Far Away From Life


Author's Note: Hi! I love Card captors Sakura! Well if you like Drama, mystery, and romance this is the story to read. I am making new characters in the story. Did I mention this is the first story of mine? Well I hope you all like it!


Summary: She was not important but he was. Sakura was not like the other maids she was more. He never expected to know her but Sakura had a secret that she is very different from others.

Sakura looked at the sky. Has it always been a pink color before?

"Sakura! Can you clean up this mess?" Sakura glared at the sky like it was its fault why she was suffering.

"Yes my lady." Whispered Sakura. Sakura walked over and saw wine was all over the floor. "Hurry up!" Said the lady. Sakura nodded.

I hope someday she'll have to do this!

"My lady, can I get you anything?" Sakura whispered.

"No. Leave."

Sakura bowed her head and left.

That witch!

"Sakura-Chan!" Yelled a Blue eyed girl. "Tomoyo!" Said Sakura smiling brightly. "How are you?" Tomoyo grinned. "Fine."

"I feel odd. Like there's someone coming." Sakura looked around. "What?" Tomoyo whispered.

"Ladies. What are you doing? Shouldn't you be cleaning the kitchen?" The Royal Empress walked in. She is so pretty. "Sorry Madame. We will get right to it." The empress nodded.

Tomoyo grabbed Sakura's sleeve. "Was it her?"

"No. It can't be."

Or could it?

"Sir, do we get the old hag now?"

"Be patient my friend, be patient."

I know it's short but I promise more drama and romance stirring up in the next chappie! Also I want to know if you all would like for Tomoyo and Eriol to get together or not. And if you would like me to call them by there English name. For example Tomoyo Madison. If not that's ok.

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