Shinigami's Rebirth

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Hollow feelings

He looked at her with his eyes staring straight at her. "It's like a curse that can't be escaped Yoruichi-san. It feels like I have lost all feeling within myself. But for Rukia I shall bear this. She saved my family once and now I shall save her out of duty."

She looked at him with her yellowish eyes and sighed. "Ichigo you have a way of getting what you want. You are stubborn to a fault and while it's an admirable quality I can say that there are some faults in your way of thinking."

She blocked a swing to her head with a hand and then stared at his face. It was contorted in rage and his eyes had turned red like rubies. She marvelled at their colour for a second before they turned back to their normal colour. She sighed and said: "Ichigo if you can't control yourself I would have to terminate you as you might pose a danger to the entirety of Soul Society. Even though I'm an outcast here I still care for some people who live here. Think about Rukia's feelings before you act out in anger. Anger or another negative emotion triggers your Hollow side."

Softly she touched his cheek with her tanned hand and sighed: "I guess it can't be helped. Well then I think I'll need to do something about this situation. Ichigo do you feel an urge to go and free Rukia?" he slowly nodded and she sighed and said: "Once I teach you something I think you are ready for then we'll go and save her. The execution is within a few days so we should be fine training until that time."

Ichigo looked at her with intelligent eyes that were totally unlike his normal eyes and she took a double-take and suddenly they returned to normal. She sighed and said: "Let's just go and train a little bit. I think that there would still be space in an area I trained." With that she grabbed his waist and slung him over her shoulder.

With a flash she was gone and then appeared outside the cave and got out the small artefact and soon the two of them were on their way to the training ground.

He smiled at the ceiling of the 4th division as he heard people being treated all around him. It bothered him that he needed to rest just to get some of his wounds healed. The kid had really messed him up quite a bit. It looked like he would need to stay here for some time. Well at least Yachiru-chan is here with him. The girl always seemed to cheer him up because she was always around when he needed her.

He groaned and got up. The eye patch was just a minor annoyance that he always dealt with by just focusing on his normal sight. He, Zaraki Kenpachi the Taichou of the 11th Division of the Gotei 13 was getting up now and no healer would be able to make him rest more then he had to.

He got up slowly and felt his zanpakuto on his lap. He grinned as he grabbed the hilt and used the sword to make himself sit up. Within a second he was up again and he clothed himself in his Taichou Jacket and he grinned. There would be a delightful battle up ahead. If what he thought was correct then he would have to fight one of the Ryoka. If they were all as strong as that kid he had fought then it would be one hell of a battle.

Without thinking very much he wandered towards where he thought the exit would be. He noticed that most nurses were walking backwards once he was walking towards them eventually walking up against a wall. He could hear everyone's breathing accelerate as they saw Zaraki Kenpachi walk through the halls with the menacing eyepatch and the bells on his hair.

"The members of Division 11 are all just battle driven savages." He turned his head to see a blonde guy writing in a diary and making derogative comments about his division. "And why is my division called a 'group of battle driven savages'?"

He grinned as he saw the man pale and turn around. "Z-z-z-zaraki-taichou… I didn't know you were near." Kenpachi's grin widened and he saw that the man paled even further. The grin widened even further and the blonde guy passed out from the fear he felt as he saw the scary Taichou of the 11th division he ha just insulted grin at him with those killer eyes aimed at him.

A laugh rang through the building as the taichou of the 11th division could keep his laughter in anymore and thus scared most of the people being treated for wounds. With a grin still in place Zaraki began to make his way out. "You. Where is the exit here?" the nurse who was being under the scrutiny of the taichou just pointed towards a door and he opened it and saw the clear sky of Soul Soceity.

"KENN-CHAANNN!" his cheerful fukutaichou was suddenly on his shoulder again since he had lost her in the building. He felt her weight on his shoulder once again and hoped that there would be no further incidents today. Onohana was scary enough when it was announced that he was hurt. She had berated him for fighting until the death every time. He just told her that she could go and piss off because it was his duty to fight to the death.

She had then started to scold him in a way very reminiscent of his mother who he had a small recollection of. She hadn't even named him whenever she talked to him and just called him boy or bastard. In response to that scolding he had done something that almost nobody would have dared to do: he had pinched her butt during the next meeting between the captains.

She hadn't responded to that immediately but the glare she sent him told him that a very bad treatment would be received if he got hurt ever again.

In the meanwhile Yachiru was getting bored with her ken-chan's lack of response and decided to do something about it. "Ken-chan? KEEENNNCHAN!" screaming loudly into the man's ear was the way to wake him up from his trance usually when he did that zoning out. She was a little miffed that he didn't respond so she decided to just act like one of those girls she had seen in those other tamer divisions: "Ken-chan is it alright if Ichi-chan is going to be my boyfriend?" the man replied before the sentence had sunk in: "Sure." Then it sank in and the man's eyes went wide and with a crack his head swirled to look at her; "What?" Yachiru was by now cheering and said: "Yes Ken-chan. I'm going to be Ichi-chan's girlfriend!"

Kenpachi could only do one thing at that moment; He fainted out of sheer surprise that his little girl was now growing up…

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