Search for the Flame

Summary: This story coincides with Ragnarok Destroyer's Phoenix Tear story. However I think I may be darker and crazier than he is. Ember is Thomas' sister and a holder of the hidden sought out power called the Blood Flame. But she doesn't remember most of it. Actually all of it since she was three when she was taken from her village prior to its destruction. All that's left of that past is a pendant, a pair of gloves and a strange birthmark- hopefully she'll find some answers in Magix.

Dedication: Dedicated to all guys who have ever had their asses handed to them by a girl.

Disclaimer- I'm not so shallow that I need the acceptance of others to know that I'm right. Oh and I don't own the lyrics

Chapter two: Wild Horses

Childhood living is easy to do
The things you wanted I bought them for you
Graceless lady you know who I am
You know I can't let you slide through my hands

A week later

"Hey you creep! Give that back!" Ember tore down the hallway of Red Fountain's Sophomore dorms yelling at the top of her lungs. Ahead of her a magenta haired junior held one of her bras aloft waving it like a flag.

"If you want it back, you'll have to catch me!" Her tormenter crowed.

"Jerk!" She caught flashes of male faces peering out of the dorms and gave them all the bird. 'They're all jerks.' Ember thought angrily. 'They all stare at me like I have three heads.' Which was true in some ways-not that she really had three heads- but because unlike the majority of guys in Red Fountain Ember knew spells and unlike everyone else in Red Fountain she was in possession of a pair of X chromosomes. Okay so there was the pixie Athena, but it wasn't the same.

The only decent guy in Red Fountain was Helia- he was quiet, reserved, and polite. He wasn't her type, but he was easy to talk to. 'He'd be good for Flora' She'd thought one day while watching Helia write in a notebook. Other than that all the boys were obnoxious. They expected her to cringe when hoverbike racing was suggested in gym. She showed up clad in her Red Fountain uniform and helmet on her own bike. They expected her to pass when hand to hand combat was taught-she applied herself as best she could until she finally defeated a brunette junior named Brandon. He didn't take it too well and that night Stella called to yell at her. So Ember really didn't have any friends.

She decided to stop chasing the red haired imbecile waving her bra around and went back to her room. The fact that she had no friends at a school of nearly three thousand was depressing and the fact that most of the Alfea girls were antagonistic because they assumed she was sleeping with most of the students-which was laughable because aside from Helia the guys just avoided her.

Ember plunked down on her bed the minute she reached her dorm- her private dorm with no idiots who waved bras or ignored her because she was a girl. She felt a head ache coming on, a sure sign she was about to have a vision again. "Go ahead and take me." She growled. Fortunately it was just a stress headache coming on- not any frightening image of being brutalized or molested. "Damn, and I could have used a change of scenery."

"Do you always talk to yourself?" Came a male voice.

Ember looked up and saw her tormentor staring down at her. "What's the matter? Did the bra lose its charm?"

"No, actually I came to apologize about that incident. I shouldn't have broken into your room and went through your stuff." He sounded really sheepish, but Ember just wasn't in the mood. She shot off the bed and punched the boy in his face.

"How dare you! What the Hell were you thinking?" she began to pound on the unfortunate young man's back, neck whatever she could make contact with. Her lavender hair flew around her head like a flame.

"Ow!" The boy rolled out of the way. "Hey stop!" He grabbed her fists in one hand and glared at her with his violet eyes. "Knock it off."

Ember was so startled she stepped back- or she tried to, but the boy still had her fists in his hand and his anger made him strong. "Let me go!"

"Do you promise not to hit me anymore?" the boy regarded Ember cautiously.

"You know what? I don't think I can promise that sort of thing." She replied smartly- her amber eyes flashing gold fire. "After all you are in my room and you do have your hands on me."

The boy withdrew his hand and Ember felt like a draft had come in 'Odd, I don't even know him, but I like him touching me?' "Thank you."

"I was wondering, would you like to go to the beach with me and some of my friends?"

The lavender haired girl sighed at this boy's bad grammar. "It's 'my friends and I'." She corrected. "And no thank you- I have to clean up my room."

That was a lie and they both knew it, Ember's room was spotless. "Okay sorry I asked." The boy's face fell and his hair seemed to droop.

"Don't be. How about I'll think on it and maybe go look for you there?" She felt a little guilty for such a blatant lie and his crestfallen face.

"Okay, just ask for Riven." Riven grinned and left rather quickly to catch up with his friends who were just down the hall.


"So Riven is she coming?" Brandon asked with enthusiasm.

"She said she had to clean her room." Riven replied dejectedly as he and the other guys started walking towards their levabikes. "Which is a lie because Ember is a neat freak. There's not a molecule of dust in that room."

"Whoa!" Timmy said shocked. "Riven used a large word."

The others laughed at Riven's expense even Helia.

"You sure you'll be okay ?" Skye sounded concerned.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Riven snorted.

"Thomas and Musa." Timmy replied logically then ducked Riven's fist. "Hey, don't kill the messenger!"

"I don't even like her that way. She's rude and annoying."

"Maybe she wouldn't be rude and annoying if you didn't steal her underwear and run around with her bras." Skye replied starting up his hoverbike.

Riven considered mentioning how maybe Skye would lose his V card if Bloom wasn't so uptight but thought better of it and started up his bike. Then he drove away with the other guys close behind.

Meanwhile back in her room Ember is staring at the guys from her window. "I should have gone along. I'm sitting here complaining that I don't have anyone to hang with and someone invites me out and I turn him down. Way to go Em."

She decided to go to the beach for some meditation training, not to meet up with Riven she assured herself. Riffling through her drawers though the lavender haired girl realized that not just the ruby satin bra Riven had been holding up back in the common area, but every pair of panties and every good bra she owned was missing "He's a pompous jerk!" Ember shouted. Then she smirked, 'Two can play at this game.'

After changing into her favorite black bikini and black cut off corduroy shorts she slid on her blue converse sneakers and formulated her revenge. Careful not to catch anyone's attention, Ember snuck out of her room and down the hall to where some of the Junior dorms were. She silently counted down the doors to Riven's room and then went inside to find that his room looked like a bomb exploded. Ember picked her way through the wreckage to Riven's dresser and pulled out the grand majority of his boxers. Then she rushed back out and to the stables where they kept all the creatures.

Smirking and making sure the coast is clear again then deposited Riven's underwear in the griffin's stall. "I bet he'll think twice about messing with me." She announced to the animals. Then with nothing better to do, Ember found her levabike and drove off to the beach.

After parking her bike Ember surveyed the horizon and the beach. She spotted Riven and the guys messing around with some other guy and her former Alfea classmates.

'Great the circus is in town. Ah well.' Ember made her way down to the edge of the water where the sand became firm under her feet. She sat down, crossed her legs closed her eyes- and began to meditate. Or at least that's what would happen in Ember World. In Magix on that beach it was a totally different scenario.

Riven decided that it would be fun to rush at the new guy-who was being called Thomas 'Odd- Blythe once told me I had a brother named Thomas and he looked like me. Although she didn't say if he was older or younger.'

The whole scene was amusing, but Ember needed to meditate on some recent occurrences and try to boost her mental powers, so she was more agitated than amused at the group. Also being the person she is, Ember decided to go over to the lavender haired guy named Thomas and tell him what she thought.

Thomas felt a tap on his shoulder. "Yes?" He turned around then looked down amused. "Can I help you?"

"Yes, you can keep it down." Ember snapped and noticed that he looked confused. "I'm trying to meditate and your noise is breaking my concentration."

"I'm sorry. I'll try to make sure it doesn't happen again."

Ember spun on her heel. "See that it doesn't."

Not more than two minutes later there was more commotion with the same group. It seemed that the fairies, or more accurately Musa and Flora were squealing in delight over something the other guy was doing. 'I'm bringing earplugs next time I come here.' Ember told herself as she made her way back to the group amber eyes flashing.

"Ah you again?" Thomas sounded amused.

"Yeah, could you possibly keep your fan club quiet too? You're still messing up my concentration!"

"I'm training. I can't help it if they ooh and ahh over what I'm doing."

Ember got a crafty look on her face. "Okay then allow me to train you if that's what you're doing. No magic, no weapons. Just heads up."

"Heads up?" the lavender haired boy looked confused, Stella ducked.

Ember started to laugh. "No, heads up means nothing but your hands."


"Ember? Is that you?" Musa asked uncertainly. She knew she recognized the face- almost like Thomas's, but her amber eyes always seemed troubled.

"Musa! How are you?" Ember's face lit up. "How have you girls been?"

"Stella almost got her room back to normal." Flora said smiling.

"Good to know. Can you hold my stuff so I can beat this guy and go back to my meditating?"

"I don't know if you really want to do that." The musical fairy warned.

"And why not? He said he's training- and I need to train as well."

"But Tom owned the last competition at Red Fountain."

"Then I'll just have to own this match won't I?"

"I guess." Flora replied sounding confused.

"So, can you hold my stuff please?" The lavender hair girl gave Musa a sweet smile.

"Yes, of course." The blue haired girl smiled back and took Ember's towel and shirt.

"So, you're serious. Well, don't blame me if you get hurt." Tom warned.

"Same for you."

Then Ember started to fake him out and Tom skidded back a few steps. "You really thought I was going to attack?" She taunted.

"You can never be too careful." Thomas replied.

"Too true." Then Ember did a spin kick aiming for his face, Tom moved at the last minute, but she still made contact with his cheek and sent him back a few feet.

'She's tougher than she looks. That's for sure' The lavender haired boy thought to himself.

'Thanks for the compliment.' She told Tom reading his thoughts.

'Wait? How did you do that? Did you just thank me in my head?' Shaking his head, the young man charged again. Tom managed to jump over her and attack from behind.

"How'd you get behind me?" Ember asked in amazement.

"I'm not the best for no reason. I'm constantly training, even when resting." Came the reply. Then trying to conceal his thoughts. 'I'm not going to go all out, when I do, no one stands a chance.'

"Why aren't you going all out?" The amber eyed girl felt like being rude and reading minds since her concentration had been broken.

"Let's just say, if I did that it wouldn't be a fair fight." Tom sounded smug as he moved swiftly.

He would have been a blur to most people, but Ember had been trained carefully the past thirteen years. "Found you!" She announced punching him in the stomach. That punch caused his amulet to fall out from the confines of his shirt.

End of Chapter two

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