Author's note: I'm back with the sequel of my last story. You could say it was different from what you'd normally read and I wasn't planning on doing a sequael and just kill off all my characters including the main ones. It was a way to say sorry to my friends and my brother who'd read my story.

"Why did you kill me off the story, Bianca!" my brother shouted at me on the phone one day "you should've killed off Marc or your goofy looking friends"

"Sorry Eric, but don't worry I'm going to kill off the main characters at the end, ok"

But when I was typing up the last three chapters, ideas started popping into my head so I'm sorry, my brother, but the two main character lives!

Summary: It been two years since Bianca and her friend were rescued and live in a safe town but their new life wasn't as great as they thought it would be. During the two years, they were living as slaves to an old rich woman who has the power to kick them out of the town and into the dead world again. Til one day, Bainca found out that her parents were alive and living in a town in Texas. Which gives Bianca an excuse to leave the town and the old woman's grasp.

Prologue: Dream

I opened my eyes to find myself back at my house and no zombies in sight. But it was odd because I found myself reliving the day before the zombie invasion happened. I was in my kitchen with my brother listening to my mother talking to us before she went to work.

"If Marc is coming over for the week you have to make sure he picks up after himself" My mom said

"I will mom, I'm not a kid anymore" Eric said

Mom rolled her eyes as she grabbed her car keys "Just clean up the living room before he comes over and if you're getting some beer later on make sure you put gas in your car" Mom said

"Yes, mom"

"And Bianca, if you don't feel like cooking I left some money to order some pizzas" she said

I nodded then she gave me a hug "I'll be back around eight, see you later" she said then went out and closed the door behind her. I never thought that would be the last time I see her again as I walked back to my room. I fell on my bed and stared at the ceiling with Marc on my mind.

Then somehow I found myself seeing what my mom was seeing. I saw her driving up to a gas station she worked at. Everything was going fine that day for her, the usual customers and the same employees she sees every day.

She even called my brother to see how we were doing.

"Hey Eric, how's it going" she asked over the phone

"Fine, Marc made it but he also brought his girlfriend with him" he sighed

Mom sighs "I thought you said only he was staying"

"I thought so too but at the last minute he told me he was bringing her"

"Fine, put Bianca on the phone" she asked

"She went to Wal-Mart . . . again and won't be back in an hour or two" he said

"Oh, just call me back when she gets home"

"Ok, bye mom"

"Bye" Mom said

Hours pass and the day turned into a warm night. My mom was locking up the store when she noticed Marines running around the place or chasing other people. She watches as four of them tackled a man down and beat him to death.

"What's going on"

"I don't know" Mom said

The other employees gather around the glass window when suddenly they scream when a blood cover woman slammed against the glass door. They backed away a bit and froze when the woman was trying to get in.

"She might need help" a young employee said as he ran over and opened the door to let the woman in. My mom watched as the woman roar and bit the young teen in the neck and tore a piece of flesh off. The others screamed as blood poured out of his neck. But before the woman could bite anyone else, a bullet pierced through her head and she collapsed to the floor.

My mom and the other stood there, stunned as men from the marines came in.

"No time to explain, we're taking you a safe place, now" one of them said

"What's going on"

"What's wrong"

"Where are you taking us?" Many of the employees asked as they were push out of the store.

"Wait, let me call my children" Mom said rushing to phone.

Instead she was grabbed by the arm and was pushed out of the store along with the others. "Please, my kids are alone at home, I need to talk to them, please"

My mom saw another person in the same condition like the woman running over with blood dripping from his mouth. My mom covered her eyes as another shot was fire and blew the guy's head off. She was shoved onto a bus and forced to sit down as the bus drove off to the base. My mom was dropped off at somewhere in the base with other people all asking the same question.

"What's going on?" Mom asked everyone while looking for a phone and cursing herself for forgetting her cell phone.

Hours past and the sun was rasing and unknowing to her the zombie's population was increasing. She was up all night worrying about me, my brother and my father and still doesn't have the slightest clue what was going on.

She overheard some people talking about the people that were attacking were dead but she thought that was silly and made her think of me more since I love zombie video games.

Another two hours had past when she met up with my father.

"Where have you been, we need to get home to get Bianca and Eric?" she said

My father sadly shook his head "I drove over there earlier to bring them here but they weren't there"

My mother went pale "what do you mean they weren't there? Whatever is happening out there, they're smart enough to stay in the house"

"The whole house is covered in blood, there's a dead teenager and the car is missing. I don't know where they are"

My mom started to cry believing we were dead and was half right you could say. I watched her cry and I couldn't move or shout that I was all right.

I was wondering if I was dead as well knowing I lost a lot of blood from the bus crash. Suddenly time fast forward and stopped at the time the zombies smashed through the base and begin eating the survivors.

I actually saw Meredith, Sandy and the bitch Shelly running to a bus and my parents running to another one. They drove out of the base before the zombies could get them and out of the town.

"Where are we going?" My mom asked

"There's a safe place to live in-

And that when I heard voices and started to wake up . . .

Chapter One: Recovering: The healing process after the bus crash.