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Hello people! Setus here! If you were around at the begining of the year you'll realise there was a personility test story posted by me here, but unfortunately it was removed due to several reasons. So here it is again, a better and most likely correct format personality test. Presenting:

Konoha Personality Test- Naruto's encounter

The scroll was said to be passed down from over hundred years ago. It is said that when a person possesses the scroll, he can see what the previous user's response. Who was the originator of it? What's the purpose of it? Nobody knows. But as rare as such things are going to happen, the scroll only has very few people's response. But it was said that the person would meet with misfortune if he finds the scroll…

Naruto was back in the woods. Scouting and scouting, for the lost kitten again. That kitten with the flower on it's ear, again. Sighing, he dragged his feet around and looked. He seemed to be separated from the others. Sighing again, he decided to turn back.

Then just about a few meters away, there was shuffling of the bushes. Naruto crept up the shuffling bush and peered over it.

HA! There it is! That stupid dumb kitten that scratched me the last time! Naruto smiled his evil grin as he plotted how to capture it and somehow show the cat who's the boss around here. Then his grin faded as he saw what the kitten was with.

A scroll.

A very old scroll.

Naruto thought of the possibilities of what the scroll could contain. A secret recipe for an ancient Ramen! Hehe.. Or thousand-year-old jutsus that will enable him to defeat that idiot Sasuke! Haha.. A smug face appeared on Naruto's face as he pushed back his sleeves and leaped.

Naruto sat in his room, cross-legged on the bed. His hands shivered as he reached up to the scroll. He pried open it.

"Eh? Nada?" Naruto's eyes widened.

'Personality test, for those who had nothing better to do.'

"For those who had nothing better to do!" Naruto cried out in agony. This isn't a recipe, neither is it some jutsu!

Just when he was about to fling the scroll away, a little word caught his eye.


What is your favorite food? And the answer given was 'Ramen'.

So curiosity got better of the cat, Naruto sat down with a brush in his hand and began to do the test.

What's your christened name? "Uzumaki Naruto! The one and only ninja to be the next Hokage after Tsunade-bachan!" Naruto wrote his answer. Then beside his words, a few others appeared. Yagami Raiin.

"Who's this? Ya-ga-mi Rai-in… Don't know!" Naruto wondered.

Which village are you from? "Konoha". Then some other words appeared again. Konoha.

"Eh, same village?"

What is your height? "Ch! I know I'm short!" Naruto cursed. 172.4cm.

"Whoa, that's tall."

Do you have any siblings? "No. None that I've heard of." An elder brother. Massacred together with the entire family.

"That's scary." Naruto said to himself.

What time is it? "Hmm… (Consults the clock on the beside cabinet) 7.00" What kind of question is this?

Are you bored? "Yea, kind of…" Naruto sighed. The mission ended early and he had nothing to do. The previous respondent said Right, if not I won't be doing this?

"You are right though…" Naruto said.

Are you a female or male? "Male" that was a question he didn't have to think. Female.

"Eh? A woman?"

When is your birthday? "10 October" 14 October

What makes you most happy? "Eto… training, eating ramen with Iruka-sensei, going on missions, plotting how to sabotage Sasuke…" Naruto added the last item with a laugh. Then the previous respondent's words appeared. Playing pranks… Fufufufu!

"Oh, same, same!"

What makes you most sad? "Hmm… when my friends ignore me!" And it seemed like the previous respondent had left this question out.

What things annoy you most? "Sasuke!" Naruto wrote it down without hesitation. At the moment? It is you.

"Eh…" A drop of sweat formed on Naruto's head.

What's the last thing you ate? "Ramen" Ramen

"Whoa, who's this? Almost the same!"

Who's the last person you talked to? "Sasuke" Jiro

"Jiro? Who's that?"

What's the last thing you said? "Shut up you idiot!" Naruto recalled what he said to Sasuke after their mission. Yikagenishiro(That's enough).

Do you have a crush? "Hai! Sakura-chan desu!" Haruno Sakura. Naruto's teammate. Right now I feel like crushing you!

"Crush who?" Naruto muttered.

What's the coolest thing you've ever done? "Painting the stone figures of the previous Hokages. And I got caught by iruka-sensei… and he gave us a test after that, THEN I USED MY SEXY NO JUTSU TO DEFEAT IRUKA-SENSEI! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA…" Naruto let out an evil laugh. Right after we pulled out of the mission I shut Saidou inside the haunted mansion. Saidou cried for the whole night. Muhahahaha.

"That's worst than me…" Naruto thought

What's the dumbest thing you've ever done? "When I tried to hug sakura-chan, and she gave me a punch in the face…" Naruto winced at that thought when Sakura wielded her fists. Kumichika put a dead rat in my pouch and I wielded it in front of the enemies…


What do you spend most of your time doing? "Eating ramen" Naruto's mouth watered. Plotting how to irritate Harutoki…

"Another name I don't know of…" Naruto said. "It would probably be even more fun to read response from people you know…"

What is your goal in life? "TO BE THE HOKAGE AND SURPASS THE PREVIOUS ONES" Fufufu… Naruto laughed. To be the Ultimate prankster!

"Whooa!" Naruto said in envy.

What is your favorite animal? "Frog and toad. My wallet is a frog, kawaii!" Wolf.

"He… not that interesting…" Naruto stared blankly.

What is your favorite food? "RAMEN! ICHIRAKU RAMEN! RAMEN IS COOL, RAMEN ROCKS!" Ramen.

"Hmm! Hmm!" Naruto nodded in agreement.

Which is your favorite month? "Mission month" Any month that has someone's birthday in it. It just means pranks and more tricks.

"Awesome…" Naruto uttered. This Yagami person is really a full time prankster.

Which is your favorite day of the week? "Mission day" Friday.

"Pranks again?" Naruto raised his eyebrows.

Which is your least favorite day of the week? "Day when I have to see Sasuke…" None in particular…

What are your favorite things to do? "Go mission with my team, eat ramen with Iruka-sensei, play pranks on the whole village!" Pranks! That's for sure.

"HAHA! Same as me!" Naruto laughed.

Where is your favorite place to go on vacation to? "Go visit the Kazekage! Ya and get buffeted by the sandy winds…" Naruto frowned and recalled how he got his mouth full of sand the other time. Hmm… that day we went for mission in the outskirts of Konoha… that place seemed like a nice place… TO PLAY A PRANK!

What's your favorite colour? "ORANGE! If not why am I wearing orange?" Black

Do you prefer day or night? "Day, so I can see when I play pranks on others" Both, both are easy to play pranks one you excel in that.

What's the weather like now? Naruto looked out of the window. "Ah I can see Shikamaru there watching clouds!" sunny, perfect for drying out the nets. Fufufuf

"Nets? For what?" Naruto wondered.

What are you wearing now? "My black t-shirt!" Black from head to toe, getting ready for my next prank

What is the state of your hair now is? "Blond" All bundled up, wrapped in a mask to prevent it from getting in the way for my prank later on Harutoki… Fufufu

What are you eating now? "RAMEN" nothing, can't eat too much before a heavy exercise right?

"Heavy exercise? Training?" Naruto said aloud, scratching his head with the back of the brush.

What are you drinking now? "RAMEN SOUP!" Drinking? Nothing.

Have you cried in the last 24 hours? "No, I swore not to cry anymore." Cried? What for?

Have you met someone new in the last 24 hours? "Hmm. No, unless you consider Fuzzy eyebrows' new look, he cut his hair and trimmed his eyebrows…" Naruto recalled that strange figure on the street and sniggered. Then burst out laughing. Hmm… but I changed someone's appearance, does that count?

"Eh? This person's a little scary…" Naruto thought…

Have you cleaned your room? Naruto looked around the house and another sweat formed on his head. "Eh, no…" Cleaned? Sorry, I've got people to do it for me. Eh, not people exactly…

Have you done laundry? Naruto cast a glance around the house and saw heaps of clothes around. "Eh, no also…" I've answered that already.

Have you ever been so drunk you blacked out? "How many times I have to say I'm still not of age to drink

SAKE!" Fuming mad, Naruto recalled the times he was asked to drink Sake… Ero-sennin, Gamabunta… "Taku!" Unfortunately I'm a extremely good drinker.

Have You Put A Body Part On Fire For Amusement? "I wish I could do it on Sasuke" Naruto plotted how he would go doing it. Fufufu. That is the most elementary prank.

"Eh, really!" Naruto cried. He had never tried that before.

Have You Been Hurt Emotionally? "sniff" What do you think?

Kept A Secret From Everyone? "DUH!" Who has never kept a secret before! How many are you talking about?

Had A Crush On A Teacher? "No. All my senseis are male." Yuck…

Who have you known the longest of your friends? "Iruka-sensei, sakura-chan, sasuke, chouji, shikamaru,

kiba, ino, hinata, shino…" how bout let's just say that that's everyone I know.

Who is the dookiest? "SASUKE" Hmm… I think that would be Harutoki…

Who is the prettiest? "Sakura-chan" that would definitely be me!

"Whoa, this person is really proud." Naruto said.

Who Is The Loudest? "ME! Eh, actually no, wait till you see Iruka-sensei and that closet pervert." Loudest? Sarutobi?

"Sarutobi? Sandaime-Hokage?" Shocked, Naruto really wants to know who this person is.

Who is the weirdest? "Shino… I just don't understand what's the point of hiding half your face under the collar of your shirt and wearing black glasses. Oh yea, that brings me to Kakashi-sensei…" Weirdest? That would still be Harutoki. Fufufufu.

Who do you go to for advice? "Do I need it?" Nah, no need for that.

"Ha, just who is this person?"

What is the best feeling in the world? "TO BE THE HOKAGE!" To play the most greatest prank on the greatest person in the village!

What is the worst feeling in the world? "When Sasuke beat me in a fight…" Naruto crunched his teeth. Then the last respondent's answer appeared. To have your entire family massacred…

"Eh? Massacred?"

The next day, Naruto carried the scroll in his pouch. He wondered around the village and reached the river. He opened up the scroll and read the last final message.

"Thank you for completing this personality test. Unfortunately, there are no results of this. Just something to for you to do when you have absolutely nothing better to do. Sadly, you are in bad luck, for whoever picks up this scroll… GOES TO HADES!"

Then, at that moment there was a cry of power. Then from a far, Naruto saw a big and round figure rolling towards him.

"ARGHHHH!" Naruto cried.

Down the stream, Sasuke was walking along the river, and then from upstream he saw something floating down.

A scroll.

A very old scroll…

He picked it up casually…

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