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Author's Note: Hey all! Well, I've decided to go ahead and do it - post my themed challenges that is. This is in response to the general challenge from Ars Armatoria's Ranger Romance Themes. Excellent idea - wish I had thought of it! lol At any rate, these are Sky/Syd-centric. They will follow the developing relationship rather than being stand-alone. These are also much shorter than my normal chapter length. Why Sky/Syd you might ask as opposed to the dozens of other couples in my pieces? They just have so much explosive chemistry and so much of it has yet to be explored! With that said, enjoy!

PS - This themed series is called 'Of You' for a good reason. lol That is the title of a Monkees' song that (in my opinion) represents some of the aspects of this well.


By Etcetera Kit

2 - Dare

"I dare you!"

Her mouth worked up and down like a fish out of water desperately seeking air. It was entirely unthinkable. There was no way that she could do that. So what if it was the annual Halloween dance? That didn't give her a license to do certain things. Besides, he would absolutely freak if she did it!

"I'll give you five bucks!"

That stopped her dead in her tracks. A wry smile cracked her face. She didn't need money – her parents were loaded. But that didn't stop the enticement of earning some fast cash off of a person who loudly and exuberantly complained about her lack of funds. Five bucks? She shook her head. Not for something like this… the ante would have to be upped. It wasn't worth a month's worth of not being able to look him in the eye and blushing when he came in the room.

"Okay, fine. Fifty bucks!" Her companion paused. "Come on, Syd. That's the best offer you're going to get because that's all I have."

Syd nodded at Z and leaned back in her chair at the small table in a corner where they had set up court. Now for a cool fifty bucks – she would definitely consider it. Her confident azure gaze scanned the lounge. It was packed to exploding with cadets in Halloween costumes, not to mention the loud, pounding music, dim light and disco ball and smoke machine. Cadets gyrated wildly on the dance floor and people mingled in groups over cups of punch and cookies. Games were along the back near the door including a cake walk and bobbing for apples tub.

He was in the back, helping monitor the games with Bridge, Jack and Boom. Unconsciously, she licked her lips, taking in his costume. It was obvious that he didn't buy it from the local Party City like the rest of them. In fact, she wouldn't have even called it was costume. It was a period piece. He had on a white peasant shirt with the large sleeves and ruffles, opened enough at the front to provide a tantalizing view of his chest. The pants were fitted – extremely well fitted – and came to his knee. Boots met the hem of the pants and a large plumed hat and vest finished the clothing. A Musketeer sword was at his side.

The three B-Squad males had gone as the Three Musketeers, but, somehow, the costume didn't look as good on Bridge and Jack as it did on him. She glanced at her own costume – as an angel with a short white dress, white fishnets, stilettos, wings and a halo. His jaw had already dropped once when he first saw her tonight. It wouldn't be a problem getting him on the dance floor.

"Deal," Syd replied leaning in towards Z so that she could be absolutely sure that no one would overhear them. "Get the DJ to put on some decent dance music."

The Yellow Ranger grinned and got up, making her way through the pulsating crowd to the DJ who was dancing along to the music. Syd watched as Z leaned forward, emphasizing the cleavage that her black cat costume showed. The DJ began to fumble around for some new mini-discs as Z moved back to their table for a front row seat.

Syd sashayed across the room to the games. He was leaning against the back wall, watching Bridge direct the cake walk. His arms were crossed over his chest and his hat was pulled down over his eyes. She planted herself directly in front of him. He stood up straight quickly, pushing his hat back. This is going to be great, she thought.

"Sky!" she called over the music. "Want to dance?"

His reply was nonsensical – she didn't bother trying to decode it, she just grabbed his hand and dragged him toward the dance floor. The song was loud and had a strong beat. Perfect… She threw herself into the dance, making sure that she emphasized hip movement. His blue-gray eyes were drawn to her short skirt and the fact that the stilettos drew attention to her legs. He swallowed.

She ignored his obvious physical reaction to dancing with her. After a few moments of dancing, she knew that he hadn't been aware of what she had really been doing – and without giving anyone a free show. Syd reached up and pulled off his hat, throwing it away from the dance floor. It didn't matter where the hat landed – he would find it before he had to return the costume to the rental place.

In a similar motion to that of taking his hat off, she reached up, her hands going around his head and depositing a hot pink thong around his neck. It took him a moment to realize what she had just done, but she was already gone, racing to the back to the room to where Z was waiting with all their things.

They didn't stop running until they got back to their room and the door was safely shut and locked behind them. Z collapsed onto her bed in a fit of laughter. Syd carefully composed herself into her desk chair.

"That was great!" Z howled. "The look on his face! I just wish we had a picture!"

Syd grinned. She would be mortified tomorrow, but right now she still felt the adrenaline high from actually going through with it. "I think I can confidently say that this will be the only time in my life I lost my underwear without being drunk," she replied daintily.

Z was still laughing, tears running down her cheeks.

She pinned her roommate with a glare. "Where's my fifty bucks?"

To Be Continued...