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Kaiba jumped from branch to branch behind Enki, who was leading the way back to the Village of traders.

They reached the end of the forest and were at the beginning of a river. Kaiba jumped down from the branch and looked at the dawning sun above the glittering river.

"It's nearly night time." Kaiba said to Enki. "Which means no eyes could penetrate the darkness into the river." Enki nodded.

Kaiba turned around and looked at the trees behind him. His eyes searched for a good sized tree that could be cut into a raft. "That one." Kaiba pointed at a tree. Enki opened his mouth and threw a blast at the tree. Kaiba muttered a word and the sound of the falling tree was muffled. They couldn't even hear the thud of the tree when it slammed into the ground.

Kaiba put his middle and index finger together and a six inch thin blue light ignited. He cut the tree into seven even pieces. He searched the forest ground for something to tie the seven tree pieces and found vines fallen from a tree. He used those and tied the pieces nice and tight.

He then went to find branches that can be manipulated into shapes of paddles. He looked up at the sky and saw stars winking at him. There was no moon to be found


Kaiba pushed the raft into the river and felt the raft sink a bit once it hit the water.

The raft will not be able to hold him and Enki.

Kaiba frowned. He did a hand sign and tapped the raft and the raft immediately floated. He was happy to see that the river was calm which meant easy paddling for him. "Come on Enki."


"Isn't that where Jo-I mean Kaiba and Ausar said they're from?" Tea asked Mokuba.

"I think so." Mokuba said.

"Wait a minute." Joey said. "How do we know if this Forest Village exist?"

"Because that's where I come from." The lady said.

"Really then?" Joey said. "Then where is it?"

"Very far away."

Joey made the sound of a buzz. "Eeerghh! Wrong answer!"

The lady looked at the ceiling again and noticed that the colors were already hard to find. The lady bowed in front of everybody. "Please excuse me. I must leave." She started to walk away until she was stopped once more.

"Hey wait a minute!" Joey jumped in front of her, blocking her way to the stairs. "I'm not done with you! What did you do to Yami? And how do you know Ausar and Enki? And where is this Tree village?"

"Joey." Tea said. "Calm down."

"No way! I'm tired of this mystery here! I want to know the truth. Who is this woman and how did she wake Yami? That wasn't normal!"

Mokuba took a step forward. "Joey's right. I too am sick and tired of this mystery and I want to know what's up."

The lady ignored Mokuba and looked up at the ceiling only to find that her way to track the ones she loved was fading. She clenched her teeth. "Please! Get out of my way!"

"Gah!" The lady grabbed Joey, lifted him into the air and threw him towards the gang. "Oof!"

The lady marched downstairs and out the front door. She ran across the yard and looked at the balcony. She then followed the trail of colors. Mokuba was the first to get out of the dog pile and raced downstairs. He saw the lady leave out the front door.

"She's getting away!"

"Ow." Joey groaned. His swirling eyes and twinkling stars above his head disappeared. He heard what Mokuba said and put his arms down to support himself and felt something warm and squishy.


He looked down to meet the face of an angry, red-faced Tea Gardener. He looked at what his hand was over and turned green. His hand was on Tea's brea-

"HANDS OFF JOEY WHEELER!" Tea smacked Joey so hard he was thrown over to the next wall.

Joey's eyes were once again squiggly and his head was filled with twinkling stars. "Eh heh."

"That was very unfortunate." Tristan said looking at the falling Wheeler. He walked towards Joey and nudged him with his foot. "Hey man, are you alive?"

"So squishy." Was all that Joey said.

Tea turned red once more. "You!" She pointed at Joey. Her eyes turned red and teeth turned that of an animal. "Have you no respect for women!?"

"Guys!" Mokuba yelled. "She's getting away!"

"You guys stay here and I'll go after Mokuba and the woman." Yami said, getting up. Yami followed Mokuba out of the mansion and found him running after the woman. "Mokuba!" Yami yelled.

The woman ran after the trail. She looked back and found two of the children following her. "Why?" She continued running as fast as she could.

Yami caught up with Mokuba and the lady. Where is she going? He thought as they followed her.

Why won't they stop following me? The lady looked up once more and saw that the colors were getting stronger, which meant she was getting close. She was about to run even faster when she felt pain shot through her body. "Ugh!" She tripped and fell hard across the cement floor. "No!"

Yami and Mokuba watched as the lady tripped and fall hard. Seeing this, Mokuba went ahead of Yami and reached the lady first. He saw the lady shivering. "H-hey. Are you alright?"

Yami reached the two and gasped when she noticed the lady's legs fading. "What's going on?"

The lady moaned. "Not yet…Please…not yet." Sweat poured from her head and her legs faded and returned back to normal. She panted heavily, trying to catch her breath.

"You've got a lot of explaining to do." Mokuba said harshly.

"N-No." The lady said. She inhaled deeply and got to her feet slowly. "No I don't. I can explain later…but not right now." The lady twirled and struck Mokuba with her foot, knocking him down.

"Mokuba!" Yami yelled worryingly.

The lady stroke Yami down the same way, taking his breath away. "I'm sorry." she apologized, and went back to follow her trail. She left Yami struggled to get his breath back.

"Hey!" Yami looked back and found Joey, Tea and Tristan running towards them. "I saw that you jerk!" Joey yelled at the lady who was well out of sight.

"Yami! Are you ok?" Tea asked.

"Follow her." Mokuba got up with a hand on his chest.

"I hear you." Joey said and left the others to follow the lady. Tristan followed him.

The lady skidded around corner and looked back. Two more were following her. "Damn!" She reached up a ladder and climbed up an apartment building. Joey and Tristan skidded around and watched her go up the building. Joey jumped on the ladder and climbed up. The two were halfway up when the lady reached the roof.

The lady ran across the roof and halted to a stop, her hands flailing as she reached the edge of the roof. She took a step back and fell on her butt. "Ow." She heard the running steps of Joey and Tristan and stood up. The next building was about 12 feet away. An impossible feet to jump.

"Huff…huff…we finally…" gasp "caught up to you." Joey put his hands on gasped. Tristan was right behind him.

The lady turned away from them and jumped off the building.

Joey's and Tristan's jaw's dropped.

The lady leapt and landed on the next roof and continued running towards her destination.

"You're kidding me!" Tristan yelled.

Joey groaned and fell on his butt. "That's it. I quit. No way I'm gonna jump over that." He sighed and watched the lady jump building to building. He groaned. "Now what?"

"Hey Joey." Tristan said.


"Do you hear that?"

"Hear what?"


Joey listened and heard the sound of, "That's a helicopter." He got up and looked around searching for a helicopter.

"It's over there man!" Tristan grabbed Joey and twisted him towards the direction of the helicopter. The helicopter had the Kaiba Corp. logo on it. "It's Mokuba." The helicopter flew over their heads and a ladder was dropped.

"I'm first!" Joey pushed Tristan out of the way. He grabbed the ladder and started climbing.

"Jerk." Tristan said and began climbing up the ladder.

Joey reached the floor of the helicopter and hauled himself. He grinned when he saw Tea, Yugi and Mokuba on board. "Hey guys. Long time no see!"

"Can you hurry up!" Tristan yelled. He was still on the ladder and was now experiencing a touch of fear of heights. Yugi and Mokuba grabbed hold of Joey and pulled him on board. Tristan was hauled up and taken on board.

"Did you catch up to her?" Tea yelled over the noise.

"Yeah. But we lost her when she started jumping from the roof!" Tristan pointed down. Tea looked down and saw the lady indeed jumping from roof to roof.

Mokuba leaned towards the pilot and yelled, "Follow her!" The pilot just nodded and followed the lady out in the night.


Kaiba slept on the raft while Enki attempted to row with his teeth. It was somewhat complicated, but Enki got the hang of it. He occasionally smelled the wind, to sense if anyone was out there.

So far, so good.

Enki stopped rowing and settled on the raft and closed his eyes.

No! He wasn't sleeping! He was just merely resting his eyes.

Yeah right.

Enki forced his eyes opened and dunked his head on the cold water. He whimpered by the cold and shook his head. Now he was awake.

He sat on his hind legs and looked at their surrounding. It was too dark for a human to see but not dark enough for him to be blind as a bat. He was about to nestle down when he caught a scent. He stood up and smelled the wind

Something was wrong. Very wrong.

He caught a whiff of humans, nothing strange there. He smelled sweat and fire. Nothing strange there either. That is…until he smelled the blood.

He smelled metal mixed with blood. There was a murder.

Enki shook Kaiba awake and growled. Kaiba stayed down, understanding what Enki meant. He took a paddle and quietly tried to row. Enki smelled the air and noted that there about twenty three bloodied people out there. Enki watched the edge of the river and found the band of murderers with their torches in hand. He saw that they were uniformed, as if part of an army and seemed very disciplined.

One of the murderers, the leader perhaps, looked out at the river. He felt eyes over him. He singled the men to stop. The men halted. The leader took out a bow and an arrow whose tip was on fire and cocked it towards Enki and Kaiba. Kaiba and Enki noticed this and quietly abandoned ship. Before the leader could release the bow, Kaiba tapped the raft and the raft sunk like a rock.

The leader released the bow and the bow flew at the former spot of the raft. The arrow hit the water harmlessly. The leader frowned. He reached into his belt and took out an arrow that was made of metal and cocked it. Kaiba noticed the arrow and grabbed Enki. He took a deep breath and went under water and swam as far away as possible from where they were. He swam with the current.

The leader released the arrow and watched s the arrow flew at his target. The arrow hit the water and giant BOOM! was heard. The water exploded and a small wave traveled through the river to the edge. Dead fish surfaced and the leader seemed satisfied.

"There." The leader said. He motioned his men to continue. "Now whoever was there is dead."


"Why are we following her again?" Tea asked.

"That lady said she's from Forest Village. That's the place Ausar said he and Seto came from. If we follow her, we may get some answers on how to get to Seto." Mokuba said.

The lady ignored the helicopter following her. She concentrated too much on following the colors.

"This place seems familiar." Yugi said. He looked out of the helicopter and recognized where they were. "Hey, I know where we are. We're in Ausar's neighborhood. I think she's going to Jol-Kaiba's and Ausar's house." He looked at Mokuba "Can this helicopter somehow land near the house?"

Mokuba nodded. "We can land on the spot and we can hide. The helicopter can leave."

"Hey wait a minute." Tristan said. "How do we know for sure she's going to the house? She may be going somewhere else completely!"

Yugi's item glowed and Yami took over. "There's a great possibility that that woman is going after Kaiba, but most likely Ausar and Enki. She knows that man and dog and may have a connection with them. She came into the mansion, where Ausar visited and is now in Ausar's neighborhood. We can assume that she is going to Ausar's house."

"House? What house? There is no house!" Joey yelled.

"Yes." Yami said. "But she doesn't know that does she? We can reach the residence before her and hide. Once she reaches the location-if she reaches it- was can get some answers." They reached the spot of the disappeared house and jumped off the helicopter. The lady was no where near to even hear the roaring sound of the helicopter. Once the five of them were down, the helicopter flew away. They all hid and waited for the lady to come.

The lady jumped off a building towards the floor. She knew that the children were no longer following her and took a two minute break. She looked up and knew she was close. She could walked this time, knowing that she had time before the colors went away. She got up and continued running. She went around a street and finally reached where the colors ended.

She frowned when she saw the colors disappear in the middle of open space at the corner of a street. She walked at the middle and touched the ground. "Yes. Yes, they went back." She smiled and took out a knife and pricked her finger. She squeezed and more blood flowed.

"What's she doing?" Joey said from his hiding spot as they watched he prick her finger.

The lady knelt and began writing with her blood around her. They watched as the blood glowed and the lady connected the beginning of her writing with the end. She then jumped out of the writing and connected the two ends of the writing. She drew a circle inside the circle of writing and light erupted from the circle to the writing.

"What's going on?" Tea said.

The bright writing vanished and the circle of light stood up vertically. The lady started to walk towards the light.

Mokuba jumped out of his hiding spot and grabbed hold of her before she entered the light. The others followed him and attempted to drag the lady away from the light. The lady struggled and-with all her strength- jumped into the light along with her captors.


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