Elle's POV!

"I hate you!" screamed Rose to her mother for the millionth time today. Her mother just screamed back with "Your just a spioled brat andI can't take it anymore, go to your room". Once again they were having an all out fight over absotutely nothing. It's the day before Rose's graduation and she wanted to go pick up her dress and meet her best friend Elle, but her brother Kyle screwed up her cell phone bill and made sure Rose got in trouble for it. Sure, you may be thinking this is crazy and she's to old to get introuble for something minor like that, but your wrong. Rose has 2 brothers and a little sister and it seems like she just doesn't belong. That's why she realizes on me, Elle Parker (her best friend since were little kids and her only way into sanity). Sometimes I call her Cinderella cause her life is just like her's except with the chores all the time. I drove over to her house within the 5minutes she called me wanting to pick up all our stuff and as soon as I opened the door I heard them fighting yet again. Since the fighting happens SO often I brought Tyler (my boyfriend) with me to reinsure me I could fix things for her. Tyler's so great, he's always been there for me NO MATTER WHAT and would never try to hurt me. Rose says we finish each other's sentences and look like we understand one another with just a simple look. So pretty much, she's trying to say we connect on a deeper level also and that's fine with me. So before I get any farther ahead of myself I should tell you alittle about everyone in general. Rose is 18, about 5'7, light brown hair, green eyes, dating Craig, Cheerleading captain, and has the worst family ever. Craig is 18, close to 6'1, light brow hair, abs of steel, football captain, and is the best guy Rose has in her life right now. Tyler used to go to Hickory then he moved to Sharpsvile and then he just came back to hickory last year to be with me. Anyway, Tyler's 18, about 5'8, blondish brown hair, the cutest smile ever, Captain of the track team, and the best boyfriend and best friend I could ask for. Then there's me Elle, I'm about 5'4, LONG brown hair, glasses, Captain of the Tennis team and co-captain of the cheerleaders, and everyone's supporter. Rose is the creative one that needs pushing and reassurance from all of us when it comes to a lot of things. Tyler is the funny one who tries to lighten up sreious things and is great to talk to. Craig is the athlete and the all around popular one (but he never goes out to parties and stuff like that unless the rest of us can come). I'm the glue that sticks us all together and fixes things gone wrong no matter what the situation is.

Tyler's POV!

I'm sitting in Rose's game room upstairs with Elle while Rose and her mother are fighting. Elle's in my lap trying to listen to everything their saying and then as soon as we hear something break her face looks shocked. I rub her arm and say's "I think this is the first time anything's ever broke during their fights". She just looks into my eyes with this look I completely understand what she's feeling and I know this fight is going to end up more horrible then ever before. I think of a plan and say's to Elle "Baby, can you hand me my phone? I think we should call Craig". Elle just nods at me and hands me the phone. I hate Elle having to deal with all of our problems, yet she refuses to let us help. I can tell she could use a break away from this town and I'm just glad tomorrow were graduating and we can all exscape from this drama filled atmoshphere people call Hickory. I quickly call Criag and fill him in on what's going on and in no time he's over here since he only lives next door. Something else just broke and Elle squeezed my arm in fear someone would get hurt. "Elle, why don't we leave and get some ice cream. Craig will be here in no time", I said trying to distract her. It didn't work like always cause she got up from my lap ready to go downstairs when she turned around and said "Later on baby, I need to take care of this right now" and then she walked downstairs before I could stop her. I took acouple minutes to think and right when I was picking up Elle's purse I heard what seemed like Elle scream and everyone coming out of their rooms from around the house and I ran downstairs to see what was wrong. As soon as I got into the living room Elle was lying on the ground holding onto her side and Kyle, Craig, Rose, and their mom surrounding her. I pushed through them and knelt down beside Elle saying "Are you ok, what happened"? I moved her hand away from the side of her hip and saw this HUGE black and blue mark that I know she wouldn't be happy about. I helped her sit up when she said "I tried to stop them from fighting and the next thing I knew her mom threw some rokc hard thing at Rose and it hit me". I kissed the top of her head and gave her a smile to let her know it would be ok and she told me "I know, but now I can't wear a skirt for graduation cause I'll look awful with this black and blue mark. It's not exactly something you would call fashionable". We both started to laugh and I whispered into her ear

"Tonight I'll make sure you don't feel uncomfortable with that mark" and she smiled her happy smile again.

Craig's POV!

WOW, I guess I picked the perfect moment to walk throught the door. I thought today might be a good day with Rose and her mom not fighting, but I was wrong. This was the first time she ever tried to throw somehting at her own daughter and I feel terrible Elle got hurt when she only ever tries to help. Thankfully it looks like she's going to be ok and that Tyler got her to laugh about all of this. I turned to see rose glaring at her mom and I turned her towards me and said "Rose, you need to cool off. Why don't we all leave and go to the southern park mall". I saw her take a deep breathe and close her eyes, but then her mom started to say something and she got all tensed up again and cut off her mom. "Don't even start it mother. You better apologize to Elle for hurting her and for putting her through all of this our whole lives when she's always tried to help YOU" Rose yelled at her mother for the last time. Her mom didn't have any emotion in her face as if she wasn't real and then she sputtered out "Don't talk to me like that Rose and I have no reason to apologize when you all deserved it. I've tried to give you everything and what do you do…nothing". Rose just let a pathetic laugh and said, "WE deserved it? No one should deserve the CRAP you put me through. You've always alienated me and you never tried to make me feel special. You know what, I've had it with you. This was the last and final straw and I'm leaving you and this crap you call a family". Rose turned to the three of us and said "Tyler, take my Elle's car and go back to her house and get her ice, Craig should go with them and stay there until I get all of my stuff together and then I'll meeet you guys at Elle's". I kissed Rose bye and helped Tyler get Elle standing to make sure she can walk and when she almost fell back probably from a headache Tyler picked her up and carried her to the car.

Rose's POV!

I watched Tlyer pick Elle up cause she was in so much pain all over she couldn't walk. I couldn't stand seeing my best friend in pain and I can't believe it was from my own mother. Once they left, I ran up to my room and got the all of my duffle bags and suitcases possible and stuffed all favorite clothes in to them. Once I got my clothes into the car, I went back to my room to grab pictures, hair products, and anything else I could possibly fit in mycar without it falling out. I'm not sure where I'm gonna stay and I know Elle, Tyler, and Craig are all going to offer, but I can't put them out like that. I don't know why my life ended up like this and I've had to put up with crap like this forever. Soon enough I'll get an answer and by then I'll have graduated and moved away with my 3 best friends and were never coming back except to visit Elle and Tyler's parents because they've been there for ALL of us no matter what and they still don't judge us. Now everythings finally in the car and as I start the engine I can hear my mom trying to tell me something, but I choose to drive off and leave her in the dust. I REALLY hope Elle's ok, but since Tyler's with her she'll be fine. I'd have to say their the cutest couple I know and trust me I know a lot of couples so that's a lot for me to say. Plus, they totally understand each other through everything and they would never judge each other or anyone else for that matter. Tyler lives right behind Elle so they usually walk instead of wasting gas driving that short distance unless were all going somewhere or their going on a date. I remember about 3 years ago Elle's mom took a vacation for her self to relax and I decided I'd stay with her so I could get away from my mom and so she wouldn't be lonely. Sure, you all think why wouldn't she have Tyler come stay? Well all that week he'd been acting funny around all of us except Craig and me and Elle even tried to get Craig to tell us, but he wouldn't budge so we thought there was sonthing wrong with him physically or somehting like that. Well the 2 day I was staying with Elle, Tyler came and she got all excited and wanted him to stay and he said he couldn't and needed to talk to her outside. Now in my head I was thinking he was going to break up with her because Tyler doesn't ever keep things from Elle ever and that worried us both. The friend that I am and just dying to know I stuck my head out the one window that they couldn't tell I was there, but I could still hear everything. Well, the bad news was Tyler's parents were moving to Shaprsville and he wouldn't be able to see her that much now and I swear I saw a tear coming down his face since Elle was already balling her eyes out. Sure, sharpsville isn't that far from Hickory, but their schedules wouldn't be the same and everything would be screwed up so they really wouldn't be able to see each other. They never broke up because they loved each other more then life and they decided to fight this challenge to their relationship out and Craig and I were there for both of them through it all. I'd have to say a year of torture for them went by and both of them were about to give up on their love when I'd say fait happened. Craig, Elle, and I were in study hall and that was the class Elle and Tyler would skip together and do who knows what, so as you can tell Elle wasn't in her usual peppy Elle mood like always. Elle was looking at some pictures of her and Tyler when I heard someone walking near us and I saw it was Tyler, but Elle never heard anything so I kept quiet. He came right up behind her and said, "Is that your boyfriend in the pictures"? She must have not recognized his voice cause she was still looking down when she told him "Yeah, he moved away and I wish I could see him more often". Then he got closer and said, "Then just turn around baby". Elle finally snapped out of her daze or whatever and turned around to find Tyler. She squealed like she always does when she's excited and jumped into his arms with her legs around him practically choking him from huggin him so hard. I think everyone in that class stopped what they were doing to watch them and even the guys that had been chasing after Elle realized how much they meant to each other. Anyway he explained how he's not going to let his parents pull them apart and he'd find somwhere to live just as long as he could come back to Hickory and be with Elle. Elle thinking spur of the moment said he could live with her since her room was big enough for his things. In the end her mom had no problem with it like we all thought because she believed they would be together forever and their love could last through anything. You guys think we have the greatest boyfriends ever, don't you? Well all of that is about to change and you'll be able to see what creeps those boys really are.