Me again with my basic stupid great story. Well, just recently I have taken on a new hobby. Playing Resident Evil. I hate that game so much. It should burn. Well I really love it but it is scary. I mean its not like scary scary like all the time scary but there are those times when something pops out of nowhere and scares the crap out of you. Hiss. So I started thinking, hey why not mix Final Fantasy X-2 and Resident Evil. Like my two favorite games together. Well so like YRP go into RE and RE visits the world of YRP. Sounds like fun huh. Anyway here we go.

Disclaimer: Almost forgot. I don't own Final Fantasy X2 or Resident Evil or Gamecube, well I own one but.

Evil, Meet YRP

"Bored again!" yelled Rikku from the cabin of the Celsius.

"Would you shut up Rikku?" screamed Paine. "That is all I hear from you. Then each time you say it I give you a potato chip and say 'Here stupid, have fun.' Then I get ten seconds of peace and quiet while you amuse yourself by flicking around the chip until I hear 'Man I'm hungry,' so you eat the frickin chip and start crying. 'No chip! I loved you! Why did you leave me? Paine you did this. You are always killing my friends!' Next you start trying to stab me until I hit you over the head causing the whole routine over. So will you please shut up?"

There was a moment's silence broken by, "Bored again!"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Shut up, shut up, shut up!"

"Hey guys," Yuna burst through the room holding something, "look at this game I just bought. Doesn't it look fun?" She held up the case for Resident Evil.

"Looks fun to me," said the smirking Paine coolly.

"I don't know Yunie, it looks scary," quivered Rikku.

"Nonsense. Besides like a game can be scary. That's not allowed. Don't you know anything Rikku?" asked Yuna.

"Let me think. Um. Not that I can think of."

"I didn't think so. Now then let's play this game."

"Hey Yuna, don't you think that a Gamecube would come in handy?" asked Paine.

"Why would we need a Gamecube? Hello it's a game. Like you know, a board game. Duh."

"Idiot. Open the case." Yuna did so.

"What the heck? How do you play with these small disks? It doesn't make sense. I want a refund. Look it comes with instructions. Hold L1 and A to shoot? I see none of these letters. Paine figure it out."

"I just told you, you need a Gamecube."

"Where do we get one of these 'Gamecubes'?"

"Gee, I don't know maybe the store."

"Good idea!" shouted Rikku.

"But I don't want to go to the store again," complained Yuna. "Let's ask Shinra!"

"Lord again? He better not have some stupid thing that will make me sing. I will kill him one day!" said Paine looking possessed.

A little later.

"Well you're just in luck. I happen to have this uh… let me think. Ok I got it. The Cheesifier. Yeah that's it. The Cheesifier. It will put you into to the game," said Shinra.

"All three of us right. Not just me," said Paine so she was reassured about what this was.

"Yes. You will all take the places of the main players in this game. So have fun."

"Yeah thanks."

"Let's hook up fast and now!" yelled Rikku.

"Yes let us. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" laughed Yuna manically.

A few hours later after Rikku and Yuna finally learned that the yellow, red, and white cords were color coded.

"Finally. Let's play!" screeched Rikku joyously.

"I think you just hit this button then this one and…" said Yuna as a bright light blinded them and they appeared again inside the mansion deep in the woods of Raccoon City.


"Where on Earth are we?" questioned Jill.

"Who are you?" yelled Brother as he shot and killed everyone in the cast of Resident Evil.

Back to Our Heroes…

"This is creepy," said Rikku sounding very worried.

"I know," said Yuna. "What's that?" The woods seemed to be growling.

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