First true Teen Titans story. Will involve romance, action/adventure, comedy, and return visits from past characters. Hope you enjoy.

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You would think being trapped for all time would drive a person insane. Well you're right...well for some anyway. One particular person was actually content at being trapped for the rest of time. It gave her time to think. She thought about her past, remembering the fear that she had because she couldn't control the devastating power that she had been granted. It was her blessing and her curse. However she let it grow out of control. She didn't accept the right help when it was smack dead in her face. And to her, this was the biggest mistake of her life. She had friends (or she hoped they were still her friends) that wanted to help her, but her fear lead her astray. It nearly caused her the life of her friends and had cost her, her freedom. At first, being trapped caused her an immeasurable amount of emotional pain. But over the years she had gained peace. She knew of her faults and weighed them with her goods and saw that she did not sacrifice herself for nothing. Though much of it was of her own doing, she was glad she was able to help in anyway possible. It was because of one saying that helped her understand this.

"It's never too late."

She remembered who spoke that; the one that understood her. He saw her fear and anguish and did his best to help. And it would have probably worked if she hadn't been so misguided in her quest to control her powers. She thought he had broken her heart when he revealed her secret (or so she thought. She was later told that, that piece of information was cleverly deduced.). She believed her heart was shattered even more when he told her she had no friends even after she asked him to promise to never hate her no matter what. She tried to cover all the pain up with vengeance and carried that vengeance out. But they prevailed and took her down. She remembers fighting the boy and him telling her that her powers were her own. She finally broke free of the grip on her powers and when the volcano that she created erupted she unleashed them with such force and so rapidly that the cells in her body ceased moving and she froze in stone. Now her body may be frozen, but her mind was still active. This backing up the fact that she spent her time thinking. And because her five other senses were frozen along with her body, her sixth sense evolved into a type of empathy. A power that one particular person she knew possessed. She could always feel the emotions radiating off his body when the boy she loved came to visit her 'grave'. Such guilty, sorrow, longing, and hope. Hope that he and his friends would one day find the cure. But the passage of time has a knack for eating away at that hope. Oh...he still hoped; it just wasn't as strong as it once was. She thought; this was understandable. Why wait forever for something you could never have? She was glad that he was starting to forget her, though deep down she wished to hold him again. To listen to one of his corny jokes. To see that smile that could melt the heart of anyone. She also sensed that, that smile was now being directed toward another. It took her as a surprise when she first noticed it. But like she thought. He was beginning to fall for another, and that was understandable. He should be happy. And if he was to be happy with another, then so be it. Like stated above, she was content with her current situation. Now happy, content. She had truly become one with the earth around her. And though she couldn't use them, her powers were very much active. But it wasn't until one day that the tranquility of her prison, no, her solitude was broken. Like always she thought, she extended her mind, manipulating her powers from within her self and trying to manipulate them on the outside. It never worked, but it never hurt to try. Guess that way of thinking has its ups. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice a tingling feeling in her hand. It started at the tip of her finger. A strange tingly feeling, as if the constant temperature of her stone casing changed. Now not being able to feel for so long can cause a person to flip when they finally do. And boy did she flip. Her mind raced. She didn't know what was going on. Simply that her unfeeling nature had been disturbed. For a moment she almost thought that she was going to die; her soul finally leaving its rocky tomb. But then, nothing. That was until a crack formed on her stony finger. That crack soon traveled up her hand and began to branch out in multiple directions. The cracks traveled up her left arm and soon on her shoulder where they divided to access her other arm and lower body. The cracks traveled down her back, continuing to cross over them selves around her spine. They traveled down her belly, naval, crotch, legs, feet, and even her toes. Her long hair soon came victim to the same treatment, leaving only her face untouched by the addictive crack forming. Then as quickly as the cracks ran up her body, they stopped, leaving her looking like a jigsaw puzzle. Now you may think that her stone body had finally eroded and was about to join the earth around her, but you would be mistaken. In one swift movement the stone around her body chipped away, falling to the ground and turning to dust as it made contact with the stone floor. So many different feelings rushed into her body at once. The cool dampness of the cave, the cold ground, the small unimaginable silence of the cavern. She was so overwhelmed by such feeling that she dropped to the ground and tried to right herself. Her long hair, which now was longer than ever before fell over her body and covered her indecency. Her whole body shivered as she just realized that she was completely in the nude. And for some reason she felt heavier than before she was imprisoned. She began to touch herself (and no, not to pleasure herself) and soon discovered that she was not the girl she once was. She couldn't explain it, but she was now a woman. Had the passage of time really affect her or was she more in-tune with the earth than she realized and it somehow aged her? She shrugged; a comfortable feeling. She didn't know why or how she freed herself, but that didn't matter. The point was that she was now free. She was freezing her butt off, but she was free. Only one thing impeded her from being totally free. On her face, was the mask of the little girl that she once was, forever imprinted with the look of confusion while she used her powers for the final time; itwas there? This new woman reached up and took the mask in her hand, hesitating slightly (being the last time this face would be on her) before pulling it off her face and tossing it to the ground where it turned to dust. Her unnaturally long hair flowed over her face, hiding it completely from view. She stood, finally being able to use her forgotten motor skills to move her body. Then she looked around one last time at her home. The home which she lived in for so long. With a flick of her hand a small platform of stone lifted from the floor itself and became her floating platform, levitating a few feet off the ground. It felt great to use her powers once again, feeling the energy flow through her entire being. It was an indescribable feeling. Though if I could try it was like getting high, but only without the bad side effects and ten times better. Then her lips,which had remained unmoved for those many years curled itself into a smile before she made her way out of her cavern to breathe in the world that she, had long forgotten.

Freedom, thy name is Terra.

It was unusually foggy that morning. The low clouds seeming to mask the large city and the strange letter "T" that housed the city's protectors. But the city was prone to have a foggy day like this. It just was a normal thing. But this wasn't a normal city. Its five protectors were anything but normal. One was overly obsessive and had a one track mind when it came to solving crimes. And though over the years he had matured into a decent young man he still had that problem. Along with the problem of not admitting his true feelings to a certain female teammate. That teammate had an affect on him. Maybe it was because she wasn't from this world, or that she was unbelievably naive at times, or maybe the fact that she was a good 50 times physically stronger than him and could shoot green solar blasts from her body. Whatever the reason, this tameranian princess, who in his terms he believed to now be as beautiful as a queen made him turn to jelly. Another man of the tower, who some would say was only half a man was like the father of the group. He helped the others when they had problems and was glad to help. But like any person he had his times of sorrow and grief. Being half metal can do that to a person. And even though he looked much less bulky (though nowhere near weaker) than before, his evident half robotic side still sometimes played on his heart. But he has seen that there is no way to change this and has accepted this in his life. He's smart like that. Speaking of only being half human another person on this team is a half as well. Though her side would be referred to as evil, she is not by any means that. Sure, she has her 'temper tantrums' and idly shoots out threats, but she's not a monster. Same couldn't be said for the one who sired her, but lets not get into that. This woman with a secluded personality has her moments when she lets loose (not often, but they do happen) and joins in the merriment of everyday life. But usually she can be found curled up on the sofa, or in a chair, or in her room reading a book that would fry most people's brains. That's just the way she is. Just like her polar opposite who always, and I mean always brings her out of her shell. He may be a little 'green around the gills' (excuse my horrible pun)...well actually he's green all over. From his skin to his hair to his emerald eyes that can pull a person in. Along with that smile of his and the way his ears prick up (saying that the ladies dig the ears) when he's happy, it causes anyone in the immediate area to become happy. It's just contagious like that. And speaking of the little green bean (or grass stain, or olive boy, or green butt as his best friend calls him) we find him staring out the overly large windows of the tower he lives in. The tower that houses his life and his family. He's glad that on days like this; the feeling of being cold and alone, he has a home and family that loves him with all their heart (okay, not all there heart, but close enough). Hey, and now that we're speaking of being cold and alone, we find someone who is that right now. She stands, perched on a stone platform staring out at the large "T" in the bay, so far away that not even the green bean's super heightened senses can notice. That's a good thing; she doesn't want him to notice her...not yet. Being a sane person she as draped a large cloak over her body to protect herself from the cold. She isn't ready to met him, not until she realizes something, and until she gets herself some clothes. But before she leaves to do just that she utters one word. A word that she has longed to say for so long.


As if he heard it (and he didn't) he looks up at the source of the sound. He can't see anything, but he could feel something...something familiar. But he can't place his finger on it. He shrugs; once again a comfortable feeling and continues to stare off into the fog. That is until a monotonous voice breaks the silence that has filled the room.

"I would ask you what you are doing, but I see you are completely enthralled by the window pane." came the voice

He smirks, turns and gives her a playful glare before replying

"Yeah, though it's not as good as watching TV."

"I know. How you can spend hours on end watching it is beyond me, but you're prone to do it." she replies

"Well ya got to train yourself for it. You got to give it 110." he continues

"Yeah, I'm sure you'd win the gold medal." she quips

"I know." he replies with a grin.

Moving silently over to the kitchen area she grabs a kettle cuts on the faucet, letting it fill with water. After that task is completed she sets it on the stove, turning the heat to a desirable level and awaits for the kettle to steam. Not being the person to keep quiet our little (okay, not so little anymore) green friend makes conversation again.

"So... Raven...what are you doing up so early?" he asked

"I could say the same for you." she replied

"Well I couldn't get back to sleep after I woke up at 5, count it..." he held up five fingers "5 o'clock." he exclaimed "I just don't know why?" he wondered, scratching his chin

"Maybe because of the fact that you sleep during the day your body now conforms to daylight rest instead of twilight." she responded

"Maybe." he replied "But you still haven't answered my question?" he questioned

"I know that you of all people aren't blind Garfield. So use your eyes."

"Tea." he answered

"And he answered correctly. Give him a prize." she retorted

Once again she was granted with a playful glare. Then he sauntered over and stood no more than a foot away from her before he asked.

"It's my turn to cook breakfast. Want anything special?"

Before she could comment her kettle whistled, informing her that the water was ready.

"Sorry, but tea comes first." she replied after pouring the steaming water into a cup and adding the tea packet.

He slightly frowns, but instantly perked up when he came to a startling realization.

"More for me then."

Okay, it wasn't that startling, but it was a realization.

"Now excuse me, I would like to sit and get back to my book." she said, referring to the leather-back book that was currently resting on the coffee table.

He obliged and moved out her way so that she could past, but the second she took a step her foot came in contact with something big and hairy. The mutant moth known as Silkie (who had grown into a dog sized moth, complete with hair, legs, antenna and wings) shrieked as it was stepped on (bugs just don't get a break, do they?) The shrieking insect started Raven so badly that she tripped and ended up falling. But being a hair quicker she was caught by Garfield. In that close proximity however she panicked, not being the person who like physical contact and tried to pull away. But her tea, her scalding hot tea that she had, had in her hands spilled on Garfield's exposed chest (he was only wearing long black pants) and burned him. Out of reflex he tightened his hands, which were currently closed around Raven's arms and kept her from pulling way. She tried to push against his chest but to no avail, and saw that the years of training did his body good. She looked up at him (being that he was a good inch or two taller than her) and saw that he was still trying to let the pain the hot liquid caused him to wash over. She couldn't help but let her face turn a couple shades of red as he held her against himself. At that moment the doors to the common room swished open and revealed the half metal man known as Cyborg, or Victor to his friends. After hearing the shriek, being that he had already gotten up to make himself some early breakfast he rushed in to see the problem. But when he saw the problem he began to snicker. The teasing side of his nature reared itself and he began to make fun of his friends in their awkward position.

"I hope I haven't interrupted anything. If I have, I can leave so ya'll can have a little alone time." he said, emphasizing 'alone'

It was at that time that Garfield looked down to see Raven, in his arms, close to his wet chest, blushing. His face lit up like the Fourth of July as a sheepish smile involuntarily ran across his face. Raven was mortified to say the least as she turned to see Vic trying his best to hold in his laughing. So mortified in fact that a little bit of her power escaped her and caused the kettle, which still had a little scolding hot water inside to blast said water out of its little tube and straight toward Garfield's back. Once again, pain ran through his body and he tightened his grip, causing Raven to press further against his body than she was comfortable with. Not to say that the position before was comfortable, but now her face was buried into his shoulder, where her mouth reluctantly tasted the tea that now coated his upper body.

"Whoa you two. Get a room." Victor mocked

In a desperate empty to salvage what little dignity she had left she used her powers to pry Garfield's arms open and quickly headed to her room, bypassing the chuckling cyborg on her way out. Though she didn't miss the chance to send him a threatening glare, even though it had no effect. Side-splitting hilarity can do that to a person. It wasn't until the door closed behind her did Vic let loose, laughing his metallic butt off. If it were possible Garfield's face turned a whole new shade of red. A red that would have put Kori's hair to shame.

"Oh god...I can't...believe...ya'll...why...didn't...ya'll...were..." he said, gasping between breathes and laughs

But Garfield didn't let him finish.

"Dude, that was totally by accident! She tripped...over Silky and I just kinda caught her!" he yelled

"Sure." Vic replied, composing himself a little he asked "So where is Silky?" he asked

"Uh..." Garfield began, looking aroundfor the moth.

But after being stepped on the mutant bug made a mad dash for his beloved owner's room.

"Like I said sure. It was only Silky. Whatever OliveBoy." Vic replied, not convinced "Next time ya'll want to hug each other lovingly, trying doing it somewhere where nobody will see ya'll." he advised

"It was nothing!" he cried

"Do I have to repeat myself? Sure it was an 'accident'." he replied, quoting accident with finger gestures

"It was!" he shrieked

"Whatever man, don't blow a gasket." Vic replied, heading over to the kitchen to cook himself some breakfast

BeastBoy didn't try to stop his friend from cooking the abundance of meat that was about to end on Victor's plate. Maybe it was the current situation he was in, or the situation he was in only moments before. Or maybe it was the fact that he was still in searing pain. Whatever the reason he just stood their, trying to come to plausible conclusions on why the fates choose to torture him so.

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