by FireChild
Rating: G(K, whatever...)

Author's Note: Nope, Sailor Moon not mine. Though Haruka would be nice. ;)

Haruka winced as she pulled on her khakis. She sighed and undid the waistband and ran her hand down her knee. Yup, she was getting stubbly again. Haruka growled. She hated shaving with a passion. Razorblades and bottles of pink foamy shaving cream danced through her mind. Memories of knicks and cuts and band-aids soon followed. She'd rather run herself through with her space sword than pick up the razor. Whatever kami had come up with leg hair...

She pulled her khaki's completely off. It couldn't be helped. She was just going to have to shave. She pulled off the blue button down shirt and headed for the bathroom. Haruka stopped in front of Michiru's full-length dressing mirror. She raised an arm to check to see if she needed to do any extra shaving while she was at it. Catching the reflection of her raised arm in the mirror, Haruka fought back an evil grin. That was it! That's how she could get out of foamy lathering, razor blades, knicks, and little bandages. She always came out with smooth legs afterwards. It was like the powers that be had even thought of that. Haruka called for her henshin wand.

"Uranus Crystal Power! Make up!"

Within a few seconds, the sparkle faded and Sailor Uranus stood in place of Haruka. Uranus took off her glove and ran her hand down her leg. Smooth as a baby's bottom. She cackled. She had beaten the system. No more shaving!


Haruka twirled to see a frantic Michiru standing the doorway of their bedroom, still holding a pan and spoon she was using to cook breakfast . She eyes grew wide. Crap. "M...Michi..." she stammered. She had forgotten Neptune knew when she transformed and vice-versa. It was usually a comfort when trouble was afoot...

But now...

"M...Michiru...I can explain..."