Epilogue: Father's Grave

"So that's my story" I said to my father.

I sat in the cold snow, not evening caring that my butt was now numb and my pants were wet and stared at the grave stone.

"Mom told me that I'll find you here and I'm glad that over here they bury you in the ground instead of treating you like trash and throw you away" I said.

I reached out and wiped the snow off my father's gravestone then trace the letters with my finger.

"I hope you liked the story, because I didn't make up" I said "I spent weeks in a Wal-Mart store, I was right there when Eric was murdered and I was rescued and treated like shit for two years. I was nearly killed dozens of times and that's only from the trip over here" I said

I stared at my father's grave and hugged my jacket close due to the cold.

"Mom told me how you died, you pushed her out of the way to prevent her from being eaten. Yeah, being a Supply Gatherer really sucks, I guess Mom didn't want to do that job anymore afterwards." I said

A new coat of snow stated to form on his gravestone as I sat there, thinking.

"Why did I survive this . . . how would you call it . . . the end of the world thing. No, I wouldn't call it the end of the world since there are still people alive all over the world. I guess I would call it an epidemic that still hasn't died yet" I said

I shook my head "but that's not the point, I did survived, after all, with this whole thing happening it's hard for anyone to believe in hope anymore. Yet somehow, after all that happened I'm still here"

A small gust of wind blew into my face and I heard the sounds of moaning. I looked up at the electric fence that was just a few meters away and spotted a zombie walking over to the fence. I ignored it and stared at the gravestone again.

"I don't know how to explain it, maybe I was destined to die in another way then by a zombie, but whatever the reason for me still living, I just glad I am alive. I don't know who could take care of Matt if I was dead." I said

Another gust of wind blew into my face and pieces of snowflakes fly into my hair.

"So I guess the trip wasn't a total lost knowing Mom is not alone anymore and you can finally rest in peace knowing the whereabouts of me."


I turned around to see Matt walking over "Come on, you've been there for an hour, your mom wants to take us to the hospital to treat our injuries" Matt said.

"Coming, hold on" I shouted back.

I placed my hand on my father's grave "I love you dad and say hi to Eric for me up there" I said as I was getting up from the ground.

"I'll come and visit you everyday" I said then walked over to Matt.

"Had a nice talk with your dad" He asked

"Yeah" I said, holding on to his arm as we started walking out of the graveyard.

"I told you this place was worth the risk" I said.

Matt just smiled and said nothing, but he knew I was right.

I looked back at the Zombie that was still walking over to the electric fence. Its' arms were extended out and were ready to touch the wire. I started to count down before it was electrocuted.


To be continued . . .


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I dedicate this story to:

My brother: Eric (I miss you)

My Friends: Matt, Kristine, Garret, Esteban, Meredith (she loves gory stories)

Marc: who introduce me to Zombie Movies.