Chapter 7: Kenashi's Survival and Finale

If you remember from the last chapter, our heroes faced an explosion unlike no other, thanks to Kenashi. Let's check up on who lived and who didn't…

The entire explosion made the whole city look upon Kenashi's hideout. They gasped when they saw the huge cloud of black smoke fill up that area and were anxious to see who lived through this horrific moment. When the smoke finally cleared, they cheered.

Up on the hideout's porch, Kayla was seen among the group. She actually created a shield rather than teleport. When the smoke was completely gone, they all slowly opened their eyes and looked out into the city, seeing a cheering crowd. They smiled as Kayla lowered her shield until it was completely off. The others cheered for themselves.

"WE LIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!" Daffy screamed happily as he dropped to his knees and lifted his hands up with praise. Wile E. fell on his knees as well.

"I'm a genius to create you, Kayla." He pleaded to his assistant, who nodded in agreement. "We all survived, thanks to you."

Daffy was all teary eyed as he stopped his cheering and looked over to where Bugs and Lola were… and that made a frown appear on his face. This made the others puzzled.

"Daffy, what's wrong?" Invisi asked.

"……………Bugsth." He whispered sadly as he walked up to the two bunnies, having Bugs unconcious on his back. He was laying in a puddle of his blood as Lola was crying in his chest with intense tears. Daffy walked up to her and kneeled down beside her. "Lola?"

"We were so close, Daffy." She pleaded sadly as she lifted her head up from her husband's chest and embraced the black duck. "I don't want him to die!"

"……I know." Daffy held Lola in his wings as she continued to cry. This made the others cry as well… especially Mystic. Sylvester cried with DS in his arms as he spoke.

"Bugsth wasth one of the good onesth." He cried.

"Yeah." DS agreed. "He even respected me."

"…I… did?" A familiar Brooklyn-accented male voice groaned. This made Lola pause in her crying as she looked down at her husband, who slowly opened his eyes with a weak smile. "Well, ya did look… stunnin'… ta… me."

"Bugs?" Lola pleaded as she saw her husband slowly sit up. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I feel a little lightheaded, but I'm okay."

"Thank goodness!" Lola embraced her husband with intense happiness. "I thought you was gonna die, Bugs!"

"Me, too, Lo… but, hey! Here I am."

"My spell succeeded." Mystic said as she walked up to the two rabbits. "Lola was told to turn you into a human for that moment, Bugs."

"By you, right?"


"But, why?"

"Many people don't believe my name follows my special tactics. They all think it's one big lie… even DS thought it was B.S."

"Yeah." DS agreed. "I didn't believe that bullshit at first, but then, I saw her do it and now… and soooooo goddamn speechless!"

"Serves you right, doesn't it?"

"Dat was really brave of ya to get Lola ta do dat, doc. She looked beautiful in dat Mystical Dragon form she was in."

"Really?" Lola asked as she regained herself and helped Bugs up.


"And you looked cute being a human."

"Yeah, but one ting is for certain… I'll never become a human again."

"Whatever happened to Kenashi? Did he survive?" Wile E. asked Kayla, who shook her head in response.

"The explosion may have killed him, but in other words, he did survive." Kayla replied in her usual expert tone. Wile E. shuddered.

"So, could this mean that he's still alive somehow?"

"Yes… but be warned. He's going to appear 90 percent more powerful that what he was before. He'll be bigger than any other beast alive and it's going to take more than a mystic dragon to take him down."

"Then what can we do?" Tanka asked. Azuki and Silverwing roared in response, which Tanka was able to translate. "Are you serious?"

"What did they say, Tanka?" Kazami asked, looking at the wide-eyed tiger.

"They said that they can stop Kenashi themselves! Is that possible!"

"Oh, yes." Kayla chuckled as she walked up to the two rare tigers and picked them up and carried them in her arms. "Azuki and Silverwing are Usaki Guavarno's only hope, if they want Kenashi eliminated once and for all."

"But, they're small." Danger observed as he stood up. "What can they do that we Loonatics can't?"

"Transform into mighty warriors, just as they're know as from every citizen in this city."


"So, what you're saying is Azuki and Silverwing are the real heroes of this entire place?" Ace asked. Kayla nodded.

"Exactly. They may be small, but they have been doing so many good deeds that I can't name them all right now." She replied. Rev whistled.

"Well, if that's the case, I'll say let 'em go for it!" He cheered as he rubbed Azuki on the top of his head. Ace and Slam chuckled as they walked up to Kayla and did the same, having Ace patting Azuki and Slam patting Silverwing. Lexi and Tech did the same as well after them. Danger groaned as he reluctantly walked up and patted Silverwing. Kayla smiled at the Loonatic's behavior.

"Don't pout, Danger." She encouraged. "Acmetropolis is your team's true place of heroics… not here."

"That's true." Danger agreed. "Guess I'll settle for it."

"That's a good duck. As for the rest of you, your support is very much needed. Two at a time may come up and pat the two tigers for good luck on their dangerous mission."

And so they did. Two Looneys at a time walked up to Kayla and patted the two tigers for good luck. She then lowered the tigers to the floor and released them, along with Kazami and Tanka patting them on the way.

"Do you know where Kenashi is now?" Wile E. asked.

"Yes. He's in a dark and evil underground cave called Negasaki Travarnio, or Hell Demon's Lair."

"You mean… he'sth actually a demon!" Sylvester asked with fear.

"Yes. He was born a demon… so, he'll die a demon."

"Azuki and Silverwing will still be victorious nonetheless, right?" Lola asked.

"Depends on how well they do with proper teamwork and as much effort as possible. All we can do now… is pray and hope that they'll defeat this demon once and for all. In the meantime, we can watch the action safely from Tzaporion's office."

"At leastht, we'll be sthafe." Daffy swore under his breath.

"I'll begin the real teleportation sequence this time… wait. Where's Lola?"

"Ova dere." Bugs replied as he pointed to his wife hugging the two rare tiger with tears. This made the gray rabbit smile with affection as he let this little moment continue.

Lola just finished embracing the two tigers and looked at them in their eyes as she spoke.

"You two be careful." She pleaded to the two cubs as she rubbed their backs simultaneously. "Your city needs you. I'll be here… whether you win or not. If you do happen to lose, I'll sacifice myself so I can still be with you upstairs. Okay?"

Azuki and Silverwing grew into tears as they heard those words, for they understood what she meant. Bugs didn't get it at first, but then grew wide eyed as he thought it over. Pretty soon, the bigger eyes of Bugs started showing tears as his wife walked up to him and looked at him deep in his eyes.

"What's wrong, Bugs?" She asked him. Bugs started sniffling a little before he wiped his tears and hugged his wife close, feeling that he really didn't want to lose her for life.

"It's about what ya said to tha tigas." He managed to say between sobs. "Are ya really serious about dis?"

"Unfortunately, yeah. I really wanna kill myself for their defeat, so I can be with them in the upper story, if you get what I mean."

"But, why? I don't wanna lose ya, Lo! I love ya too much!"

"I love you, too… that's why I have to go with them if they die."


Everybody was watching the two bunnies and their conversation, nearly forgetting that Kayla had teleported them to Tzaporion's office… even Tzaporion himself was watching. Bugs held his wife close as he began crying with anger in his heart. Lola started feeling her tears well up in her beautiful eyes as she embraced him back.

"Ya know ya don't want to, right!" Bugs asked desparately as he released her once again. Lola bowed her head as she allowed her tears to escape from her closed eyes, making them drop on her legs in the process.

"…………yeah." She whined, trying to regain herself. "I really don't want to do this, but if it comes out like that, then I'll do it regardless."


"I'm sorry, Bugs… but I have to do what I promised myself." Those were her last words before she remained slient as she pulled out every weapon she could kill herself with: a Baretta pistol, a couple of daggers, a butcher knife, a rope to hang herself on, and even a needle full of rattlesnake venom. She placed all those weapons by her feet and watched the action with the others. Bugs was still welled-up in tears as he sat next to Wile E. and Daffy. Everybody else looked concerned, but kept their focus on the big screen monitor.

"Goddamn, doc!" Bugs swore under his breath. "Dat's some whack-ass shit!"

"Calm down, Bugs." Wile E. pleaded as he placed an arm over his shoulder. "If you really mean that much to her, you SHOULD let her go if Azuki and Silverwing loses against Kenashi. Besides, she was the one who had the most difficult time with him in the first place. She could've died in the explosion anyway."

"But, dis is some insane fuckin' shit she's sayin' ta me! Killin' herself for dose tigas… but, lettin' her go because I love 'er isn't gonna satisfy my lust for her life."

"Mm!" Was all Wile E. could say after what Bugs just stated. He couldn't say another word in protest after that. Ace and Lexi heard him and Ace whistled while Lexi just shook her head in dismay.

"That was too smooth right there." Ace muttered with amazement as he resumed his attention on the big screen. Lexi looked over at him with a concerned look on her face.

"…but, he's right." She agreed as she held back her tears. "I mean, if I was in Bugs' feet, I wouldn't let her go either."

"If only there was something we could do to help him out in stopping her…"

"…maybe there is, Ace."


"Maybe there is a way we can stop her if they look like they're gonna lose…"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah… and we're gonna need all the help and support we can get."

Minutes later, in the Hell Demon's Lair…

Kenashi was indeed bigger and stronger than he was before the explosion… in fact, he was over 200 times bigger with extremely powerful muscles, huge 50 foot long teeth inside his mouth, and extra large 100 foot wingspan of his dragon wings. When he saw that Azuki and Silverwing had arrived, he looked down at them with evil laughter along with his devilish grin of fury.

"You two think you can defeat me!" He roared in his voice as he made a rumble with his front left foot. "I'm highly disappointed! AHHHHAHAHAHAHA! But, whatever the damn case, I am going to defeat you faster than that crazy-ass Rev Runner's speed!"

Azuki and Silverwing growled before their silver and gold started to glow and the brightness began surrounding them. After 5 minutes, the bright spheres disappeared and it revealed Azuki and Silverwing standing on two legs, similar to the Loonatics. They were about 7' 9" tall with muscles almost as appealing as Kenashi's. They still had their special stripes and eyes, but the claws were absent. Their suits were the 'similar to Loonatics' part. Azuki wore a gold, sleeve-less jumpsuit with silver boots and 'commuicator-like' wristbands, except it didn't have a communicator on either of them. Silverwing wore the same jumpsuit, except it was silver with gold boots and wristbands. They were both equipped with the same arsenal, which consisted of laserwhips, a plasma staff, lightsabers, and plasma shooters that they shoot out of their hands. Kenashi was impressed, but not impressed enough.

"Well, well." He stated as he took a step back. "Looks like I have the actual saviors of this fuckin' city in my claws now. Prepare to meet with Kavasia's grandfather!"

Back in Tzaporion's office…

Rev started turning red as he heard the insult Kenashi stated a few minutes ago while Kavasia was in tears. Tanka looked up at her and grew concerned.

"What's wrong, Kavasia?" He asked. The purple raccoon cried vigoriously before she spoke.

"Kenashi……… killed my grandfather." She managed to say before she turned to look at Tzaporion, who showed a look of guilt on his face. "Tzaporion, I thought you said he retired."

"He did." Tzaporion replied. "It's just that he was unsuccessful at leaving the palace because of Kenashi's foolish tactics."


"He simply ate the poor gentleman… whole."

"NOOOOOOOOOO! GRANDFATHER!" She screamed in Tzaporion's chest as she cried, having the dragon rub her back gently to calm her down. Ace and Lexi were getting worried.

"This is crazy!" Ace exclaimed. "First, Lola's over here sayin' that she wants to kill herself if Azuki and Silverwing fails and now, Kavasia just discovered that Tzaporion lied to her about her grandpa's retirement."

"I didn't lie!" Tzaporion yelled in protest. "It's all true… I just didn't wanna give away the horrific details."

"Well, that's just bullshit!" Lexi chuckled at Ace's behavior. What's so damn funny, Lex?"

"You." She replied between chuckles. "You're actin' like a bastard."

"No! Kenashi's the fuckin' bastard! He should be killed for doing all that shit!"

"Ace, calm down and be quiet."

Back in the deadly lair of Kenashi…

Azuki and Silverwing didn't say a single word as they pulled out their weapons, which were the plasma staffs, and prepared for combat against Kenashi, who stood in his ready position, sifting his sharp 10 foot claws into the hot ground.

"Ready to be perished?" He asked in his roar. Azuki and Silverwing remained silent as they nodded in response simultaneously before they lept for their first attack.

Azuki attacked first by attempting to slice Kenashi's wings off. He was only able to disable one, due to the fact that Kenashi had pushed him away by the time the wing was removed. He roared with pain in the process while Azuki landed on his feet, sliding backwards a little in the process. Silverwing tried his attempt by leaping into the air. While he was in mid-air, he twirled his staff, like a baton, above his head. He was floating in the air while Azuki distracted the angry dragon, who was constantly firing plasma beam breath at him. Azuki somersaulted and did many acrobatic perfromances to avoid the shots. When Silverwing saw that Kenashi was nearly close to his only friend, he gave it his best shot by stopping the beautiful twirling and pointing the sharp end of the staff downward towards the dragon demon and gently fell, landing on his feet on Kenashi's back. The landing caused the staff to stab the dragon demon in the back, causing him to roar in pain while giving Azuki his chance to escape and land next to where Silverwing just landed, holding his blood-stained staff. Kenashi looked at the two anthromorphic tigers with fury in his eyes as he was kneeled down, due to the pain from the staff.

"You fuckin' bitches!" He roared as he tried numerous times to get up on his feet. "You might have advanced now, but you will fail!"

"If you do think we'll fail, why are you showing your weakness? Why do you doubt your victory over the odds when it becomes one-sided?" Azuki asked in the deepest male voice anyone's ever heard. Silverwing squeezed his staff, which made the blood dissolve into the laser material, while he nodded in agreement. Kenashi snarled with each breath as he tried to ignore the pain as he was trying to stand up.

"You just don't understand! Now, you'll see the wrath of my victory!" Those were the demon's final words before he finally got to his feet and ran up to the tigers, who jumped and backflipped out of his way and landed behind him. While he was dazed, Silverwing pulled out his silver lightsaber and turned it on, ready to strike, while Azuki placed his weapon away and just got into position weaponless, charging up his plasma shooters in his hands. Kenashi finally realized where the two tigers landed and turned around, facing them with anger. He tried running towards them again, but this time, Azuki lept into the air while Silverwing did the distracting. As the gold tiger hovered without wings, he looked down at Kenashi in a bird's eye view. Silverwing was doing with great with the distracting by cutting pieces of the demon's scaly skin, one place at a time. This time, Kenashi got smart and fired an unsuspecting beam at the silver tiger, knocking him towards the cave wall, rendering him unconcious. Azuki saw this and grew furious as he powered up a plasma beam in his right hand, but Kenashi sensed it and fired another beam at him, stopping his shooter from charging and knocking him out as well as he fell towards the demon, who caught him by opening his mouth and when Azuki was completely in his mouth, Kenashi closed his jaws closed, making a loud SNAP sound that echoed through the cave, and swallowed the gold tiger whole. Silverwing was alone… and helpless. As he woke up, he realized that his best friend was eaten and grew scared as he leaned back against the cave walls, looking up at Kenashi with fear in his heart. The demon dragon chuckled in his growl as he slowly walked up to him with devilish satisfaction.

"Face it, Silverwing." He cackled as he approached the helpless tiger. "You're weak… you're useless… you're a complete excuse for laziness to all the citizens of this city. Once I annhilate you, you'll know how much damn time you've wasted in being the only genius of us all."

Back in the office…

Bugs was already holding Lola's hand, preventing her from stabbing herself with the butcher's knife.

"LOLA, STOP!" He pleaded. "DON'T DO DIS!"

"It's no use, Bugs." Tzaporion said softly as he continued to comfort Kavasia. "Once a promise has been proposed, you can never break it unless you say you can."

"What da hell is dat supposed ta mean, doc!"

"It means as it says."

"Shit, Tzaporion! Speak english!"

"I'm sorry, Bugs. I am a philospher, you know."

"Well, maybe ya should…"



"Thank you. Now, Ace and Lexi have volunteered to stop Lola from her suicide acts. Speaking of which, Ace, Lexi…"

The two Loonatic rabbits ran for Bugs' help to stop Lola from killing herself. After numerous attempts in trying to pull the knife away from the desparate tan bunny's chest, Lexi was left with one choice…

"That's it!" She screamed before she used her brain blast and hit Lola to the floor, knocking the knife loose as it slid towards the floor vent and then, magically floated up, thanks to Tech's magnetic powers. After a 10 second hover, Tech used all the strength he had and broke the knife to a million pieces and he tossed them in the trashcan. As Bugs sighed with relief, he helped his wife up as she was in intense tears. He hugged her for comfort.

"Lola… Lola… calm down, doc." He pleaded softly as he held her in his arms. "It ain't ova yet."

"But, I feel as though it is gonna be over, Bugs." Lola cried. "I'm really scared."

"So, ya really, really, REALLY don't wanna kill yaself, right?"

"Yeah, but like Tzaporion said, I made a promise. So, I gotta keep it."

"Well, let's hope some miracle will come up."

Back in the demon cave…

Kenashi was right in front of Silverwing, who shivered with fear and with his eyes shut, awaiting his fate. The dragon demon picked up the shivering Silverwing as he chuckled at his misery.

"You'll never be victorious, Silverwing." He snarled before he picked up the silver tiger and was about to eat him also until…

"You may be victorious, but we're unstoppable." Silverwing spoke in a deeper voice thet Azuki. This made Kenashi freeze, then look at Silverwing with anger.


"You claim yourself as a victor, but deep inside, we, the citizens of Usaki Guavarno, claim you as a demon among all who remain."

"I don't believe this!"

"You should. One claim over another means there must be only one overall."

"So, what you're saying is…"

"You're a true villian among us and even yourself."

"I… I… don't under…"

"Of course, you don't. It's only a matter of time before your life has been in vain and sooner, down to Hell where you belong." After that response, Kenashi felt his stomach bubble violently. He looked down at his moving abdomen and became wide eyed as he looked back at Silverwing. "Your time… is now."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" That was the dragon demon's last scream before his whole body exploded, having Azuki flying out of the dragon's guts and Silverwing landing right next to him. When they slowly sat up, they were wiping their faces of the dragon's guts and kept spitting every now and then. They looked at each other with smiles on their faces as they embraced each other with victory and as a thanks to each other. Then, they stopped when they heard distant moaning from ahead of them and they both looked to see an old gray raccoon with white stripes, wearing a yellow sweater and blue jeans, but was also covered in the dragon's guts as well. They became wide eyed as they realized who that was.

"KAVASIA'S GRANDFATHER!" They both exclaimed together as they ran up to his aid. He was coughing harshly as they help him up.

"Are you okay?" Azuki asked. Greggie looked at the two tigers and smiled.

"Azuki? Silverwing?" He asked in his grandpa-like voice. "What… what did you two do?"

"We battled Kenashi to his final death." Silverwing replied. "We thought you'd be digested by now, but it seems like no acid has touched you."

"My fur was too old to be dissolved. Thanks to you, I can see my beloved granddaughter again. Where is she?"

"She's safe with her friends and Tzaporion in his office. We'll teleport you there right now." Azuki replied before he magically teleported back to the office with Silverwing and Greggie.

Back in the office…

"THEY WON!" Bugs cheered as he hugged his wife. "You're home free, Lola!"

"That was a last minute event." Was all Lola could say, due to the fact that she was stunned. After 5 minutes of celebrating, a white flash was seen and it revealed Azuki and Silverwing, tired out in Greggie's arms and back in their cub forms again. Tzaporion gasped with surprise as he tapped Kavasia on the shoulder, making her look at where the flash came from and she grew into happy tears.

"GRANDPA!" She yelled with happiness as she pushed herself out of Tzaporion's arms and ran towards her elder relative. "YOU'RE ALIVE!"

"Yes, Kavasia. I'm here." Greggie pleaded as he hugged his only granddaughter with tears. "My fur was too thick and old to be digested."

"Wow. That's weird, but I'm so glad you're back."

"I see Azuki and Silverwing won against Kenashi." Tzaporion complied as he eyed the two tiger cubs in Gregio's arms. "They must be overly exhausted."

"But, I have to admit, this whole damn fight really paid off." Greggie joked with a chuckle as he handed the two tigers to the ruler. "I knew they were good little cubs ever since they were born."

"So did I." Tzaporion cuddled the two tigers close as he faced the Looneys, Loonatics, Tanka, and Kazami. "Well, you came and got what you came here for, am I right?"

"Yeah." Wile E. replied. "Interesting adventure this was. If only we could stay here forever…"

"Oh, no need to worry about that. You and your friends are welcome back for a visit anytime."


Later, at the Guavarno Submarine Docking Station…

"Lola Bunny, you've been the most trustworthy and passionate rabbit I've ever seen and as a reward, you may keep either Azuki again or Silverwing. If you want, you can keep both." Tzaporion announced in front of the crowd as he placed a white diamond pendant around her neck. Lola blushed as she hugged the dragon leader with a cute smile.

"Thanks, Tzaporion… but I feel that both of them should stay here. We've had our good times and everything, but this their true place of heroics." She replied, which made half of the audience cry.

"Well, if you really think so… and I'm glad you think so. Can you tell me why you say this?"

"Well, after the big fight against Kenashi, I figured that they truly are your city's heroes and if we took them away, imagine how this city would be 10 years from now."

Tzaporion was touched by Lola's words as he lifted her up in the palm of his hand.

"She speaks the truth about why Azuki and Silverwing should live among us!" He announced. "Azuki and Silverwing's heroics have been called for many years now. They should remain, she says, and they will REMAIN AMONG US… FOREVER!"

The crowd cheered as he screamed. Lola just sat there in his hand, looking down at Bugs with a smile on her face, then winked. Bugs got the message and winked back, saying that he proud of her for making that choice. After a 3 minute encore, Tzaporion gently placed Lola back down on her feet and looked down at her with a honorable smile on his face.

20 minutes later…

"Well, I guess this is goodbye." Lola said to Azuki and Silverwing as she hugged them close to her face, making them purr while rubbing their faces against her cheeks. "I'll miss you two."

They remained in that position until Tech called her.

"Lola! Let's go!" He called. Lola heard him and let the two tigers down. They just sat as they looked up at her. She blew a kiss at them before she headed inside the sub and the door closed on its own. Azuki and Silverwing took 3 steps back as the sub powered up and slowly lifted off the ground. They spotted Lola in the window and they meowed as loud as they could together. Lola heard them and looked out her window, smiling. She started leaking tears silently as she waved, but then, stopped as she saw was Azuki was holding in his front pawss: a red, white, and blue basketball. She looked wide eyed as she realized where he got it from and then, laughed at the thought as the dragon sub flew off into the ocean, back to Looney Tunes Land. Lexi heard her laughing and looked over at her.

"What's so funny?" She asked. Lola stopped her laughing before she spoke.

"Azuki made a wish for himself…" She replied in a soft voice with a passionate smile. "…he wanted to be just… like… me."

The End!

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