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A man with steel grey eyes was eyeing on some documents that he had just received from his associate. The attack he planned a short while back had been a success thanks to some info given to him from a third party. He found a group which was built to counter his own and found that the group easily had the power to match their own if they continued to gain members of equal strength.

He planned everything down to the last letter to make certain that each member of the opposing group would be brutally annihilated. He brought with him seven members which would equal to the force that was to be taken out.

To start things out, he easily cancelled the Barrier-Genjutsu hybrid which shielded the hideout and attacked the first opponent he saw.

The man he encountered, Hiruma Jack, was a famous sealing expert who was known to be the next coming of the Yondaime Hokage in mastery of seals. He was caught off guard as he noticed the Genjutsu drop and moved to a defensive position. With the assistance of two of his associates, they managed to take JACK down. As he was about to deal the final blow to the once famous seals master, JACK brought out a couple flash notes and managed to escape.

The man sighed as he told his two associates that they were to rest while he sent in Akasuna no Sasori and his new partner Deidara to take out anyone who was inside.

Several minutes had passed and he noticed that there was a man wearing all black appear with another and ordered Kisame alongside with Itachi to attack them. Kisame apparently knew the man in black and the two started to duel. The other that was with the man Kisame attacked went along with another who had just arrived. The newcomer placed Kisame in a powerful illusion and ran off with the one who Kisame's opponent was escorting. Itachi cancelled the illusion and pursued the two while the two swordsmen dueled.

In the end there was only one survivor and he knew where the survivor would end up, Konoha.

He glanced at the reports and frowned when he saw that there was a contradiction with the data he received from the third party. The data stated that there while there were five members total, There was supposed to be four adult males with a single female. Thinking about it for a short while longer, the man saw that the data was very outdated and sighed. He berated himself mentally for somehow missing that small piece of information. The man looked at the next page of the report and saw the data on the fights that the other members had.

The first opponent was obviously Hiruma Jack. Seals expert with a jutsu count of nearly a thousand. Within the compound, Deidara and Sasori saw that Jack died due to injuries. He warned the people inside that there was an attack and two ran while another man stalled the two missing nin.

Sasori recognized the man as Son Tien who was known as a Taijutsu specialist of the highest caliber. Deidara had almost resorted to using his special technique but Sasori told Deidara to sit back and watch as Sasori brought out the third Kazekage puppet and proceeded to attack Tien with the puppet. With the combination of the Iron Sand and various mixes of poison, Tien died rather quickly, but Sasori had to make extensive repairs with the Kazekage puppet.

Outside, the next opponent that was encountered was Hiro King, one of the seven swordsmen of Kiri. He and Kisame dueled and Kisame stated that Hiro used a desperation technique that turned his body to nothing more that ashes as Kisame's sword, the Samehada, absorbed most of the attack. Kisame didn't come out unscathed and appeared badly burnt as he turned in this report.

The last member to be killed was one known as Shinkirouno no Ace who had an underground bounty of 100 million ryou. Not much was known about Ace other than the fact that he can use Genjutsu of the highest caliber.

The one who escaped surprised the man greatly as he read who was the mysterious fifth member. He thought that all of his plans were ruined thanks to the Uchiha, but rejoiced when he saw that the Uzumaki kid was still alive. He barely saw through the Genjutsu that the kid was using, but he recognize the features of the son of the Yondaime. He was grateful that Itachi didn't notice because if he did, he would easily leave the organization and could easily re-enlist as a Konoha Shinobi since the Pact of Judgement, which was the mysterious method that quickly took out most of the Uchiha clan, can be used as a way to escape punishment. The Hokage Sarutobi, would easily accept why Itachi did what he did while the village council would be happy to have the Uchiha back.

Thinking about everything that has transpired, the grey eyed man decided that he would let Itachi go after the Uzumaki with Kisame and hope that he doesn't notice. Kisame easily has twice the amount of chakra that Itachi does and a control that's almost as good. If anything should happen, theoretically, Kisame should be able to beat the Uchiha, especially since he is from Kiri and is an expert in the art of silent killing, though he preferred to kill most of his opponents head-on.


Inside the Hokage's office, Naruto was thinking about his family tree and tried to see how it was possible for another Uzuki to still be alive. According to the tree, the line was supposed to have ended with his mother Naru, but in a world where a majority of things are still unknown and with spirits roaming the land with powers similar to that of demons, anything is possible.

Naruto took out a small summoning scroll from his pocket. He unrolled the scroll a few inches. He bit his thumb and smeared the now bloody thumb over the portion that he unrolled and a book was summoned forth. The book, titled 'History of the Uzuki', was about exactly what was stated on the title.

Sarutobi was working on some paperwork waiting for Yugao to arrive. When he notice that Naru had summoned a book from a scroll, he was curious as to what the book was about. He noticed the title of the book and was curious as to how the Uzuki clan operated. He once asked Yugao about it but she simply replied that there wasn't much and that most of what he'd heard through rumors were practically on the spot, or so she claimed. With a deep sigh, he went back to the tedious task of reducing the paperwork.

As Naruto continued to read the book trying to find where Yugao would be, he sensed that the Hokage was working on some boring paperwork.

"You do know that you can use Shadow Replication to do the work for you right?" Naruto said, eyes never leaving the book.

The Hokage looked at the young Uzuki with an expression that he was his savior. Even though he was known as the 'Professor' back in his youth, even geniuses can overlook the most obvious of solutions.

"I'm sure you already know this but with the Shadow Replication Technique, all the stuff that your clone learns while it still exists will transfer into the minds of the original as well as all of the other clones after the clone's existence ends. With that method, you could easily create let's say two or three replications and have them work here while you can head out to the village and see how the citizens are doing. Though I suggest that you have the clones work only on paperwork while you deal with the other important matters like mission distribution and spending time with your family."

"Thank you for that information. I will certainly use that method starting tomorrow. I'm almost done with the work here and it'd be a waste of chakra to use any clones to finish off any of my work now.

Naruto nodded his head slightly and found a clue as to how Yugao might be connected. As he was about to pursue the clue, a purple haired ANBU member arrived through the use of Body Flicker.

"You called for me Hokage-sama?" the purple haired ANBU asked.

"Yes. I need you to take Uzuki here to the Shiro apartment complex. That'll be all." The Hokage replied.

Even though the ANBU has been trained in concealing her emotions, Naruto, who was still reading the book, noticed that her body slightly tensed for a split second and then relaxed. He was about to leave when he heard the Hokage speak to him.

"Naru, I want you to report to the mission office at 0900 tomorrow morning for your first mission here in Konoha. Unfortunately, you're teammates Uchiha Sasuke and Hyuuga Hinata will unable to attend and neither can your sensei since a mission came up suddenly where his skills are required. He'll be gone for at least two days. Kakashi told me that Sasuke was starting to come down with a serious cold and will unable to attend any missions for the next week while your other teammate Hinata has an important clan meeting that she can't miss. You're to team up with another team for tomorrows mission. I'm doing this so that we can get your number of missions high enough so that your team will be able to enter the Chunin exams that will occur next month."

"Excuse me Hokage-sama, but aren't rookie teams supposed to be ninjas for at least a year as a prerequisite before their senseis can enter them in the exams?" Yugao asked.

"From what I've been hearing, the three teams from this year's graduating class has been performing excellently and each team has accomplished C-class missions with success. Now why don't you show Naru where his apartment is? It'll be room 233." The Hokage explained.

"Yes Hokage-sama," Yugao replied. She bowed to the Hokage and then looked at Naruto who was still reading.

"Follow me," was all she said as she left the room through the door.


Outside, Yugao escorted Naruto back to his old apartment, though she obviously didn't know. After a couple minutes of weaving through pedestrians, Yugao was impressed that Naruto hadn't collided with anyone as he continued to read.

"Tell me, what is your connection with the Uzuki clan? Last I recall, Naru-sama was a female and she was killed in the attack of the Nine-Tailed fox spirit."

"I'll tell you when I get to my apartment. It won't be to long now." Naruto said as he weaved out of the way of another pedestrian.

Yugao was curious as to how he knew there wasn't much distance remaining. She filed the thought to the back of her mind for now as she continued to do her duty.


The two had just arrive at the apartment complex. After talking with the owner (Naruto loved the look on the owner's face when he said that he was going to room in 233) and got his keys. Naruto had kept his original set when he was training with ACE and the others, but they were in storage back at his old HQ.

Once he entered the apartment, Naruto saw that the place hasn't been touched in years.

"Why don't we head outside for a short bit? I'm going to have my clones clean up the place." Naruto said as he placed his book into his pocket and went outside.

Yugao followed and saw that Naru summoned twenty Shadow Replications. The clones went to work and the last clone to enter shut the door.

"Your correct. Naru did die during that Kyubi attack but she gave birth to me though before she died."

"Naru-sama was pregnant? She never mentioned it to me when she was staying with me twelve years ago. I'm speculating that she used a powerful Transformation Technique which could easily block the sight of the Byakugan. But I am curious as to why you weren't mentioned as being born on the 10th of October?"

"Simple really, but I want to ask you a question first. What is your connection to the clan?" at this, Yugao removed her mask and looked at him straight in the eyes. "I ask because in the family tree that is mentioned in this book," Naruto then pull the book out of his pocket and showed her the tree.

Yugao grabbed the book and scanned the tree. She saw that her mother and father were listed as deceased and saw that there was no branch heading down to where her name was supposed to be. She closed the book then opened it again and turned it a couple pages. She saw that the book was made almost thirteen years ago but then remembered an important fact.

"The clan thought that I died at child birth. Back then, there were a few members, but I didn't know about any of them until Naru-sama came to Konoha and told me everything. When she came to Konoha, she noticed that I looked a lot like my mother and went to investigate. She found out about my heritage and took me in as I was but an orphan for a majority of my life. She told me that we were the last of the clan since her father died and with her tutelage, she taught me several techniques that were associated with the clan until she died."

She paused thinking if she could add anything else when she saw that Naruto had grabbed a hold of his head and was making a weird face.

"Sorry, but my clones just finished and let me tell you, that place was dusty." Naruto said as he opened the door.

He entered the now clean apartment with Yugao in tow. Yugao was curious as to how Naruto knew his clones had finished cleaning without any of the twenty clones coming out to inform them. The two went to the living room and sat down on two chairs that were near by.

"The simple reason why I wasn't mentioned as to being born on the 10th of October was because she wanted to keep the secret of who my father was. I was given my father's name and was sent out of the country shortly after the Kyubi attacked." Naruto answered after making sure he was comfortable.

Naruto yawned and saw that it was getting late. Yugao was also starting to feel a little tired, seeing that she had returned from a mission as she was summoned. She saw a pen and some paper on a nearby desk and wrote something down.

"Here's my address. If you're feeling lonely or just want to visit, you can see me whenever I'm not doing any mission. I would also appreciate it if you don't tell anyone that I'm in ANBU."

"That won't be a problem. I'll be sure to visit." Naruto said with a smile.

"Also, if you visit and see a pale sickly looking man, that's my fiancé." Naruto escorted Yugao out and saw that she already donned her mask.

"I'll see you later then." Naruto said. Yugao used Body Flicker and vanished in a poof of smoke.


Naruto woke up late and saw that the time was 7 in the morning. Normally he would wake sometime during 6 but no later than 6:30. After taking a shower and brushing his teeth, the time was now 7:30. Making sure that he had enough money to last for some ramen, he headed out for Ichiraku's. After eating a few bowls of ramen made by Teuchi, (Ayame was still feeling somewhat depressed and he gave her the day off) Naruto headed to where the missions were distributed and arrived at exactly 0900 hours.

Inside the room, Naruto saw that there was a man with black hair and a long scar running across his nose. He also saw several other chunins and saw that they were talking to other customers who needed help with this or that.

"Naru, glad to see you. The team that you'll be with will be here in a minute." Sandaime replied.

Exactly one minute later, two ninjas and two kunoichi arrived. The two ninjas were his age while one of the two kunoichis was also in the same age group. The other kunoichi was obviously their sensei and Naruto tried hard not to stare at the beautiful woman. One of the two boys had a small white dog he remember was named Akamaru and remembered that the boy that Akamaru was under was an Inuzuka named Kiba. The other male was obviously an Aburame and he recalled that the Aburame's name was Shino. From what he was told during a session with ACE, Aburame tend to leave kikai on you and can effectively use them as scouts. Naru saw that there was already a couple of kikai trying to crawl towards him.

"Team 8, you're to work with Uzuki here and-" whatever the Hokage was about to say was interrupted when a lean looking man who appeared to be in his forties opened the door.

"Excuse me but I heard that the Clone Master was here and I was wondering if I could hire him for a mission?" the man asked.

"Clone Master? I'm not aware of any of our ninja's here in Konoha being a master of clone." The scarred man replied. "Do you know of any Clone Master Hokage-sama?"

"You're Asuran right? Hideki Asuran, the new Daimyo of Fire Country?" Naruto asked.

Everyone was looking at the man, shock etched in their faces.

"You're correct. How did you know?" Asuran asked.

"I have my sources. If you need me for a mission what do you want me to do?" Naruto asked.

"So you're Clone Master Narut-"

"Clone Master Naru is what I go by right now Hideki-dono." Naruto interrupted.

"You can call me Asuran if you like. I remember hearing about how my father hired you one time to do a job for him with the assistance you a couple of your friends. How are they by the way?" Asuran asked.

The room started to return to normal, but Naruto sensed that they were all trying to listen in to the conversation. As Naruto thought about what to say he recalled the mission that Asuran mentioned.

ACE thought that a couple of live missions would help benefit his abilities as he tried to gain control of his new found power back during the merger. Even though it was a year after he received Kyubi's power, he was still trying to gain the control he had before the merger. ACE received a notice from the Daimyo of Fire Country about a missing nin problem. Daimyo's from all off the continent would go to ACE or the others in ROFLOR when they needed a problem done for a cheaper price or if they need something that needs to be done and have a 100 percent guarantee that they wouldn't be traced by name or country. It was how they usually make their income for their food and supplies.

When ACE accepted the mission, he told the Daimyo that he would be bringing someone else along and told the Daimyo that that someone was his apprentice called 'Clone Master Naruto.' The Daimyo wholeheartedly accepted and ACE made certain that Naruto's name was covered up so that no one would connect him with the supposedly dead Uzumaki Naruto of Konoha. The mission was a big success. The Daimyo himself stated that he wanted to watch ACE's apprentice and managed to convince his twelve guards that he'd be fine. During the mission, Naruto, with his unbalanced chakra control, summoned lots of clones that he didn't mean to summon. Naruto eventually won the battle with ACE taking out the larger threats and the Daimyo said that he make certain to hire Naruto when he becomes more skilled.

"They're dead. Not even ACE with the assistance of the others had a chance against 9 S-Class missing nins. On a different note, how did your father die? I heard that he died due to unnatural causes."

"I'm sorry for your loss but I digress." Asuran said.

Asuran walked up to the Hokage and gave him an envelope. As the Hokage read the contents of what was in the envelope, his eyes widened with shock. He gave the letter to the scarred man beside him and he bore the exact same expression and the Hokage as he finished the letter.

"Are you serious about this?" Sarutobi asked after getting the letter back.

"100 percent. And I want Naru's team there to deal with the threat." Asuran replied with a serious expression.

"As much as I hate to do this, Team 8 and Naru, your mission is to assassinate the threat that is known as Tora."