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The bright crescent moon hung lazily in the sky, its dim light casting a calming affect over the city, though currently these soft beams had no affect on a certain powered down demon and the heroes who chased after him. But despite his massive drop in energy the Night King was not discouraged. On the contrary, he was set in his mission to enact his revenge. While he could never handle the Titans in her current condition his sights were not on the Titans, but something close to them.

"Their dwelling." he thought, his lithe form racing through the city streets, "They may have beaten me but their victory will be bitter sweet."

But he was not the only fast moving creature dashing through the city. A green tinted reptilian's claws beat rapidly against the black pavement of the road in hot pursuit of the Night King, though the dark demon kept ahead by a few paces. The green dragon couldn't risk flying, since he'd have to be high in the air to avoid the many buildings of the city, and that would give Yauo amble time to lose the dragon in the city's twists and turns.

Luckily the green dragon was not alone in his pursuit, assisted in his fleet-footed adventure by an insect-theme electricity manipulator, a wielder of the magical arts, and the mistress of the earth. While he couldn't fly through the city because of his size, these three maidens were far better off, being much nimbler than their large teammate. Making a sharp turn down an upcoming street Yauo attempted to throw Beastboy off, but the changeling was quick on the uptake, his claws raking against the street as he rounded the corner mirroring Yauo's movement.

Enraged Yauo swiped his claws around the street, sending numerous cars cascading through the air like metallic confetti. Yet Beastboy's fluid body found a way through the maelstrom of metal, though not without a few nicks and scrapes from wayward automobiles. The three Titans following along found their own way to bypassing the lethal volley of steel and glass. Raven's dark powers let her wave away any vehicle threatening her safety while Terra erected a barrier of earth to deflect the motorized hailstorm. Bumblebee, lacking the power of either girl, had to actively avoid the flying debris, though her ability to change her size at will helped her greatly in her evasive maneuvers.

Growling at their persistence Yauo picked up the pace, throwing his entire body into his slithering. But out of the corner of his eye he saw a blur coming up on his side. It wasn't until this blur came in close did the dark demon realized what was following. A pair of electrically charged superheroes came up rapidly on the shadow creature, their insane speed able to keep up with the terrible Night King. Yauo growled, his anger summoning up green flames in his throat and despite the attack's significant drop in power it no less posed a threat to the speedy duo.

But Mas y Menos were not deterred by the onslaught of corrupt flames, using their super-speed to evade the deadly inferno. Jade flames roared across the asphalt road in pursuit of the two, but they kept ahead of the flames, gaining some ground a little. Using this to their advantage they move along to an odd angle beside Yauo, forcing the demon to cease his powerful assault or risk losing balance. With his signature attack rendered useless at the moment the dark demon resorted to trying to swipe at the speedsters, but doing so slowed him down just enough for Beastboy to lunge at him. Fortunately for the shadow creature, Yauo managed to slip away before Beastboy could get a solid grip on him.

Meanwhile, somewhat behind the pursuing Titans the others followed adamantly; Robin and Starfire zooming down the street on the R-Cycle while Cyborg, Aqualad, and Speedy rode the T-Car, Cyborg driving as fast as he possibly could.

"This guy is beyond stubborn ain't he." replied Cyborg, his foot pressed heavily on the gas pedal, "The guy's beat and he still trying to cause trouble."

"We will not allow the Yauo to continue doing what he pleases." came Starfire over the communicator, "He has already caused much strife and will cause no more."

"Let's just hope we stop him before he reaches the Tower."

It took no rocket science to figure out Yauo's intent. He was going to deliver the Titans a painful blow one way or another. If he couldn't do it physically then a spiritual blow would have to suffice. And already was the bay coming into view and subsequently Titans Tower that stood in the darkened bay proudly, its lights glowing brightly in the night. But if the Night King had any say in the matter those lights would soon be darkened, permanently.

"Azerath Metrion Zinthoss!" yelled Raven, her powers reaching out and taking hold of lampposts up ahead of the group

The darkened streetlights popped out of the ground and creaked violently as they bent around Yauo, wrapping around the Night King's midsection in an attempt to bind him. She managed to take hold of one of his arms as well as his mouth, though the lampposts meant to stop his undulating body were dodged by the demon. Discarding said useless bindings Raven focused on the lampposts currently entangling Yauo's body, but found it difficult to keep him bond. His violent struggling proved too great for her weakened will and after a few moments he broke free, with the resulting feedback reeling the empath back.

As Yauo ripped at the now powerless lampposts Terra took over where Raven left off, commanding her own powers to her hands. With a growl she raised her hands above her, the earth moving to her will, the street ahead lifting up in resonance with the geo-mancer. Just as the demon threw away the lamppost binding his mouth he noticed the raised street and realizing he wouldn't have time to get around it he reacted almost instantaneously, leaping into the air. His leap was haphazard at best and while he cleared the mineral obstruction he didn't clear it unscathed, cartwheeling over it as his arm caught over the top of the wall. Though he was quick to regain his balance and take off again.

The other Titans had a far easier time clearing the rocky wall; Bumblebee, Raven, and Terra simply flying over it while Beastboy leapt over it expertly and Mas y Menos literally ran up and over the wall. With barely a thought Terra turned and waved her hand down, dropping the large wall so that the other Titans could safely keep up. Beastboy managed to gain some ground on the fleeing shadow creature and reached out, latching hold of Yauo's long tail. With a mighty yank the green dragon pulled Yauo back, but the demon would not be stopped, unleashing his flames as soon as Beastboy pulled.

Flames seared his hide and Beastboy let go in response to the sharp pain, letting Yauo escape, though not with a few bumps and scrapes as the girls bombarded the demon with numerous attacks. Pained grunts issued forth from his mouth, but he managed to push on, his only concern the tower that was in his direct line of sight. The shadow demon soon cleared the outer limits of the city; the bay was only a few hundred feet away and coming up fast.

"Finally!" he roared, leaping over a large truck, "This will only be a minuscule part of my revenge but I will show those Titans what happens when they cross me."

Not only would Yauo annihilate the tower but also his escape was certain. For the bay would mask his retreat. One day he would return and take his full vengeance on the Titans, but demolishing their tower would be a good start. Intense jade flames came to life in the demon's gullet, glowing with a sense of rage and hate as Yauo prepared to unleash as much power as he able. Attacks from the Titans rained down upon the Night King but he ignored the pain, his only focus the large 'T' standing proudly in the bay. The symbol of hope and justice in the city of Jump would soon be brought to the ground in a heap of burning and twisted metal.

"Let it burn. LET IT BURN!" he boomed, unleashing his full fury onto the tower in the form of an enormous fireball

A collective gasp ran through the entire group of Titans, knowing none of them could stop the attack in time. The ball of emerald flames closed in, threatening the pristine tower with sheer destructive power.


A loud rush of air rang through the sky as something collided with the green inferno, matching it in power and ferocity. The conflicting energies struggled for a while, though only because of the massive size of the green fireball. But eventually a blue beam of concentrated sonic energy ripped through Yauo's attack and continued on to the dark demon himself.

"No!" roared Yauo, his arms going up in defense as the beam smashed into him

Soulless eyes narrow in anger as the dark demon dropped his arms after the sonic attack poured over him. His hide sizzled slightly, having not withstood the attack completely. Yauo looked up, noticing a light atop the tower he aimed to destroy, and noticed a strange weapon pointed directly at him. Atop the weapon sat an odd looking creature, slightly bandaged, but looking more chipper than his apparent injuries let on. Back at the T-Car a little beeping sound went off on Cyborg's arm and the cyber-Titan responded accordingly, slightly surprised at the face he saw on the screen.


An odd, gurgled reply came from the fish like Titan as Tram responded to Cyborg, but being that Cyborg couldn't understand a word of Tram's aquatic language it was up to Aqualad to act as translator to the 'Gurgled-Impaired'.

"Tram's been monitoring us ever since a... big flying eel broke free from the tower."

"Eel? Yo, does he mean Malchior?"

"I am no eel." came a snarling voice from overhead

A dark shadow passed over the T-Car and the R-Cycle, revealing none other than the 'big flying eel' himself, Malchior. With little to say at such a sudden appearance the Titans watched at Malchior over took them, despite the fact that the city cut his flight speed drastically. Something else caught their eye as Malchior flew overhead but the steady beat of the dread dragon's wings blinded them to something resting atop his neck.

Malchior growled in frustration as he weaved through the many buildings of jump; though it didn't take him long to spot the other Titans, feverishly doing battle with Yauo. Still, he could not believe he agreed to help. He should have taken off when he had the chance, though he shared a common goal in destroying Yauo once and for all. That demon had escaped death one too many times. It was time to end this.

At the moment said Night King and Beastboy were currently grappling with one another, equaling in strength but not in dexterity. A dark tail slithered up Beastboy's side and before the changeling-turned-dragon could react he was taken down with a swift strike to the side of the head. Beastboy toppled over, his thrown balance sending him tumbling to the ground. But the Night King had no time to gloat as he only just dodged a large boulder that still managed to graze his head.

"Damn." he muttered, leaping over Beastboy's downed form and dodging yet another boulder aimed at his head, "These Titans are always interfering!" he growled

With his bid to destroy the tower foiled by Tram and his timely assist Yauo was left with little option left. He couldn't win this fight, regardless of how bold or powerful he still was. The Titans he was fighting were too numerous and out of the corner of his eye he saw that the others were making their way over and would join in soon. Escape was his only choice at the moment.

"I will return." he growled, making a dash for the water

If he could make it to the depths of the bay he would be able to escape into the darkest of the deep blue. But as he said, he would return one day and strike with vengeance against the Titans. Too bad that, as he dodged a wave of dark energy and a bolt of electricity, he was abruptly stopped by a large dark creature, right before he could leap into the safety of the bay. That creature was Malchior.

"Out of my way dragon!" barked the demon

"Not likely." replied Malchior, "It is time for your end."

"As if you could stop me."

"Maybe not, but I know someone who can." she said, lowering his head to reveal a certain witch riding atop his back


Standing, albeit weakly, the weakened magical djinn glared at Yauo with a look that could only be defined as defiance. Yet as she spoke her voice held no malice.

"Goodbye my master." she said, before raising her palm toward him, "Aldranon Enenthranel..."

"No! Not again!" boomed the Night King, lunging desperately at Malchior

"Volsolanirist Nor!"

A cackling magical energy roared from her outstretched palm, slamming into Yauo, impeding his attempt at intervening. A strangle cry left his throat as magical energies ripped at his very existence. Though the stubborn demon refused to let himself be beaten and fought back with every fiber of his being, resulting in a hellish magical battle of tug-of-war. And it became obvious after only a few seconds of struggle who was the stronger of the two.

"Heh, heh, heh. You weak fool." grunted Yauo, pulling back, "To really think you could stop me? I am still strong. I am still powerful. I am the Night King, Yauo!"

"You know... " replied a voice from behind, causing Yauo to turn abruptly, "You really do talk too much." replied Raven, her hand outstretched at the demon, "Azerath Metrion Zinthoss!"

Dark energies cackled in Raven palms before being ushered forth, flowing over Yauo with little restraint. A sudden shock rippled through the demon's body as magical energies swarmed him, aiding the dark curse set upon him. He let loose a defiant roar to the heavens but it proved to do little more than to punctuate his defeat as the last vestiges of his existence were pulled into the confines of a magical text.

"Wow." muttered Bumblebee, flying up beside Raven, "So... is this it? He's not coming back right?" she asked

"That waits to be seen." replied Raven, her attention now focused on Malchior and Ifrit

"Come, let us go." replied Ifrit

"You don't command me." grunted Malchior, though he still spread his wings for take off

"Hey! We're do you think you're going!?" Terra called, small stones floating about her body

"Look!" barked Malchior, clearly annoyed, "We can do battle or part ways. I personally wouldn't care either way. But your true enemy has been vanquished and the threat to this world averted. Let be what is." replied the dark dragon

"And just let you go?" came Raven

"That or you can fight a needless battle."

With a quick beat of his mighty wings and Malchior lifted into the air, the water beneath him rippling madly against the power of his wings.

"You Titans believe you are in the right and yet you know nothing. You're bonds are strong but your wills are blinded. You will never understand what it truly means to be one as long as you are blinded by words." Malchior muttered, "Darkness is more than just doing evil deeds. Can you ever see that?"

The three flying Titans simple stared at Malchior after the dragon said his piece. Whether they were affected by his words or not was unclear as their expressions remained relatively neutral.

"Farewell... " Muttered Malchior sighing heavily, "Titans."

Moments passed with no action for either side expect for the steady beating of Malchior's wings, though the tension between the two groups was staggering. Then like a blade cutting through the air Malchior took off, his form growing small with every beat of his wings.

"Whew..." breathed Bumblebee, "Glad that's over."

"For now." replied Raven

Meanwhile back on shore...

"Yo BB. BB!" called Cyborg, trying to rouse his green amigo from unconsciousness

"He okay?" asked Speedy

"Ugh... " groaned Beastboy, "Tofu... hot... cakes." he mumbled

"Yeah." chuckled Cyborg, "He's okay." said the cyber man, Looking off to the retreating Malchior, "Glad things are finally over."

Darkness had swept over the city of Jump, but the Titans, along with a little... unorthodox help, managed to shoo away the pesky darkness and the citizens of Jump were able to wake up to a bright, sunny morning. On such a morning a person was up early, having awoken for a rather fitful sleep. She was still rather tired from the previous night's escapades so waking up as early as she did was a chore, requiring all her willpower. However, despite the restlessness she had, her sleep did accomplish one important thing. It gave her time to think, a lot of time to think. She thought of her past, her present, and what she wanted for her future. What she discovered was that the future she wished for was not a future she could have, not now anyway. Her past was too riddled with deceit, misfortune, and confusion for the future she envisioned. In order to obtain such a future she needed time, time to discover herself, to find out who she really was in the world. In order to live in the future she wanted, above all else she needed to do on thing.

Terra... had to leave.

The manipulator of the earth did not want to leave Titans Tower; to leave the Titans, especially after just returning to life. But she knew she simply couldn't reintegrate herself back into their lives, especially after what she had done. No, she had to leave, if only to clear the air of things. Besides, she had a few questions she wished to answer. Like how exactly had she been brought back. When she had first been released for her stony prison she had been so happy that she had never questioned the occurrence. Simply stating it as her own powers eventually freeing her. But as she thought back on it she realized that it just didn't seem possible. No, something else happened. Her powers had been completely trapped and then, something happened that allowed her to break free. Whatever it was she wanted answers.

Terra... needed to leave.

During the time Terra spent with the Titans fighting Yauo and his forces Terra had come to question herself. She wasn't particularly sure if she deserved to be back. The things she did, the people she hurt, they were evils that weren't easily wiped away. If Terra ever wanted things to be different, if she ever wanted things to be like they were... no, things could never be like they once were. But at the very least they could be for the better. Terra was searching for change, change that would better her, and until she found that change she could not stay with the Titans. She would never find that change with them, despite the help they would bring. This was something she had to do on her own.

Terra... wanted to leave.

It wouldn't be too much of a stretch for the young geomancer. She was used to living alone, fending for herself, surviving on what she could find and protect. But there would be one thing different this time around. Before she traveled alone in order to hide herself from others, in order to survive. But now she would travel about in order to show her true colors, in order to live. Also, unlike before where she wandered aimlessly about with no true goal in sight, this time around she knew what she wanted. The problem was how she was going to go about to acquire that want.

"I will change." she thought, throwing a large backpack on her back, "I'll find out who are really am."

Before she realized it she found herself atop the roof of Titans Tower, looking over toward the bay as the sun peered over it, filling the sky with a bright light. She smiled at the sight. At least she could leave with something beautiful to remember this place by. However, before she could summon her powers to take off, she sensed a presence.

"Where do you think you're going?" came a calm, neutral voice

While shocked at first, that expression soon turned to a wry grin, followed by a low, hollow chuckle.

"What do you know?" she chuckled, "I should have guessed you'd catch me." she replied, turning to face the one who caught her, "Morning, Raven."

"Morning Terra." replied the empath, "And now that we've got the pleasantries out of the way, mind answering my question?"

"You want an honest answer?" Terra asked

"That would makes things a lot simpler for the both of us." replied Raven

"Well, I don't know where I'm going but I know where I'm going to end up." Terra told her

"And that would be?"


Raven simply raised an eyebrow at this, though she was thoroughly confused.

"Mind running that by me once more. I think I missed something."

"Yeah, sounds weird to me too. But just know, I have to leave, but I will come back, someday."

"Why do you have to leave? And how are you so sure you'll be back?"

"I need to find something out. Something about myself."

"By yourself?"

"Yes... by, myself."

Raven snorted at the response.

"Falling back on old bad habits huh?" replied the dark girl, "When something doesn't work out. When you're frightened of something you take off, hoping that by getting away from the problems you don't have to deal with them. But you can't run away Terra you can't... "

"I'm not running!" Terra shouted, stopping Raven in her tracks, "I'm tired of running! Tired of hiding! Tired of not knowing! For once in my life I want to do something that I have control over! I have to leave because I want to leave! Not because I'm scared, but because I need... no, I want answers!" she yelled, already feeling as if she was out of breath, but feeling too strong to stop, "I want answers about myself, about my life! I want to know who am I, who I was, who I'm going to be! And dammit, I can't find those answers here!" she bellowed, "And you want to know why!? Because I don't deserve to! I don't deserve to ask you guys for help! I had that chance and I screwed up. Worst, I betrayed you, betrayed your trust and nearly killed you all! I lost the best friends I ever had because I was scared! Scared to trust anyone, to trust myself! And now that I have a second chance in life I'm not about to waste it! I will find out if I am truly worth something! But... " she was on the verge of tears at this moment, but forced herself to stay strong, to allow herself to say her piece, "This is something I have to do. I can't ask for help from others until I can help myself. And... and... I don't deserve to be here... not yet."

The sudden fury of passion in Terra had burned out almost as quickly as it ignited, leaving Terra exhausted. There was so much more she wanted to say, but she didn't feel as if she could say it without breaking down, so she opted to simply look at the roof she stood upon. Through Terra's rant Raven had remained quiet out of curiosity and surprise. She had been totally taken off guard by Terra's outburst of raw emotion, the impact hitting her empathic senses like a sledgehammer to a brick wall.

"Terra I... " Raven said, trying to say anything, anything at all to respond to such an outburst, but found her lips failing at words

"No... I'm sorry." replied Terra, surprising the empath yet again

"For, what?" Raven managed to ask

"I shouldn't have blown up on you like that. I'm sorry. I just... needed to get that off my chest." she told Raven, her gaze still focused on the roof

"It's okay." replied Raven, coming to grips with the situation, "But maybe I should be the one apologizing. I assumed you were running. I didn't think... "

"No... it's okay. I would have done the same thing. I deserve it." she replied

"Whether or not your deserve it isn't the concern. I still shouldn't have. So, I'm sorry."

Another dry chuckle escaped Terra's lips at that.

"Wow. I don't think I've ever heard you say those words."

"Well, don't get used to it." replied Raven, "So, you're leaving?"


"From the secrecy I can assume you weren't planning on telling anyone."

"Everyone would have made a big deal about it, especially... "

"Beastboy." Raven finished for her

"Yeah." replied Terra, her voice low, "Raven?"


"Don't... don't tell him you caught me up here, please?" she replied, "I don't want..." she took a breath to calm herself, "To make this your problem too." she replied

"Either way, just leaving isn't going to make things easier."

"I know, but it was the best thing I could come up with on such short notice. I need to leave and it be better if nobody knew I left."

"For Beastboy or you?" Raven asked

Terra couldn't meet Raven's gaze though Raven could feel a wave of guilt wash over the geomancer.

"You must think I'm the most selfish person around."

"I did, but now I think you should leave before the others wake up."

Terra looked up, giving Raven an odd look. Raven's face was a neutral as ever, though Terra swore she saw understanding behind the violet eyes of the empath. Terra wanted to smile yet she wasn't sure if such a thing was called for. She wasn't even sure what to say, so she gave Raven the best reply she could give.

"Thanks Raven."

Raven didn't respond, but the look on her face told Terra that she understood, at least a little anyway. With a flick of her wrist a large rock floated upwards toward the roof and casually drifted over towards Terra. Pushing up Terra hopped onto the approaching boulder and found her balance, before sitting down on the boulder in a cross-legged fashion.

"I guess this is goodbye." Terra replied

"For now." came Raven, "You said you'd be back."

"Yeah. I will." replied Terra, "I don't know when, but I will. I know that."

"Just one question?" Raven asked, "How? How do you know you'll be back? How will you find your answers?"

"I'll never give up searching." she replied, "And eventually I'll find out." she replied

"You sure sound confident."

"It's the only thing I've ever been sure of."

A soft smile appeared on the young empath's face. Though she wasn't sure if just letting the earthmover go was the best idea, she had no right to stop someone so determined. And honesty, this had been the first time Raven had ever seen Terra with a single, unbreakable conviction since she had known her.

"Here, take this." came Raven, reaching into her belt, retrieving her communicator, "To keep in touch."

"No." replied Terra, stopping Raven from handing her the communicator, "Keep it. I won't need it. Besides, I don't deserve it, not now." she replied, "But thanks anyway. Just knowing there are people... concerned, makes me feel better about leaving."

With a mental command the boulder turned, facing Terra to the bay. The geomancer wasn't sure where she would start her journey, but the bay seemed like a good place as any other.

"See ya."


There were still lingers feelings, words that Terra wanted to say but she had to leave now or she wouldn't have the courage to later. However she managed to get one more thing out before she left.

"I hope... one day... we can be friends." Terra replied

"We'll see what the future brings." replied Raven

Terra chuckled again, though this time it wasn't hollow; the chuckle expressing genuine happiness.

"Yeah, we'll see." replied Terra as the boulder lurched forward, leaving the roof of Titans Tower

Terra said nothing as she slowly took off, but she didn't need to. Raven knew what she felt as she gradually left. Pain, sadness, regret, and... freedom. Terra was starting something. Was it a new life, a new goal, a new self? Raven wasn't sure and she believed that Terra wasn't sure either. But nonetheless, Terra was starting over and this time she had a much clearer vision of what she wanted. She didn't know how she would go about making that vision a reality, but she was determined to shape that vision her way and not because of circumstance. Terra was finally living her life rather than living in a life.

"And hopefully... " began Raven as Terra grew further and further away, "She'll live a life she can be proud of." she said, turning and making her way off of the roof

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