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Someday You Will Be Loved


His eyes fell on the petite woman standing off to the side of the bride. She glowed with happiness, but that might have been one of the effects of the slight bulge now showing at her abdomen.

He smiled inwardly at the picture she made. Had it really been a year since he had first met her?

The day he stepped off the plane from Europe, he had had no idea how much his life was to change. He had been so cold, so uncaring. Emotionally withdrawn. All that had changed. He was now happier. Open. At least more open than before. The cause of his change stood before him now. His prudish little secretary. His life mate and soon to be the mother of his pup.

Sesshoumaru caught her eye and smiled softly.


Kagome was the happiest she had been since that fateful night with Inuyasha. That night she thought her life had ended, that she would never love again. Little did she know it had only been the beginning.

She smiled back at the seemingly emotionless man sitting in the audience as she unconsciously moved her hand to the bulge at her abdomen.

She smiled warmly at the knowledge of the new life within her. The three of them would be happy together: Sesshoumaru, her and their pup.

Kagome knew that their son or daughter would be raised in an environment full with trust and love. Because that was what Kagome and Sesshoumaru had found in each other.

Kagome turned her head back to the marriage ceremony in progress. She was so thrilled for Sango and Miroku.

Sango who was the glowing picture of health, in the 8th month of her pregnancy, had stuck by Kagome's side the entire time.

While Kagome knew it was Sesshoumaru that had ultimately saved her from a life of distrust and loneliness, she knew she wouldn't have even made it past the 1st month of her of her betrayal.

She shifted her eyes to Inuyasha, who was standing on the other side of Miroku. She had felt his steady gaze on her for the duration of the ceremony. Kagome knew he would want to speak to her afterwards, but she still did not know what to say to him.


Inuyasha hadn't seen Kagome since the hospital, when she had been unconscious. He still wanted to apologize for his actions.

As he watched the small exchange between Kagome and his half-brother, he knew he had finally done something right. Inuyasha had been angry at first when Sango had informed him that Kagome did not want to see him, but in the end respected her wishes.

Looking at Kagome now, glowing in her pregnancy, he saw that she was, and always had been more beautiful then her cousin. To think, if he had not screwed up on that night, the pup Kagome carried could have been his. He had been such an idiot.

Inuyasha's thoughts drifted momentarily to Kagome's cousin Kikyo. He had received a letter from her recently, begging him to take her away from Naraku because she wasn't having any fun with him. Inuyasha had crumpled the letter and pitched it into the wastebasket the moment he had finished reading it.

Inuyasha realized the ceremony had finally come to an end and looked around for Kagome. His eyes located her talking to Sesshoumaru in the shade of a large tree.


"Wasn't the ceremony lovely?" Kagome asked her mate, looking at the happy newly married couple.

"It was nice, but ours will be much better," Sesshoumaru informed her.

"Oh really," she laughed and then raised a delicate eyebrow at him as he pulled her into a tight embrace, growling softly.

She turned her head and noticed Inuyasha approaching them. She placed her hands on Sesshoumaru's chest and pushed away gently.

"I have to talk to him sometime, why not now. Besides you're here with me," Kagome told him giving his arm a gently squeeze.

Sesshoumaru grudgingly gave in, but kept a protective arm around her waist. He didn't want to see her hurt again.

"Inuyasha," Kagome acknowledged him as he came to a halt in front of the couple.

"Kagome," Inuyasha started, golden eyes pleading with her, "This is the last time I will bother you, but I have to know…will you forgive me?"

Kagome remained silent as she thought of the answer, eyes taking in the state of her former best friend, and then she spoke.

"Yes. I will forgive you."

"Oh, thank you Kagome!" He exclaimed.

"But that does not mean things will go back to the way they were before. You betrayed me too badly."

"I understand," he said, turning to walk away.

"Inuyasha," Kagome called after him, "The note you left me the morning after, you know, well you were right. My someday finally did come and one day yours will too."

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