Author's Notes
Hi guys! I'm back with a very, very, very short one-shot and this time, it's a YutaMaya fic! The idea of this story just popped inside my head so I decided to write it anyways.

By the way, for those who are waiting for the update of Engaged, I'm really sorry but it'll take awhile before I update again because I have a really long writer's block! Please do forgive me. But still, I hope you enjoy this story!

Ice Cream
by scarlet03

One day...

"YUTA KIRISHIMA!" yelled Maya Orihara.

"AAAHHHHHHHHHH!" cried Yuta Kirishima.

"You come back here at once Yuta Kirishima!"

"What did I do to you?" asked Yuta.

"You didn't do anything to me..."

They were currently running and chasing around the town ignoring other people's faces about them.

"So why are you chasing me then?" Yuta asked, still running away from Maya.

"You hid LULU somewhere! Give her back to me bastard!" Maya yelled.

"You cry over me because of some stupid chameleon?" Yuta asked.

"We'll see who's going to cry now. Wait until I catch you Yuta!" Maya screamed as she became faster and almost reached Yuta but he also went faster.

Sigh, yes I know. Utterly idiotic isn't it? Mental note: Never hide Lulu from Maya or else...

Apparently, they never became tired until they made it to the carnival. Maya plumped down the bench panting. Yuta did the same breathing hard.

"You...are gonna...die...Yuta...Kirishima..." Maya panted.

"Oh so" Yuta asked.

"Yes. And I'm leaving." Maya said as she stood up and walked away from Yuta.

"Hey Maya, wait up." Yuta said and followed her.

"Didn't I tell you I'm leaving?" Maya asked and glared at him.


"So go." Maya ordered and walked away again.

Suddenly, Yuta saw something and smiled. He then said to Maya, "Hey Maya, do you know what's the cure if you're lonely or angry?"

"I don't know and I don't care." Maya said coldly.

"Oh come on, just guess." Yuta asked.

"You, walking away from me?" Maya said.


"What?" Maya asked.

"ICE CREAM! Want one?" Yuta cheered.

"Get away from me." Maya ordered.


Author's Notes
Well? I told you it was short. Hope you read and review!