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Song Lyrics

"…" talking

'…' thinking

Someday You Will Be Loved

Chapter 1

I once knew a girl

In the years of my youth

With eyes like the summer

All beauty and truth

Kagome rolled over reaching for the warm body that lay beside her. Finding the warmth, she snuggled closer and sighed, 'I can't believe this finally happened.'

That night she had finally gotten up the courage to tell her best friend the truth…


"Damn! I hate exam week!" Inuyasha yelled throwing a book across the room. It landed with a thud against the wall. Exam week, definitely not for the weak of heart or those who just didn't give a damn about their grades, only their social lives.

"Come on Inuyasha, its not that bad and besides what's one week compared to the whole year?" Kagome asked trying to soothe the seething hanyou.

Yes, Inuyasha was hanyou, but not many people knew his secret, only a close few. Kagome was one of these and loved him even more because of it. She had been 8 at the time of the discovery. Kagome and Inuyasha had been the best of friends since their start in grade school. Inuyasha's parents had warned him not to let anyone see his true self.

His older half-brother had been sent away to boarding school in Europe after people had seen his demonic form. Inuyasha's parents told him it had been for his safety. Many people had been scared and had threatened to kill the boy. So, when Kagome had unexpectedly shown up at his house one morning and seen his hanyou form he'd been scared that he would be sent away. Surprisingly, Kagome hadn't been afraid, she thought he was rather cute with his dog ears. So he hadn't been sent away…now here it was their first year of college. Time had flown by.

Kagome turned her head as she heard Inuyasha muttering to himself. She strained to hear him.

"Shit! This crap is impossible! How the hell am I supposed to get Kikyo to notice me when I'm stuck in this damn room all the time!"

Kagome cringed when she heard her cousin's name. Really, she couldn't see what Inuyasha saw in Kikyo. The girl was as shallow as they came and ditzy as hell! Sometimes Kagome wondered if Kikyo wasn't really blonde.

She shook her head, looked over at Inuyasha and sighed, 'I'm gonna have to tell him soon or else I'll really loose him.'

"Hey, Inuyasha, let's take a break," Kagome said, "You want something to eat or drink?"

"Hmmm…" Inuyasha mumbled, blinking as he came out of his previous thoughts, "Uh yeah, you got some ramen?"

Kagome nodded and pulled out a pack of ramen. Then went over to the stove to cook it.

'How that boy eats so much ramen and still has those abs is beyond me,' Kagome smirked, shaking her head as she took the bowel over to Inuyasha.

"Thanks Kags," Inuyasha said as he stuffed the noodles into his mouth.

Kagome giggled at the sight at the sight before her.

"What is it wench?" Inuyasha asked. Even though it sound more like, "Wa ith it inch," because of the noodles stuffed to maximum capacity in his mouth.

'Sometimes I wonder if he isn't part squirrel instead of dog,' Kagome smiled back at him. "Oh Inuyasha, I love you."

:GULP: Inuyasha froze, swallowing all the noodles in his mouth, "Kagome, what did you just say?"

'Oh God! Oh God! I didn't mean to say that out loud, not yet anyway! Think! Think Kagome, what can you do to get his mind off that slip up!' Kagome, frantic with panic, did the only thing she could think of, she kissed him.

Inuyasha was caught off guard by his friend's action, but found himself pulling her closer and deepening the kiss. It didn't even matter that this was Kagome & not Kikyo, it just felt good. He picked her up, walked over to the bed and laid her down, all the while never breaking the kiss.

"Kagome?" Inuyasha asked looking at the flushed girl beneath him.

Kagome nodded yes to his silent request. It was really all she had ever wanted, to give her virginity to the one she loved, and he took it without another word.

:End Flashback:

In the morning I fled

Kagome awoke again, startled because the warmth beside her was gone. She set up quickly and looked around. Inuyasha was nowhere to be found. His books, clothes, everything was gone.

Kagome's small body began to shake uncontrollably, her heart shattering, 'He never said I Love You, back, he never said it! What have I done?'

Left a note and it read

She rubbed her eyes vigorously, trying to stop the flow of tears. That's when she noticed it. There was a note on the table beside her bed. She picked it up and studied her name on the outside of it. Inuyasha had definitely written it, she'd have known his handwriting anywhere. She slowly opened it and read…

Someday you will be loved.

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