of 7 or so with blond hair and blue eyes." the man replied.

"I see. What do you want the kid for?" the leader asked.

"Personal business." the man answered.

"You're probably looking for me then." Naruto yelled out to the man, coughing out blood when he finished.

Naruto was hoping that this man would be able to help him escape from this predicament since he was currently powerless to do anything to escape.

"Shut up demon." the Uchiha who was hold Naruto's left arm replied.

The same Uchiha twisted Naruto's arm a little and broke it. Naruto yelled out in pain and wish that all the pain would end soon.

"Are you an Uzumaki?" the man asked curiously, his cheery expression changing into that of a curious one.

"Yeah," Naruto replied, breathing heavily hoping to tune out the pain a little.

"I see, yeah you're definitely an Uzumaki alright. Give me a sec." the man replied after looking at Naruto for a few seconds.

The man vanished and soon, the leader of the Uchihas was the only man standing.

The mysterious stranger in the red vest appeared again and looked at the leader.

"Illusionary Technique: Forced Sleep"

"Ha, you think that a Genjutsu like that will make me fa..." the Uchiha started before falling asleep.

"Looks like he wasn't well trained in the Sharingan if he couldn't stop a technique like that. What makes it worse was that it appeared that he has the third level of the Sharingan." the man replied.

The man looked at Naruto who was laid back against a tree and checked his injuries.

"This doesn't look good," the man replied quietly. Naruto was still able to hear him perfectly and listened to what the man had to say.

"Two broken arms as well as a few ribs that are either bruised or broken. Well kid, I'm going to let you rest for a while." The man replied as he finished the last seal for his next technique.

"Illusionary Technique: Forced Sleep"

In an instant, Naruto fell asleep and the man caught Naruto before he landed on one of his broken arms.

'Poor kid.' the man thought. 'Might as well continue on with the plan then.'

The stranger grabbed a piece of Naruto's hair and started to make a few seals after placing the hair down on the ground.

"Secret Technique: Dead Clone"

After the technique finished, a clone of a dead Naruto appeared where the hair had been and was lying beside Naruto. The clone had the appearance of Naruto as if he was dead and there was also a pool of blood that surrounded the body on the ground.

'With this technique, the people at Konoha will think he died. After a few years worth of training, Konoha shall receive their judgement. After the events with the demon attack and their treatment of the boy after said event, they shall soon receive their fate' the man thought.

The man picked up Naruto gently, trying not to injure Naruto any farther, and started to head out.

"Oh yeah, almost forgot." the man said to himself.

He started to form a few one handed seals and after the final seal, he pointed at the head of the leader of the Uchihas that attacked Naruto.

'Just to make sure that he believes Naruto died of blood loss and that he was the one who did the finishing blow.' he thought to himself.

The man started to head towards the direction of Wind Country.

A few day later, Itachi returned from his mission and heard about what happened to Naruto. Itachi was furious inside of his own mind, but externally, he looked calm. After the mission that he finished, he was promoted to ANBU and also became captain of his own squad. A couple of weeks later, the Uchiha massacre occurred.

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