Title: Exodus
Author: Annerb
Rating: Teens (adult themes)
Summary: Saying goodbye. This wasn't how they thought it would end.
Classifications: Drama, Angst, Team, S/J, Future, AU
Season: 8 (takes off after Threads)

Disclaimer: The characters mentioned in this story are the property of Showtime and Gekko Film Corp. The Stargate, SG-1, the Goa'uld and all other characters who have appeared in the series STARGATE SG-1 together with the names, titles and backstory are the sole copyright property of MGM-UA Worldwide Television, Gekko Film Corp, Glassner/Wright Double Secret Productions and Stargate SG-I Prod. Ltd. Partnership. This fanfic is not intended as an infringement upon those rights and solely meant for entertainment. All other characters, the story idea and the story itself are the sole property of the author.

Author's Note: Forget the Ori and travels into the past. What happens when the Stargate Program is disclosed to Earth? Where do our beloved characters go from there? Dark view of the future…I know. But what can I say? I just re-read Orwell, so blame him. Thanks to the fab Mab for her snarky grins and encouragement.



This wasn't how Jack had thought it would turn out.

Not that he'd ever actually given it too much thought. It had always been a distant, nebulous goal in the back of his mind, because to do what he did every day, he had to believe that one day everything would be resolved. That one day there would be results for all the hard work they had done. But he never actually sat down and laid out plans for his life. It seemed too much like tempting fate.

But then it was there. He'd been sitting on his dock with his old team, fishing calmly like the fate of the world no longer rested on their shoulders. Which it didn't, he'd been forced to remind himself as Daniel handed him another beer. The world had been saved. Check it off the list.

Jack mentally ran through the list that he kept in his head:

Goa'uld? Dead.

Replicators? Disintegrated.

Freaky Ancient Weapon Capable of Destroying All Life? Destroyed.

Refuses-to-be-killed, half-ascended Anubis? Mysteriously, but permanently neutered (so he had been assured by Daniel).

Jaffa? Freed.

Extremely secret and deeply classified SGC? Public knowledge.

It was difficult to comprehend, especially the last one. With the threat of the Goa'uld and Replicators gone and their good buddies the Asgard once again capable of watching out for their Protected Planets, the SGC had achieved their goals and President Hayes had deemed it a good time to come clean to America and the rest of the world about what exactly those strange lights in the sky had been over the last few years. Oh, and by the way, we're not alone in the Universe.

Really difficult to comprehend.

But not as difficult to comprehend as the world's response to this wondrous revelation.

Even if Jack had spent a great deal of time contemplating the question of 'what now,' this was not what he would have come up with. Not that he was a starry-eyed optimist or something (that had really been Daniel's forte). He didn't expect that all over Earth everyone would step back and say, 'Hey. We're not the only life forms in the Universe. We should really try to get along better. And maybe we should get rid of concepts like money and racism and genocide and all get together and sing Kumbaya.' He wasn't that crazy.

But neither, in a million years, would he have thought he'd be doing what he was doing now: sitting behind a desk in an increasingly depopulated SGC, skimming the latest reports from the warfronts. He didn't think he would be carefully searching lists of the dead and fallen for familiar names, men and women he had once commanded. He never thought he would be morbid enough to keep a list of all the SG-teams from the golden days of the SGC and slowly mark their names off with red ink as they fell on foreign soil.

Not alien soil, either, but terran earth.

Earth had discovered the Galaxy only to turn back on itself in an amazing display of self-destruction. It boggled the mind.

And what were they fighting for? Could anyone even remember anymore?

Jack could remember, mainly because he'd had nothing but time sitting behind his desk underneath a mountain. The SGC had once been the front line of Earth's war with the Goa'uld, but now it was nothing more than a remote base of operations with only one standing order: to secure a continuous supply of naquadah.

And while some might debate Jack's gullibility, he was in no way naïve enough not to comprehend the purpose of that naquadah.

It seemed that Earth needed saving again, but this time from itself.