Search for the Flame

Summary: This story coincides with Ragnarok Destroyer's Phoenix Tear story. However I think I may be darker and crazier. Ember is Thomas' sister and a holder of the hidden sought out power called the Blood Flame. But she doesn't remember most of it. Actually all of it since she was three when she was taken from her village prior to its destruction. All that's left of that past is a pendant, a pair of gloves and a strange birthmark- hopefully she'll find some answers in Magix.

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Chapter one: Warning

When will we learn, When will we change
Just in time to see it all come down

Twelve years ago

"Where are we going?" A small girl with long lavender hair pulled into braided pigtails asked the village woman who was carrying her.

The woman looked down at the three year old, she was surprisingly articulate for someone her age. "To a friend, Ember." She replied simply.

"Oh, For how long?"

"That hasn't been decided yet."

"Is anyone else coming?"

"No poppet, I'm sorry. But you'll meet some new friends."

"Alright." The child then settled in and took a nap in the village woman's arms.

Noticing that the girl was finally asleep, the woman did a teleportation spell and ended up in Glynn- this would be Ember's home for the next twelve years.

A few days later

"But why do you have to go?" Ember asked petulantly.

"I forgot something back home." The older woman replied. In truth she had to go and try to save their home, but there was no use in terrifying a young girl with such information. "I'll be back in a few days. Mind Blythe."


"Ember." Blythe's tone was more concerned than scolding. The child had been well mannered and adjusted well for being away from her family at such a young age.

"But she's going home." Ember protested her amber eyes filling with tears.

"But you're going to start your training in magic." The village woman announced suddenly.

The child's eyes widened.

"Yes, it's a tradition to send out children to learn magic at a young age."

"But I…."

"Here child, I didn't want to give you this until you were much older, but if you promise to be good about my leaving, I'll give it to you now." She held out a pendant with a rising phoenix set with five stones, a ruby in the phoenix's eye an amethyst at the top, an emerald and a sapphire set across from eachother and a topaz at the bottom.

"Oh, shiny." Breathed the three year old. She was so entranced with her new treasure that Ember didn't notice her companion handing a pair of red silk gloves, embroidered with a phoenix and other designs to Blythe. Then the woman snuck out the door, never to be seen again.

Seven years later

"Not again." Ember moaned her head was beginning to pain her again, a sure sign that a vision was about to appear. At ten her mastery of spells was quite impressive- thanks to her training by Blythe, a former witch, however these visions which had been plaguing her since her birthday last week were beyond control. Ember felt as though her head was being torn apart as she gripped her lavender braids and prepared for the nightmare.

There was fire and people fleeing from a village that felt vaguely familiar to her. A dark face with flaming red eyes reached for her threatening the girl with death if she did not submit. A boy's face appeared then with hair and eyes similar to hers, he pulled out a sword, and the face charged toward him breathing fire. Then mercifully the vision subsided and Ember slumped into a chair worn out from the trial.

"Em, are you alright?" Blythe asked coming into the room where Ember was, her careworn face etched with concern. "Another vision?" She asked looking at the young girl's troubled eyes.

"Yes. Oh they're just awful, a fire breathing thing. And a boy that looks like me. People fleeing."

"It's okay dear, why don't you go lay down?"

Ember nodded, knowing full well that it wasn't okay.

Five months ago

Ember winced in pain for the fifth time that morning- another vision and they were getting more violent by the day. She was getting used to them however since it was almost her fifth year of them, sighing she placed her math book on the table and closed her eyes.

She was running through a dark forest, crashing through the brush. Heavy footsteps followed calling for Ember to stop and give in . Give in to what she wasn't sure, but she sure as hell didn't want to find out. Ember recalled a previous time when whatever was following her had pushed her down and tried to assault her further. Luckily the vision faded that time, but at the present Ember was still trapped in the woods. Ahead of her she saw a slender young man with red hair wearing a cape, he turned and smiled at her.

"Wonderful." Ember groused, "This guy's no help." She didn't notice his smile turn to anger as her pursuer drew closer.

"Keep running!" The young man encouraged over and over.

"Why?" Ember demanded.

His face turned grim. "You don't want to know." Then he and the vision evaporated as quickly as they had come.

Ember decided to keep her mouth shut about that dream and went back to her math homework.


"Why do I have to go away again?" Ember asked, sounding more like the three year old who had come to live there twelve years ago than a fifteen year old young woman.

"Because it's time to advance your training. Perhaps even learn how to control your visions." Blythe reasoned. Ember just glared at the woman who had raised her and the elder woman continued. "Alfea is a well known school with the best track record imaginable. I even spoke with Ms. Feragonda myself and got you admitted as a sophomore so you wouldn't be bored.

"Do these girls even know how to do anything but magic?"

"I'm not sure. But the school has an excellent reputation."


"And it's an honor for them to accept you not only as a sophomore, but at your age."

This didn't convince Ember to become agreeable,

An idea came to Blythe as she recalled an incident about twelve years prior. "Stay right there." The older woman waddled off to retrieve a pair of gloves from her room. A few minutes later she returned and held the red fingerless gloves out to Ember. If you're a good.

Ember reached out to finger the offering and a feeling of loss engulfed her. "Fine, I'll go."

A few days later

"Ember, what were you thinking?" Blythe scolds over the phone. "I mean, making a compact disappear is one thing, but trashing an entire wing with irreversible spells?"

"That Solarian princess nearly ruined the only things I have left of my family!" Ember shouted back. She was sitting in the main office at Alfea college; Ms. Feragonda had spoken with Blythe about Ember's actions, now the head mistress was on another line seeing if Red Fountain would be willing to take the girl. Feragonda was not about to send her to Cloud Tower, with her advanced spells and fiery temper, adding Cloud Tower would be a deadly combination.

"So when do I have to pick you up?"

"I don't know. But Ms. Feragonda is talking with someone right now, do you want me to ask her when she's finished?"


As if on cue, Ms. Feragonda appeared in the office with a pleased look on her face. "Ember, I have wonderful news."

'Uh oh,' thought Ember, I'm probably staying here.

"Please put your aunt on speaker phone, I'd like both of you to hear this."

Ember complied.

"I just spoke with Professor Saladin from Red Fountain, and he said he has an opening left in his school."

"Is that a reform school or something?"

"Ember!" Blythe exclaimed. "Isn't that the school for heroics?"

"Yes, and they don't usually accept young ladies. But I told them this was a special case. And she'll be under their supervision as well incase anything should happen."

"Wonderful Ms. Feragonda."

"Wait don't I get a say in this?" Ember asked.


"I'll have your bags sent over immediately." Ms. Feragonda assured her soon to be former student. Be sure to apologize to the girls before you leave."

Ember said nothing, quite a feat for her. But she knew that Ms. Feragonda had done her a huge favor, so she decided to conjure a gift for Stella as an apology. A note was added as a finishing touch is read:

Dear Stella, Flora, Musa, Techna, and Layla,

Sorry I couldn't stay and meet Bloom. And I'm sorry about the compact and the sealed spell. They're sending me to Red Fountain. I'll say hi to them for all ya'll.

Wish me luck-if you want.

Ember Marissa

Ember wasn't sure if Stella would accept the apology or not and she didn't care too much. She was just happy to be out of Alfea.

End chapter one.

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