Family Guy

By: Will Fortner

"Peter, get out of the shower or you'll miss breakfast." Lois called. "Fine, I be down in a minute," He yelled back. Gees, can't a man get a damn shower. He thought to himself.

Peter got out of the shower and got the towel. Then he hard and RIP. The he turned around and his eyes got big. "Ummmmm, Lois I ripped the towel." Peter shouted. Damnit! Lois said to herself. "Well, putt it in the trash and I'll burn it later." She shouted back.

Peter went into their bedroom and got dressed and went down to eat. Every thing was normal. Chris hiding from his monkey, Meg looking at Brad Pitt and Johnny Dep and Stewie planning a way to get rid of Lois. Peter sat down and look at something in the article. "Hey listen to this Brad Pitt is gay (He is not gay ok). Then Meg started to cry and went up stairs. "Gees, what the hell is her problem?" Peter said.

Stewie got his straw and shot four poison darts at Lois. She opened cabinet door and the darts missed. "Blast!" Stewie shouted, and then putt the straw back in his cup. "Hey Lois look at this there's a new rock a bye baby at the store." Peter said with excitement. "No honey, Stewie is fine with the one he has." Lois replied. "Ok, well I am off to work now and so peter took off from home and went to work.

Peter arrived at work. "Hey peter." Everybody said at once. "Hey." Peter replied to everyone. So peter got to work, about 10 hours later it was time to go home. "Bye everyone." Peter said and left for home. When peter got home he went into the living room and sat down watching TV. Then Bryan came in the room and sat down and watched TV with him. They sat there for the rest of the day. Then everyone went to bed.