10 Leisurely Days

by Blue Ten


Robin finds out that Starfire will be leaving for Tamaran in 10 days. Keeping his discovery a secret, he has a little over a week to give her a reason to stay. But when things keep getting in the way, will he even get the chance? RobinxStarfire


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Day 1, Part One: If I Gave You a Reason

The ocean, churning and tempestuous, was afflicted by a storm of immense proportions. Without a single aperture for sunlight, the sky was dark and overcast with black and gray thunder heads, heavy with precipitation; the downpour seemed to plummet incessantly from them without end, accompanied by the ever-present cacophony of thunder and lightning. Enormous waves gathered beyond the horizon; with remarkable velocity, they rolled across the sea, crashing violently into a small rocky island. On said isle, a tower stood alone in the squall, unaffected by the constant battering of the torrent, situated like a beacon of hope, an unwavering guardian set to brave the tempest for the city it so valiantly protected. The building's unique 'T' shape, was the signature of those who lived within. This was Titans' Tower, home to the five heroes the world has come to know as the Teen Titans.

Every team needs a leader, and the Titans have quite an exceptional one, to say the least. His focus and determination has lead them to victory through countless battles and hardships. His unflinching courage and bravery, were complementary to his strength, which for a simple human, was incredible and nigh unmatched. And, in a good leader's fashion, he was always willing to go several nights without sleep, just to get a lead on any crime that happened to slip through the Titans' shield... always. This stormy morning, Robin had passed out in the Crime Lab after a long night studying a strain of peculiar bank robberies the Jump City Chronicle had dubbed, 'The Invisible Burglaries'. The whole series of crimes was very perplexing and bizarre, hundreds of thousands of dollars from several banks, gone without a single witness or scrap of evidence. A sudden thunderclap roared, waking Robin from his stress induced slumber; as he sat up quickly from his desk, he noticed his vision was obstructed by a blurry off-white object. Reaching a hand to his masked face, he peeled away the newspaper that had become adhered by his sweat, when he fell asleep on it. Examining the front page of the Chronicle, he was immediately reminded of the reason he was so stressed, by several excruciatingly bold words, 'Invisible Burglars Strike Again, Police and Titans Baffled'. Groaning, he felt like crumpling it, but instead, set the paper down on the table as he stood up, massaging a headache away with his free hand.

Leaving the Crime Lab and making his way down the hall, Robin opened the door to the bathroom, walking in with an exhausted wobble to his step. Looking groggily into the mirror, he saw that the word 'Invisible' had been printed backwards on his face, of course in the mirror it could be read clearly. Robin shook his head and turned on the sink. "Uh, I've gotta start sleeping in my room..." he groaned to himself as he attempted to wash away the newsprint from his cheek.

After a quick shower, Robin decided to venture to his room, planning to use the last few hours of the morning to rest. Oddly enough, his room, out of all the others in the entire tower, was where he spent the least time. Continuing down the hall, he glanced quickly at a door, on which was printed the name 'Starfire'. This was the room of someone he considered to be his... best friend, a girl who had literally dropped down from the heavens. Ever since that day when they first met, she had graced his life with her unrivaled beauty, charming naiveté, and charismatic attitude towards life. Of course, she joined the Titans mostly because of her extraordinary strength and supernatural powers, which Robin greatly respected. Snapping back to reality, Robin found that his head had drifted to the side as he unknowingly stared at her door, and his eyes had become partly closed in a dreamy sort of manner; he couldn't decide whether he was simply tired, or daydreaming. Shaking his head, he called himself a dork and proceeded to walk to his room until he heard voices coming from Starfire's door. Now, normally he wouldn't stoop to eavesdropping on his friends, but it was really early in the morning, and he wondered who she could be talking to. Robin stepped closer to the door.

"Then I shall return in ten days?" he heard Starfire ask.

"Yes, but such news would no doubt disappoint your friends, so it would be best to keep it from them for the time being." Robin heard a familiar voice, but he couldn't quite attach a name to it. The man was speaking over a communicator of some sort, audible static hindering his speech.

"If you say so... Are you certain it must be this way?" Starfire sounded a little sad.

"Such are the ways of our people, even as Grand Ruler I have no say in it." Robin now realized who this person was; Galfore, Starfire's guardian and the new Grand Ruler of her home planet, Tamaran.

"I understand. Shall my friends escort me home?"

"Oh, there is no need, we will provide transportation for you, when the time comes."

Robin pulled away from the door, still trying to contemplate what he had just heard. Starfire was going to leave? His heart sank into his stomach when he came to the assumption that her time on earth, whatever reason she had to visit in the first place, must have expired. Now she would return home, for good. Robin didn't know what to do, he felt like rushing in and begging her to stay, but he realized creating a scene like that would probably make her want to leave. 'Does she even want to leave?' Robin thought, it seemed so unfair that the ways of her people would force her to leave behind her friends; but then again, who was he to judge her people? He knew he had to think of something, but he didn't quite understand why he felt so inclined to do so, 'Maybe I...'

Suddenly, the door slid open, and Starfire stood in the entrance looking puzzled at Robin, "Robin?" she questioned, in her normal tone of voice, looking at him with her captivating emerald eyes.

Robin's breath was immediately caught in his throat as he strained to form words, "Um... I was just... Er." he tried to speak, making strange nonsensical motions with his hands. Before Robin could come up with an excuse for standing outside her door, a thunderclap took away the lights; without windows, the hall became nearly pitch black.

"Eep!" Starfire jumped behind Robin, clutching his shoulders. Robin was relieved that the attention had been turned away from him, also glad that Starfire had decided to hide behind him for protection.

"...I was gonna tell you that the power could go out, yeah." he said awkwardly, 'That's convincing right?' he asked himself, thankful that Starfire couldn't see the flustered expression on his face.

"I find it strange that this electric storm, causes the electricity to disappear." she stated cutely, still clinging on to him.

"C'mon, I guess we should wait for the others in the living room." Robin chuckled, almost forgetting about what he had heard outside of her room. He found that she always had this affect on him; no matter what he was doing, no matter how focused he was on other things, a few simple words from her, shifted that focus. Even now, he didn't realize that he had begun walking blindly through the halls, as his attention remained on Starfire's hands, which tightly grasped his shoulders. Robin's boot tapped against a wall, snapping him out of his trance, "Hey Star, could you give me a little light here?" he asked.

"Oh, of course." Starfire said, sounding a little embarrassed. Much to Robin's dismay, she lifted a hand from his shoulder, illuminating the hallways with the radiant green light of her starbolt.

"Thanks, that's much better." Robin said, as he turned away from the wall he had almost planted his face into. Robin discovered that he was walking slowly through the hall as they progressed, he wondered what in the world he was doing, as there was really no apparent reason to be cautious; he thought that, perhaps subconsciously, he was trying to buy time with her. Robin was surprised to see that Starfire had not let go, even in the light; every crack of thunder caused her to huddle closer. He wondered if maybe she was trying to buy time as well... but that was a ridiculous thing to think, wasn't it?

The sounds of the raging storm resonated eerily through the hallway as Robin and Starfire turned the corner to the common room; thunder and wind seemed to angrily shake the tower as if in an attempt break through the walls, and the unremitting lightning sparked the hall with constant silver flashes. Sizeable droplets of rain could be heard tapping rapidly against the large window in the main room. As they walked from the hallway, Starfire brightened her light.

"Friends? Are you here?" she asked quietly. However bright the light was, it failed to illuminate the entire room, leaving the corners, and various outer reaches, darkened. No light was offered from outside the window either, the cloud cover turned the early morning into a near pitch dark night.

"'Bout time you guys got here. You get lost or something?" Cyborg said, standing up from the couch, his red cybernetic eye revealing his position in the dark.

"Cyborg? Where are the others?" Robin asked, as Starfire focused her light on Cyborg. A green racoon stepped out from behind the couch, morphing into a human, it revealed itself to be Beast Boy.

"I'm right here. It's a lot easier to see in the dark when you're nocturnal." Beast Boy laughed, "Raven is... somewhere. She kinda blends right in to the dark." he continued, jokingly.

"Not funny." The monotone voice of a young girl spoke ominously from some unknown location.

"Seriously, you're kinda creepin' me out." Beast Boy said, looking around himself frantically.

"Don't worry about the lights," Cyborg raised an eyebrow in Robin's direction, drawing attention to Starfire, who still huddled closely to him; Robin paid it no mind, "The back up generators should kick in any minute now." Cyborg said, looking at a clock on his arm and waiting for a moment, "...Any minute now."

"Cyborg, I think--" Beast Boy started.

"Any minute now..." Cyborg put an index finger up, silencing Beast Boy. After waiting several minutes, everyone sighed.

"So, who's gonna go check on the generator?" Robin asked.

"Not me." Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven answered in unison. Starfire stayed silent, knowing that the generator was located in her least favorite place in the entire tower, the basement; the darkness made it even less inviting.

"...I guess I'll go." Robin gave up, making his way to the basement.

"I shall come with you." Starfire began following after him.

"Star, you don't have to--" Robin started, knowing full well that the basement wasn't exactly her favorite room.

"Nonsense, you need the light. And since Cyborg is too afraid to--" Starfire was interrupted by Cyborg; however, she did not mean to insult him, she honestly thought he was afraid, with the way he so speedily declined.

"I am NOT afraid! I just... don't wanna." Fuming, Cyborg slumped down on the couch.

- - - - - -

The long stairwell to the basement creaked and seemed to wobble with every step they took. At the bottom floor of the tower, the sound of the storm was muffled, but still unsettlingly present. Droplets of water fell from the high ceiling, splashing invariably into what sounded like large puddles on the floor. As he reached the bottom of the stairs with Starfire behind him lighting the way, Robin discovered that there were more than puddles in the basement; the entire room was flooded, up to the fifth step on the stairs. Hearing a strange sparking noise, Robin came to a quick stop; however the step was wet and slippery, causing Robin to tilt forward.

"Whoa!" Robin yelled, trying to regain his balance; but it was no use, he was about to fall in the water, which he was almost sure was...

Starfire wrapped an arm around and caught Robin, "Robin? Why have we stopped?" she asked, setting him upright on the stairs again.

"Star... You may have just saved my life." Robin said, catching his breath. If Starfire hadn't been there, he would have fallen and electrocuted himself. He realized that in ten days, he would be falling into the metaphorical electrified pool, for the rest of his life, with no one to catch him. Quickly, he shook the thought from his mind, trying to focus on the task at hand, as the color returned to his face.

Starfire examined the basement, seeing the flooded floor. She listened closely to the noise coming from the back of the room, something was splashing in the water, making the sound of exposed wires on metal. Starfire gasped, "The water, it is--Robin are you unharmed?" she asked worriedly.

"Thanks to you." Robin said, trying to smile, but the thought hadn't left his mind, the thought had never left his mind. "We have to drain this water, but the emergency drainage valve is on the other side of the room." Robin pointed to the far wall, there he could see that a wire had become disconnected from the generator, flailing wildly and striking the water, releasing white sparks. Visible with each flash of white light, the valve was on the wall, several feet from the wire.

"Oh, allow me." Starfire began flying to the valve, but stopped when Robin grabbed her hand, looking to him inquisitively.

"Star... Please be careful." he said, reluctantly letting go. Starfire nodded; turning around, she continued to fly across the flooded room.

Robin watched warily as Starfire flew, now regretting that she had come with him. He would rather have fallen in on his own, than watch it happen to her. He kept a close eye as Starfire began to turn the valve, the wire whipping dangerously close to her. However, he knew that if there was one person he could trust with this task, it was her. With the sound of shifting metal, the grates on the floor opened, and the water level dropped progressively, until it disappeared. The wire no longer had anything to run a current through, so Robin stepped down the stairs and followed after Starfire, who had started to examine the machine. Looking closely at the generator, Robin realized Cyborg was right, it was going to kick in, and it did; only problem was, the main power line had been disconnected, so none of the electricity could be fed to the tower.

"I guess we'll have to shut this down for now." Robin said, stepping cautiously beside the still flailing wire, to pull the switch on the generator. As he pulled down the large lever, the room became dark again when the wire stopped moving; Starfire lit up the immediate area once again. Examining the wire, he knew he couldn't repair it by himself; Robin took out his communicator, switching it on, "Cyborg, we might need you down here after all."

- - - - - -

"I just don't understand it, I checked up on this thing before the storm hit, and it was fine." Cyborg sounded reasonably frustrated as he stared at the generator he had just repaired.

"How do you think it happened?" Robin asked.

"I don't think it just 'happened' at all. I can't be sure, but it looked like the wire was... cut." Cyborg said, reaching up and switching on the generator. Blinding lights flooded the room as the sound of fans and the mechanical whirring of the generator erupted, causing the three Titans to squint.

"CUT?" Robin and Starfire questioned fearfully in unison.

"Relax, I've already checked the tower for life signs. Readout says there's just the five of us, a few rats, and a bunch of bugs." Cyborg assured them. Cyborg's attention was turned to the wall behind the generator, where he heard the sound of water dripping constantly. Peeking around the side of the machine, his eye widened. "Holy--No wonder this place was flooded! There's a big hole in the wall!" Cyborg's jaw dropped as he stared at the gaping wound in the wall; the furious ocean was visible through it, hurling massive waves disturbingly close to the tower. Cyborg ran and picked up a large sheet of steel from a pile, slamming it against the opening, he quickly torched it onto the metal wall, stopping the water from coming in. "You guys didn't notice that?" he asked, looking at Robin and Starfire in disbelief.

"Well we would have, if we weren't too busy trying not to get electrocuted!" Robin retorted.

"Yes, but I am sure you would have noticed it, had you gone down instead." Starfire was uncharacteristically sarcastic as she spoke to Cyborg.

"Okay, okay, points well made..." Cyborg threw his hands up in defense and defeat, unwilling to take on both of them in a verbal bashing. "How 'bout we head back upstairs before BB decides to cook something tofu for breakfast." Cyborg changed the subject, relieved to see Robin and Starfire's expressions change from annoyed to amused at his use of the word tofu.

"Heh, good point." Robin laughed.

- - - - - -

The common room was full of life as it had been any other morning. The Titans disregarded the storm that continued to persistently thrash the tower, to go about their normal routines. After fighting over breakfast, Cyborg and Beast Boy decided to take out their frustrations on each other via the Gamestation, by means of Starfire's nonviolent suggestion. Raven found the rain quite peaceful, sitting by the window, she listened calmly to the rhythmic tapping, engrossed in a book. Robin, however, felt uneasy to say the least; he shook his head as he watched the others go about the day, oblivious to the fact that a member of the team would be leaving soon, all the while wondering if he should tell them. Sitting on the far end of the couch away from the gamers, lost deep in thought, he noticed that they were having fun, coming to the realization that they wouldbe better off not knowing; after all, it was already affecting him pretty badly, why bring them down by bringing them into it? He decided to keep it to himself, for the time being.

Eventually, Beast Boy shot up from his seat and proceeded to dance victoriously, spouting various egotistical remarks. Cyborg responded by hurling his controller at the couch, and storming off to his room, mumbling something about research. Beast Boy looked disappointed for a moment, almost remorseful, until he turned an eye to Raven; picking up Cyborg's controller, he waved it at her, grinning widely.

"Not even if you paid me." she said flatly, looking away from her book for a moment.

Dejected, Beast Boy turned to Robin; noticing that he was wearing quite the serious face, Beast Boy decided against challenging him to a game, instead he began flipping through the channels. Starfire came and sat between Beast Boy and Robin, watching as the channels changed. Robin looked at her; either she was exceedingly good at hiding it, or she didn't care that she was leaving, he hoped that the second wasn't the truth. He didn't want to tell her that he knew, he didn't want to make her feel like she was obligated to stay; but he wanted her to stay more than anything... he had never felt so conflicted. Fighting back his better judgment, he decided to find some way to convince her to at least consider staying, without letting on that he knew.

"Hey Star," he started. Starfire turned to him, smiling sweetly as she always did, this made the words even harder to say, as they became jumbled together, forming a lump in his throat. He breathed deeply, which to his relief, went unnoticed, "I was wondering, when the storm's over... would you--"

"BOO-YAH!" Cyborg came running from his room, a huge grin plastered across his face, everyone's attention shifted, Robin felt like hurting him. "I found it! The pattern!" Cyborg exclaimed, holding a disk in his hand, high above his head. "Those guys don't know who they're messin' with!"

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Next Chapter Preview: Cyborg has discovered a pattern in the recent crimes, leading the Titans to the next scene, before the robbery occurs. But when the criminals finally 'show' themselves, they're not exactly what the Titans had expected. The day is coming to a close, will Robin get a chance to talk to Starfire? Next, Day 1, Part Two: Cloak and Dagger.